100 Replies to “Do The Kurt Volker Texts Lock Down The Impeachment Argument? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. When trump throws his closest aids under the bus (Barr, Pence, Pompeo, Rudy…) and they respond by distancing themselves from the obvious cluster-f!!ck which is the current administration…
    it is time for all respectable republicans to start asking ourselves: "What did he get us into?" And "How to best get out of this, while preserving the GOP?"
    Do you think he will treat YOU any better?
    Let's start by dumping trump!

  2. So if Joe Biden wasn't a candidate in the upcoming election, would it be kosher to investigate him for corruption? If he did something wrong why does it matter if he is a presidential candidate or not? I'm not agreeing with Trump on this particular issue, all I'm saying is that if Joe Biden did something wrong it should be investigated. Any politician involved in shady deals should be investigated including Donald Trump and every single member of the House and the Senate. Then there should be new rules put into law that prevents any current or former government official from doing business with a foreign government .

  3. For all the people that defend Trump I have a question for you. If we have the same situation but we replace any mention of Trump with Obama or any Democrat would you feel the same? Would you say that there are no grounds for impeachment? Would you be silent? I'm waiting…….. remember….. country before Party….

  4. Lets see if you are serious to your word Mitt Romney. Primary Trump, throw your hat in the ring and challenge Trump for presidency.

  5. The BS Network, fake news you people are all being fooled. These talking heads on TV are paid by the Deep state to tell you lies. Trust your president. Trump

  6. The donald duck was always a lunatic psycho and a lot of people knew that but did not say anything and they had the chances to say something.

  7. the real questions to ask : "are you aware of any effort by this administration to fight the corruption of the trump family ?"

  8. the real question to ask : "have you read the whistleblower complaints filed about mike pence family and defense personnel wasting taxpayer money by staying at trump hotels abroad ?"

  9. Republicans have always had this over the top hypocritical mind state. If they saw a chance to stay in power or bend the rules in their favor they would sell their mothers to the devil.

  10. How are Republicans still saying, "What laws did he break? Just tell me one.". This is how you know they live in their own universe. If it wasn't so terrifying for the country it would be hilarious.

  11. All they should talk about is Trumps kids. Everytime Trump says Bidens kids name someone should ask about Ivanka and pals.

  12. First: "Russia, if you're listening . . . ." (Lifting sanctions for dirt on Hillary)
    Then: "Ukraine, if you're listening . . ." (Javelins for dirt on Biden)
    Now: "China, if you're listening . . . ." (Trade concessions for dirt on Biden)
    All violations of 52 USC 30121 even without the quid pro quos, which are not necessary under the statute.

  13. Any Trumpster who had a shred of decency abandoned Trump long ago. The only ones left are ones who, after all this, still support him and you can only imply they are horrible, terrible, disgusting people. They deserve no quarter. They're traitors.

  14. A honest leader works will speak for itself trump has too few who can speak honestly for him so he chooses the foriegners. Thank you Mr.Romney no matter what your party is it's what's right and lawful that matters. Areas where trump has come up short.

  15. I laugh that when Trump is slamming China with tariffs after tariffs after tariffs and then he is now asking China for help to investigate Biden. You know he is not serious when he now openly asks China for help. He is just trying to muddle the water.

  16. If Taylor was so patriotic and concerned then WHY DID HE NOT BLOW THE WHISTLE intact why did these officials participate in such a blatant disregard of the oath of office not to mention the rule of law most importantly the moral aspect?????

  17. When your argument why the POTUS is not guilty of a shake down is "he was not serious" – you know it is a load of crap!

  18. If bassador Taylor is such a hero …then why didnt he say anything about the corruption. He quit instead? Hero!? I dont think so!

  19. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT EVIDENCE IS UNCOVERED. Trump will never be impeached, or have anything happen to him, because the republicans will break every constitutional law in order to keep him there. McConnell has already confirmed it and they will get away with it.

  20. It's not the "World" we're living in, it's in the USA. If the American people continue to stand by and let this happen then they deserve what's happening. I'm sick of hearing of this – for the rest of the World, please just do something.

  21. Trump still has cards to play . He needs to start a war , a false flag attacking America on home shores will do the trick , he can do the George Bush trick of weapons of mass destruction. The press will always jump on the war wagon now that they are all corporate owned with billions to be made on war profit overspill . American people will drink this Kool Aid as fast as a Heroin addict will shoot up.

  22. Trump's attempted coercion of Ukraine is seen as a direct threat to the interests of EU states. The Ukrainians see it as much more important deal with the reforms necessary bring them closer to the EU. This makes them look as if they are not while also getting involved in American electoral corruption. It increases the deep discomfort Europeans have with any American activities since Trump came to power. His cosying up to Russia while demanding economic and military tribute. All his failed attempts to promote political groups or individuals that offer him slavish personal loyalty and the criminal financing of these. Have painted the Americans as a malignant presence if not enemies.
    If Trump continues with no action taken to stop his activities let alone get re-elected, there will be a permanent breach. The World will condense into three groups, Europe it's sphere, the far East and an isolated America despised by all. England could find it's self a European Cuba. An impoverished economically, trade and customs isolated American puppet. Air Strip One.

  23. Trump's a crook. BIG SURPRISE. He's a Republican. They are all crooks. I'm a real MAGA fan, but forty years after we went the way of Reagan, and we live in a Republican country, the middle class is vanishing. Again, BIG SURPRISE.

  24. Really the texts include the president makes it Crystal clear there is no quid pro quo of any kind how is that proof of quid pro quo in order to do that you have to imply intent if this is what they got it is the definition of a power grab

  25. Can we ask the Chinese to investigate Trump and his smarmy family, to help us remove them from office, and thereby normalize trade relations between our Countries?

  26. What nobody is talking about is Trump naivete when it comes to issues with respect to the law and the constitution. Can you imagine the recklessness it takes to go from narrowly escaping one 2 year investigation on collusion with one country to a few days after, committing the very same offenses with a different country? This man is not well.

  27. "Nothing Burger! Nothing Burger!" Trump supporters shouting this at the top of their voices until they are hoarse. The trails of dead cows and the ketchup and mustard spills suggest different.

  28. One question why does it take so long to prosecute a white man or white woman 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  29. Mitt, wanna know whats also appalling? Fence sitters. You are presented with right and wrong on either side of the fence. Your party is on the wrong side. And you should be calling for impeachment instead of yip-yapping around to cover all bases! And if you dont, you can go sit on the wrong side of history and go down with your party.

  30. The only thing that happened in China is trump using his meeting with Xi to get a handful of name brand rights for himself and his daughter. And don junior hanging out in China doing business while daddy is president.

    Here is a rock solid fact: Whatever trump accuses anyone of, is exactly what he did. Hearing this clown talk corruption is just hilarious! There has never been a more corrupt politician than trump in the history of this nation!

  31. It doesn't matter because even if video of Donald Trump servicing Vladimir Putin were provided, Republicans would argue that it was right, proper, and in the national interest.

  32. Just imagine how the Republicons would of acted if Obama had done this? Obama would have been tared and feathered and then lynched on the WH lawn. OK, maybe not. But they would have gone stark raving mad. Hannity and Limpburger would have been yelling and screaming incessantly until both suffered coronaries. Skinny ole Coulter would have popped a blood vessel and perhaps exploded while the camera was rolling. Dems just want a pleasant impeachment and conviction, that's all…we don't want to eat roasted body parts!

  33. 5:15 hearing alot from Mitt Romney. Is he standing up to Trump because he is such a good guy? Or is he lining himself up as the backup 2020 nominee repubilican backup candidate if Trump falls through?

  34. 10:05 how many more times is MSNBC going to play this bs insinuation on tv? You love spreading Trump's taint, you just can't help yourself. If Trump said Joe Biden was an illegal alien you would play it every hour without even checking if it's true or not. That's exactly what he wants because he knows that a lie repeated hundred times becomes the truth. MSNBC is helping him repeat his lies to the nation.

  35. What? You people are idiots, you don’t have the votes to impeach Trump! It’s NOT going to happen! And this moron woman is UP ALL NITE in excitement? Buffoons!

  36. The whole defense (using the Bidens) seems to be "Two wrongs make a right", Trump should be able to get away with his treasonous crimes because Biden's son's deal is suspicious. Literally that's the whole defense.

  37. He just STOOD there on the White House Lawn in the clear daylight doing this crap. Okay if this isn't so outrageous and disturbing—-I don't know who in their right mind wouldn't find it hilarious at the ignorance of this.

    "Just because he says it's not a quid pro quo doesn't mean it's not"
    I wish I can think like him at times. I wish as soon as I say the sentence "That's it—TRUMP is no longer president"—he's gone—GONE. Just like that. Wouldn't it be grand if that can really happen?? 😛
    Yet THAT'S not our world, old Donnie. That's NOT our world.

  38. Trump is a traitor to the Constitution, his oath of office, the United States government and its people. The Constitution clearly states as a founding principal, that asking for foreign aid in an election is not permitted. There is no misunderstanding and there is no excuse. There is no question as to his motives. The world heard him ask Russia, Ukraine, and China for that assistance. After the Mueller investigation, he said he would do it again, and he has. But in the Republican heart, there is only greed. That's why there is no shame. That's why all those who swore an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution are also traitors to the Constitution and the country they serve when they make excuses to protect the traitor instead of the Constitution. Trump must be impeached as well as all those who took the oath of office yet support the spin and lies undermining the Constitution. No one should serve this country if they are unwilling to fulfill their oath of office. And none have the right to defy this nation's Constitution. Asking foreign countries to interfere in our elections is not just against the law, it is a high crime. It is an attack on this Nation's Constitution that grants We the People our freedom of self-determination. Refusal to fulfill one's oath of office is a corruption that cannot be tolerated.

  39. Trump is a wannabe mob boss. He is a con man with delusions of grandeur, who's highest ideals are greed and selfishness. He has no depth, no soul. He's a cartoon of a shadow of a person. He plays the role of a caricature of a mob boss. And yes, he believes he is above the law, and rightfully so, because that's his nature. It's time more of his lawyers, including William Barr, are disbarred and jailed for their complicity in undermining the Constitution, on behalf of this wannabe crime boss. So now that he's president, he's a wannabe dictator, fully supported by the right-wing fascist Republicans and misguided Republicans who equate capitalism with freedom.
    It is the Constitution that defines us as a nation. And it is Trump who refuses to fulfill his sworn obligation to We the People. The oath of office is not a choice for the president.

    But that doesn't matter to those who wear the red hat.
    Trumpism is fascism.

  40. So let's see – The Dems drag in Special Envoy to Ukraine Volker for a private interrogation, salivating that he will "expose" Trump! Like EVERYTHING else they try, it blows up on them! READ the testimony folks, it's online.

    1. Volker says that Ukraine never felt pressured to do anything by Trump.

    2. The Ukrainians said there was not anything inappropriate on the call between Trump and Zelensky.

    3. The Ukranians did not know of the hold on financial aid until a month after the call with Trump.

    4. In fact, the Ukrainians and Trump AGREED that the withholding of financial aid to Ukraine was used as a negotiating tool in order to get other Euro countries to pay more of their fair share to help Ukraine.

    One more point – did you see where even the Washington Post has come out and called Adam Schiff a liar for not admitting that he set this whole thing up with the whistleblower? That the whistleblower – who thanks to the Dems themselves has now been exposed – was a former employee of the Obama administration?

    Nice job Dems. You're getting Trump re-elected. What a joke.

  41. I take the silence from the republican law makers as condoning this unlawful behavior. The republicans have been warned months ago when Michael Cohen testified, he is the canary in the coal mine. Wake up people! and speak up! if you do not, you might be sharing space in a cell next to Michael Cohen.

  42. The difference is that President Obama had integrity, something the White House has not seen since he gracefully and graciously passed the torch.

  43. If there is real dirt to be found on Biden, why is it wrong to investigate??? There wasn’t dirt on Trump, and yet we were all okay spending millions of dollars on the Mueller Probe???

  44. 4 years late, but finally US is deciding it is illegal for a candidate to make deals with foreign countries in order to influence our elections.

  45. Trump is so DESTRUCTIVE to AMERICAN Democracy. It's about time you AMERICANS speak up that Enough is Enough.Seriously Your so called President must think you're all STUPID.

    when yer power mad & can't win an election…..bogus impeachment behind closed doors is all ya got left.

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