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senator Sanders good evening to you you've called for big new government benefits like universal health care and free college in a recent interview you said you suspected that Americans would be quote delighted to pay more taxes for things like that my question to you is will taxes go up for the middle class in a Sanders administration and if so how do you sell that to voters well you're quite right we have a new vision for America and at a time when we have three people in this country owning more wealth than the bottom half of America while 500,000 people are sleeping out on the streets today we think it is time for change real change and by that I mean that healthcare in my view is a human right and we have got to pass a medicare-for-all single-payer system under that system by the way that's majority of the people in this country will be paying significantly less for health care than they are right now I believe that education is the future for this country and that is why I believe that we must make public colleges and universities tuition-free and eliminate student debt and we do that by placing a tax on Wall Street every proposal that I have brought forth is fully paid for 10 seconds just to ask the answer the very direct question will you raise taxes for the middle class in a Sanders administration people who have health care on the Medicare for all will have no premiums no deductibles no co-payment snow out of expect out of pocket expenses yes they will pay more in taxes but less in health care for what they get what is your response to those who say nominating a socialist would reelect Donald Trump well I think the responses that the polls last poll I saw how does ten points ahead of Donald Trump because the American people understand that Trump is a phony that Trump is a pathological liar and a racist and that he lied to the American people during his campaign he said he was going to stand up for working families while President Trump you're not standing up for working families when you try to throw 32 million people off their health care that they have and that 83% of your tax benefits go to the top one percent that's how we'd be Trump we expose them for the fraud that he is please please that's generation who has to take on Wall Street to take on the fossil fuel industry to take on the big money interests who have unbelievable influence over the economic and political life of this basically basically you want to scrap the private health insurance system as we know it and replace it with a government-run plan none of the states that have tried something like that California Vermont New York has struggled with it have been successful if politicians can't make it work in those states how would you implement it on a national level how's this work listen I find it hard to believe that every other major country on Earth including my neighbor 50 miles north of me in Canada somehow has figured out a way to provide health care to every man woman and child and in most cases they're spending 50% per capita what we are spending let's be clear let us be very clear the function of health care today from the insurance and drug company perspective is not to provide quality care to all in a cost-effective way the function of the health care system today is to make billions in profits for the insurance companies and last year if you could believe it while we pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs and I will lowered prescription drug prices in half in this country top 10 companies make 69 billion dollars in profit they will spend hundreds of millions of dollars lying to the American people telling us why we cannot Centerton a Medicare I just have to follow up there how do you implement it on a national level given the fact it's it's not succeeded in other states of trying I will tell you how we'll do it we'll do it the way real change has always taken place whether it was the labor movement the civil rights movement or the women's movement we will have Medicare for all when tens of millions of people are prepared to stand up and tell the insurance companies and the drug companies that their day is gone that health care is a human right not something to make huge profits you know Mike Medicare is the most popular a health insurance program in the country people don't like their private insurance companies they like their doctors and hospitals on the owl plan people go to any doctor they want any hospital they want we will substantially lower the cost of health care in this country because we'll stop the greed of the insurance company agree with a lot of what Cobham has just said and that is on day one we take out our executive order pen and we worse in every damn thing on this issue that Trump has stopped number two number two picking up on the point that you've made we got to look at the root causes and you have a situation where Honduras among other things is a failing state massive corruption you got gangs who are telling families that if a ten-year-old does not joined that gang that family is going to be killed what we have got to do on day one is invite the presidents and the leadership of Central America and Mexico together this is a hemisphere thank you problem that we have behind us Louis senator Sanders I'm gonna go to you on this you said on the day you launched your campaign that voters should focus on what people stand for not a candidate's race or age or sexual orientation many Democrats are very excited by the diversity of this field on this stage and on last night stage and the perspective that diversity brings to this contest into these issues are you telling Democratic voters that diversity shouldn't matter when they make this decision no absolutely not unlike the Republican Party we encourage diversity we believe in diversity that's what America is about but in addition to diversity in terms of having more women more people from the GBL LGBT community we also have to do something else and that is we have to ask ourselves a simple question and that how come today the worker in the middle of our economy is making no more money than he or she made 45 years ago and that in the last 30 years the top 1% has seen a 21 trillion dollar increase in their wealth we need a party that it's the first but we need a party that has the guts to stand on the powerful special interest who have so much power over the economic and political life of this country senator jela brain weight has been the law of the land since 1973 now that there is a conservative majority on the Supreme Court several republican-controlled states have passed laws to severely restrict or even ban abortion one of those laws could very well make it to the Supreme Court during your presidency if you're elected president what is your plan if Rho is struck down in the court while you're president well my plan is somebody who believes for a thought that a woman's right to control her own body is a constitutional right that government and politicians should not infringe on that right we will do everything we can to defend or roe versus wade second of all let me make let me make let me make a promise he'll you ask about litmus test my litmus test is I will never appoint any nominate any justice in the Supreme Court unless I trust this is 100% clear he or she will defend roe v wade third wall I do not believe in packing the court we got a terrible 5-4 majority conservative Court right now but I do believe that constitutionally we have the power to rotate judges to other courts and that brings in new blood into the Supreme Court and a majority I hope that we'll understand that a woman has the right to control her own body and the corporation's cannot run I'm gonna give you ten additional seconds because the question is what if the court has already overturned row and row is gone all of the things you just described would be to try to preserve row if row is gone what could you do as president well first of all let me tell you this didn't you come up here but let's fix this Medicare for all guarantees every woman in this country the right to have an abortion if she wants it Thank You senator Sanders I want to give you 30 seconds to follow up and I'm going to hold you to 30 Oh the old ways are no longer relevant the scientists tell us we have 12 years before there is irreparable damage to this planet this is a global issue what the President of the United States should do is not denied the reality of climate change but tell the rest of the world that instead of spending a trillion and a half dollars on weapons of destruction let us get together for the common enemy and that is to transform the world's energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy the future of the planet rests on us doing this before we go pass the torch pass the torch the generation that's gonna feel the effects down the line here and I'm asking you please for one or two words only alright please really President Obama in his first year wanted to address both health care and climate and he could only get one signature issue accomplished it was obviously health care he didn't get to do climate change you may only get one shot in your first issue that you're going to push you get one shot that it may be the only thing you get passed what is that first issue for your presidency first change the premise that there's only one or two issues out there there's one or two enormous crises senators Mainers a political revolution people have got to stand off and take on the special interest we can transform this country but Sanders senator Sanders of Vermont newspaper recently released portions of an interview you gave in 2013 in which you said quote my own view on guns is everything being equal States should make those decisions no how's your thinking changed since then do you now think there's a federal role that's a mischaracterization of my Texas look we have a gun we have a gun crisis right now 40,000 people a year are getting killed in 1988 Rachel when it wasn't popular I ran on a platform of banning assault weapons in fact lost that race for Congress I have a d-minus voting record from the NRA and I believe that what we need is comprehensive gun shot gun of legislation that among other things provides universal background we end the gun show loophole we end the straw man provision and I believed in 1988 and I believe today why would you wear friends assault weapons or weapons you leave from the military and that they should not be on wide the streets of America you would lead your plan leaves them on the streets you leave 15 million we've banned the sale and we banned the sale when you bind a motion and that's what I believe with many years we buy back if people want to buy if the government wants to do that of people you're gonna read the government you buy them back yes yes and this is what this question is which is you gotta have to read your

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  3. Love you Sanders! I support Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders, Marianne Williamson, Mike Gravel in that order. Proudly Green Party after that for me. I hope to vote for a Democrat in the General. A Sanders or Gabbard vs. Trump debate would be amazing.

  4. 4:15 I don't see how nationalizing healthcare is in any way going to make it more "cost-effective". Cost-effectiveness comes from stimulating competition within a market, not from abolishing private insurance companies.

  5. The Democrats are the left for a reason is because anything that is of the left is the left hand path which is satanism they do not worship the king of Heaven Yahshua they worship there God Lucifer

  6. Bernie Sanders was paid off by Hillary Clinton and that's why he back down and got out of the race he is a crook just like Hillary Clinton

  7. African Americans need to open up their eyes and see the truth on how these Democrats do not care about our race and they caused a lot of hatred towards us for no apparent reason we are being abused and disrespected for no reason just because of our skin color is degrading and disrespectful and all the things that these Democrats have been doing to us for many generations it needs to come to a stop and we need to stop and powering these Democrats and stop supporting them. I'm just going to be honest brutally honest we need to leave the Democratic Party and go to the Republican Party ASAP because this right here we will never be fulfilled it will and we will never get the help that we need Trump 20/20

  8. WOW Bernie what horse shit  can't we due any better this guy is so full of shit is any body buying his crap who is going to pay for his crap free free free  just vote for me come on

  9. NBC please redo the video to match the title. As others have pointed out:
    Missing his closing statement and his strongest moment. And they didn't add any of his discussion on foreign policy, also his strongest moment.

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