Elite Dangerous: Witchspace News – for the 29th of November 2019

This is Witchspace news for Friday the 29th
of November 2019…. I’m CMDR Buur In this weeks news… The January update beta and it’s associated
patch notes go live If you’re an SRV racing aficionado then
December maybe your month. Its black Friday for Elite as well
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below. The Beta for the upcoming January update went
live this week and with it a new set of patch notes detailing what’s included in the beta. Along with the first raft of fixes and changes
to the game there’s a couple of hidden gems in there we previously didn’t know about. Included in beta in a set of new faction states
for the background simulation adding more granularity to the existing set of states
and potentially things that need players attention when tending to a system’s well being (or
otherwise …depending on what you’re trying to achieve). Amongst the new systems states are are gems
like Infrastructure failure, Terrorism, Natural Disasters and Public Holidays. Each one having knock on positive or negative
effects for a system (and in some cases the surrounding systems) and each one can be countered
by delivering appropriate goods or taking other appropriate action in the system. As a UK citizen I’m hoping that more granularity
can be added to the BGS in future to system states such as “Brexiting”, ineffectual
political system, embarrasing royal blunder and a system state of “just in a state”. In other changes… A supply and demand volume tracker has been
added to a number of high end minerals meaning mining and selling of minerals such as Void
Opals is about to become more realistic as demand and therefore the selling price of
the great money hose will drop as the demand is met. Also the high end minerals listing, which
also includes things like low temperature diamonds and painite, will now be demanded
more by specific economy types. …if you were ever going to exploit the current
“they just sell by the bucket load” system in the main game, now would seem to be the
time. And AI crew members across the galaxy can
be heard cheering with delight and frankly relief as it seems they have at last been
granted the use of an escape pod if and when your ship is destroyed. On the ship rebuy screen there is now an option
to rescue the crew for a modest fee should you so desire meaning all that progress you
would’ve lost on that guy you’ve been nurturing can now at last be saved …and
the poor crew members themselves will get to see their family again …worst career
choice ever. Worth noting that this is all still a test
and so the patch notes are not an exhaustive list of what will definitely be in the update. For more details check out the link in the
description. There are two upcoming SRV specific events
upcoming that we wanted to give you a heads up on for December. The Buckyball Racing Club is scheduling a
new event for the week of 14th to the 21st of December. This will be the 3rd in the series of Total
Recall events where participants must fly to a series of named planet installations,
drive an SRV a prescribed distance from the base and then recall their ship. Something that would definitely suit the practitioners
of the SRV technique known as “Flyving”. And right after the Total Recall event closes
the 2nd of the Danger Zone Galactic Archives Scully Powers Progress 500 races kicks off
on the 22nd of December – if you’ve seen our previous SRV race videos from Scully Powers
Progress or the race that Frontier livestreamed a couple of weeks back (which should be linked
on screen about now) then you’ll know all about these. Whilst the races themselves take place on
the 22nd of December CMDRs can actually participate and log time trial laps around the course
right now until the 22nd – details for everything you need are linked below. Just a quick heads up that Elite Dangerous
is on sale for PC on steam right for the absolute steal of a price of 10 quid. If you’re thinking of a 2nd account say
for exploration or bubble duties etc. then don’t wait …also the usually once a year
Midnight Black and Stygian paint jobs are available as of my reading this until the
2nd of December …do not wait if you covets them. And just to ensure that your ARX balance is
completely dry there’s 33% off all Ship Kits and COVAS in-ship voice packs. And finally a couple of bits of community
news that caught our eye this week… The always entertaining CMDR Wotherspoon OBE,
MCRN, BBQ (no fixed abode, what times lunch?) posted an interview with the pilot of the
GNosis megaship after it collided last week with an inconveniently placed orbital outpost. …and there’s a video on Reddit that I’ve
linked below posted by CMDR SilentDudee showing the finale of a trip organised by the Beautiful
Corners AI driven tour company to see a blackhole, that actually made me drop my sandwich. If the opportunity comes your way for a similar
tour, maybe give it a miss. Just saying. That’s it for now. Thanks for watching! We’ll be back later this week with more
videos Until then ….o7 CMDRs
Follow the Greens on the way out and do keep clear of the toast rack
We very much look forward to seeing you next time.

21 Replies to “Elite Dangerous: Witchspace News – for the 29th of November 2019

  1. Brexit as a system state? lol by that logic would jacques station be the first brexiteer?
    Edit: are they really going to mess with the mining system? It works fine as is. Anyway great work commander

  2. Another very comprehensive ED report Mike – many thanks. The Elite developers are going from strength to strength with this dedicated code review and update.
    One item that did excite me (sadly) is the plan for an NPC escape pod. I take my NPC with me when mining to use as a distraction when hit by pirates. The problem is that if/when I get ganked and destroyed in Open I lose my (by now, very reliable) NPC. With almost 7 billion in the bank the money's not an issue, but all that NPC training gone 🙄 o7 CMDR

  3. I have to vote against the introduction of an "in Brexit" state – as this would be permanent and just being extended every three months, more or less, automatically.

  4. Well, as you brought up some new faction states, here is in for you UK citizens: "Royal pedophily detected. Immediate counter actions required."

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