Ethical leadership call by Madonsela

former public projector Julie Martin seller has called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to appoint cabinet ministers who can be trusted for their ethical leadership and integrity she was delivering the 2019 Archbishop turbot muhabba development trust public lecture at the University of the Western Cape linkie Barron has warned us proof modern seller delivered the keynote address at the main hall of the University of the Western Cape her address focused on the state of leadership in South Africa against the backdrop of state capture and highlighted the meaning of integrity integrity is not just about not lying and not stealing integrity is about purity about wholeness who is failing we want people of integrity to go to Parliament and we want people who will preserve integrity when they go to Parliament remaining people who will be true to their quality Archbishop double-m Kaaba was mentioned as an example of ethical leadership and leadership that serves humanity what I personally have taken from him is standing for his truth leading with integrity ethically leading with Peppers leading with being conscious of the impact of every decision he makes or doesn't make and leading in a manner that has committed to save humanity from all walks of life with President Cyril Ramaphosa and those who are going to Parliament would like us to do better in terms of delivering on the constitutional promise in the next two years because we don't have five he will need to take a live or a page from the book of bishop at Bishop Micawber and all of the other leaders that have led before him but opportunity he'll have to make sure that democracy works for everybody not just a few of us he'll make sure that he leads with integrity and in doing so he must lean on all of us but when need be he should be prepared to thank you pee run a CBC News that

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