Donald Trump is trolling the Republican Party

An internet troll is somebody who deliberately
gets under the skin of someone else. You get angrier and angrier as you’re being trolled
as someone keeps insisting on a position that seems crazy. And what we’re seeing with Donald
Trump, at least in effect is that with Republican leaders. This all started with his announcement
speech in New York, it was a rambling affair, but he said some of these controversial things
about immigrants and started to attract some attention to his campaign there. “They’re
bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists.” And then, more recently, what we’ve
seen over this past weekend in Nevada and in Phoenix, Arizona, he’s been very much attracting
bigger crowds. He’s speaking for what he calls a “silent majority.” Now the truth is, it’s
not a majority of the American public, it’s not a majority of the Republican Party, but
it is a segment of the Republican Party that has been silent, and now has this huge megaphone
to make its case. The Republican Party, as it stands now, is largely white and aging.
It’s very difficult for the Republican Party to reach out to Latino voters at a time when
the surging candidate in the Republican presidential primary is a guy who basically says, “send
’em home.” “We have horrible, we have some terrible people coming in.” He’s lost some
deals. Most notably, his relationship with NBC, where he was basically the main guy on
The Apprentice. But the bigger problem for Trump has been the Republican side, where
party leaders are trying to put pressure on him to tone it down. Reince Priebus got on
the phone with Trump and basically said please, pull this back a little bit, you’re making
us look terrible. And Trump’s reaction was to dial it up. There’s no incentive for him
to not be a troll. The more he does it, the more attention he gets, the more attention
he gets, the more voters he seems to be attracting to his candidacy. And look, right now, he’s
virtually tied with Jeb Bush for the lead of the Republican presidential nomination.
Not bad for a guy who used to be laughed at as he screamed “You’re fired” on national
television. We’re almost a year and a half away from the election, so there’s a lot of
time for Donald Trump to implode, and Republicans are praying that he does. But right now, what
he’s basically doing is making it impossible for establishment Republican candidates to
go more moderate on this question and portray themselves in a way that will be appealing
to the general electorate without alienating the now Trump-led conservative base. If you’re
the Democrats, if you’re Hillary Clinton, you’re watching from the sidelines, popcorn
in your mouth, soda by your side, and hoping that this movie never ends.

100 Replies to “Donald Trump is trolling the Republican Party

  1. And now Trump is watching with Trumpcorns and Trump soda on his side as Hillary is struggling against Bernie.

  2. The one who cannot control his tounge will govern the whole nation !
    America's bad fate starts when this man comes to power 😒
    second Rahul Gandhi 😂😂😂

  3. well the soda has gotten warm and the popcorn has stopped poppin ! hilary isnt doin too well against trump!! like President Trump can actually be a thing! WTF

  4. Trolling must do two things, provoke a negative response and intentionally be funny, donald trump does not satisfy that definition of trolling and therefore cannot be a troll


  6. wow how far we have regressed since 2015… trump is now leading the polls over Hillary right now. and in case your wandering yes that is bad. don't vote trump if you do you, your just as bigoted and misinformed as he is.

  7. This guy does get my blood boiling but omg lol It's actually a nice way to think he is a troll and his supporters are.. as stupid as it is

  8. "if you're with Hillary, you're watching from the side with a bag of popcorn hoping the movie never ends"

    Me right now freaking out w my popcorn "IS THIS MOVIE EVER GOING TO END??"

  9. The liberal smugness at the end there, suggesting the Democrats (read: Hillary) would be given a free ride by Trump, is both hilarious and terrifying in equal measure. Right now Hillary and Trump are tied in the polls, and they've been trending in his favour for a couple of weeks. The liberal media and Democratic establishment never even had the language to describe what's happening so all they've done for the past year is point and laugh, while force feeding Americans a universally disliked candidate over an extremely popular one. The USA is going to sleepwalk into a Trump presidency because nobody bothered to take him seriously.

  10. Hahaha, smashed every opponent…… Which was every one. Every person on television or with authority was at some point against this guy.

    Nigel Farage, Trump, Le Pen,

    Bet the EU will fail… Thank God.

  11. He trolled the Republicans all the way to the presidency, at that point he stopped trolling the republicans and is now trolling the worlds

  12. PRESIDENT TRUMP WON GET OVER IT….President Trump has done more for American people then any President in the USA…from a patriot…good day sir..

  13. The main harm that Trump is doing to the Republican Party is that he is making Republicans look creepy for supporting him. Seeing as conservatives have always been perceived as the creepiest people in America, they really didn’t need this coals to Newcastle move. It’s like conservatives are determined to convince the rest of Americans that they are childish obnoxious racist morons who lie a lot. We all ready knew that.

  14. & Hes still trolling the left to perfection daily, 😂😂😂. Greatest President Ever Donald J. Trump

  15. Now republicans eating popcorn and having some soda while the liberal ms13 lover destroy their own party. How funny

  16. Vox is a pedophile facility and hufferspost and buzzfeed and all those "woke" journal outlets are all child molesters
    Did you know sharia law makes it legal to chop off heads of gays, harlots, infidels, and other mental lunitics let us embrace this Muslim prosperity to rid the world of this lunacy

  17. "if you are Democrat… hoping this movie never ends"
    well the movie is still going in fact we're doing a whole trilogy and then maybe in 2020 a prequel!

    dear Lord shoot me know what the fuc? no really like what the hell is going on here? I thought that Bush was bad and in fact that wasn't even the joke that was the set up Donald Trump is the punchline. if I ever thought anyone was going to start world war 3 it's going to be Trump. I don't think he actually will put out of all the people he is the most likely.


  19. Due to Trumps Actions and behavior… The American Church and Republicans will never be trusted never ever again. 🇺 The American Church said to all this is the guy we should trust..
    And all we have gotten is Racism oh and the support of hate groups agreeing with the president 😔 It's Over..

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