27 Replies to “Excellent News Revealed By Prof Nageshwar rao | Political analysist | Ap Politics,Ys Jagan

  1. Prajalni biscuits ki alavatu padda kukkaluga jagan choosthunnadu . Enno rakala biscuits choopinchadu. CBN kuda vere Margam leka thanu biscuits factory open chesadu. Deentlo pedda analysis emundi. Guddi Nageswar eppudu busy ga undataniki paniki vachche sollu thappa .

  2. One doubt sir. It has been our experience in Hyderabad that the petrol bunks manage readings through remote control operated from the nearby office room. Then is it difficult for any professional to manipulate an EVM. There is logic in raising this objection.

  3. ఎలక్షన్స్ అవగానే సార్ అన్ బియాసిడ్ అయిపోతారు.. 🤔

  4. Very intellectual analysis, God bless you Nageshwar Rao garu, Jagan God bless you with thumping majority

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