Facebook dating: Should you swipe left or swipe right?

Hello. I’m Nicholas Thompson. I’m the editor of Wired. This is Tech in 60. Let’s go. I actually think it’s a pretty smart use of Facebook. So, swipe right. No, absolutely not. In fact, I think in the next couple of years
we’ll see that deep fakes are more of a concern for bullying than for politics because with politicians, we kind of
know where they are at all times so it’s harder to fake a video about them. I definitely think biometric authentication
is going to be a huge part of payments. Probably multi-factored biometric authentication,
so eyes and fingerprints. No. They fixed all the problems these foldable phones that broke when
the first reviewers got them. But, the hype has died down a lot
because of the early problems which may actually be good for them. I’m excited to try one. Maybe I’ll
have one next week. See you then.

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