100 Replies to “Five Ways to MASTER Your Subconscious Mind & Manifest FASTER! (Law of Attraction)

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  2. For some reason this makes the most sense to me and the tips and suggestions are actually helping me break the mental blocks I have been having

  3. God Energy is Great!! And I thank you God for the Universe, alot has changed but things are the same, God gave us the abilities to live our best lives power❤

  4. I never thought about it… ive been meditating for quite some time now and its made huge change in my life but the only thing ive done is learn to deflect negative thought about my self. I havent learned how to love myself.

  5. What I said on the subject experts research on my subject I am not post graduate in all subjects what I learn in time to put before human . Wrong -1 wrong -2 wrong -3 no need to me when I referred at 25 year I learned the subjects. My original subject is mathematics subject teaching in Jr college 30 years. Male zeans female ovree two matching 28/14 ,30/15 day ∆ gent human zeans like that shap it has so.e tail some length in female ovree released every month one day is 28/14,30/15 the day released in her body on that day they meet then fallopian tubes release overee at that time male human tringle part ovree surrounding turning in one place very smooth in ovree it is enter into the over then maturity of jaigoat element single cell device into so many malitiples converted then it is created human body not all parts shape of human body prepared it is called pregency period to consult the doctor take medicine use in regularly your baby also growing fast . This is human naturally running subject no syllabus no references. Biology experts research points deal with subject wrong -1 wrong -2 wrong -3 no need the information . Life is in your hands make it comfort. Yshk viswanatham.Msc,Bed.

  6. Great video. Do you believe that the subconscious mind can change facial features eye color alter bone structure etc?

  7. Consciousness lives in the ether, all around us. We just house part of it in our mind and then it becomes our own reality.

  8. I just want to be a great architect. I don't want my designed buildings to hurt people physically, forget hurting, I don't even want complaints.

  9. When I concentrate on my breathing I always feel like I CANT breathe well. Like I'm not breathing properly so cannot get enough oxygen

  10. Damn I did that Beethoven shit this morning trying to stay up & listen to the abide app about the right path, so I’m on the right track huh

  11. I heard that the story you told of Edison, was actually Benjamin Franklin's story. I may be wrong, however the teacher who told us that story was very credible. Great video – Thanks!!!

  12. Don't use that Edison hack fella' as an example dude, that's lame, speak instead of Tesla and other real visionaries. Edison, like Da Vinci and many others b4 them, were freemasons, what they'we come up with, wasn't really invented by them, but rather 'chosen', to 'bring those "inventions" ' to the public..Nowadays nobody invents anything no more, the new theories, ideas, "gadgets", pops up from..nowhere seemingly and, just if it doesn't have military or 'national security' importance.

  13. I have looked at a number of these type of self improvement ideas. This is the best one I have seen and I will begin practicing on a daily basis. Thank you for your efforts.

  14. I want to thank you so much for taking the time to teach people how to do this. I have had a verry hard life and everything you hit on is so true so thank you I am trying to change things for the better but I also now understand more why it taking so long to get their.

  15. Tip 2 and 4 -Autoinquisition/ Questions (without forcing answers) and Meditation. I refused to meditate for years thinking it was a religious thing. FALSE. And It isS absoultely necessary for an overthinker like myself. And you are right, the more I relax my mind, the more ideas come.

  16. I dig these videos. There’s just something about that dude’s voice that makes you feel like you’re an idiot for not knowing this stuff already. I like him. Thank you.😊💪🏼

  17. Thank you. It's amazing how I practice this all the time and most times I didn't honestly realize that it was using the power of manifestation..

  18. Respected mam please give me the link of your channel's video that explains double slit experiment. i can't find which is that. That video also mentioned that healing

  19. Respected mam please give me the link of your channel's video that explains double slit experiment. i can't find which is that. That video also mentioned that healing
    My friend had an accident. I want to share him that video to motivate him. please…

  20. It's almost as if life unfolds in front of me… I manifested something during the duration of the video. When I saw meditation, I instantly believed I would see a person mediating on top of a mountain and 3 minutes later that is presented in front of me. This is why I don't believe in coincidences. Happy manifesting💯💭

  21. You are a spiritual being, and you have the mind of Christ, every believer has the mind of Christ, your body is actually against you and it wars against the spirit, u need to learn how to walk after the spirit, so u won’t fulfill the lust of the fleshMathew 26:41
    "Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." It’s a war in the mind and u need to learn how to channel every thought into the obedience of GOD, your entire body is on auto pilot including your mind, desiring evil, but you are not your body, you are the spirit man that’s your new identity that lives in this corrupted shell, one day you would receive a new sinless body like the one Adam and Eve has before the fall, and ya won’t have to do all this energy channeling and warring, we would be perfect, read the Bible people, this is all in the Bible , know who u are!!!!

  22. For atleast 5 years I used to b sober due to drug overdose n used to b semi vegetarian but now again I start to drink,smoke n even eat more animal meats … why this things happening again ???

  23. Amazing video, I wrote down and took in everything you spoke about. Trying to grow and learn and reach my full potential and whatever I desire. It can be hard deciding what to do with the rest of your life as work, but the first and best thing to do is just be positive to yourself and your surroundings at all times. Writing, reading and meditation are things I never would’ve thought i could be and do daily. They have helped me so much and I’m just getting started. I just want to give back and love everyone I come across in life. Thankful for everything

  24. It was definitely Divine timing that led me to this video. I have been looking for something with even an ounce of actual detail on how reprogram my subconscious and this video gave me wayyyy more than I asked for. Thank you!!! Love and light.

  25. @youryouniverse I LOVE hearing all of your videos!! They really help me so much to change everything I thought limited me in life❤ Please accept my highest gratitude 😢❤

  26. This made me laugh, when you asked "what else is possible that I have not yet considered" I felt my ? Subconscious something shoot off out of my head. I don't think it's come back yet!

  27. @youryouniverse how you mastered your subconscious mind? if yes then i can do it too, but i knew it about a thing like this before i even researched about it

  28. Let me tell great to practice when your awake and easier ! But when I tried to practice this going to sleep my night was sleepless. And it was a negative experience. And heavy resistance I’m positive person too. I find it better to practice when I’m awake and have more control

  29. I actually had nightmares and heavy resistance trying to meditate in my sleep. The ego doesn’t like this vid but be a risk taking and fight it back

  30. I’m 80 years of age. My Mother always believed in positive thinking. I remember this she used to repeat, among others, ‘ what I am seeking is seeking me, and what is mine shall know my face’. I don’t know the author, perhaps someone here will know where or who it comes from.

  31. I recently bought a DVD called
    'The Secret',at a secondhand store,when I watched it,it made me recall an experience I had at six years old.
    I had just suffered a head injury incurred from a classmate who was also a neighbor-long story short,he sucker punched me,and as I was trying to repay his insult, his older brother intervened-assuming he thought I was attacking his brother-he beat me to near unconsciousness before my sister-who had a crush on him-pulled him off,and kneed him in the crotch.
    I thought it was over and started to groggily get up off the ground,when his younger brother came up again with a suckerpunch,only this time using a aluminum baseball bat,and cracked open the skin of my forehead.
    As I was being rushed to the hospital in a neighbors car,the neighbor being an elderly lady that would babysit us prior,and for years to follow. As I laid in my panicking mothers lap,our neighbor handed me a banana and told me to just relax,and imagine a peaceful place that I would like to be- I did as she suggested,and it worked-like a charm, as breathing slowed,I wasn't tuned in to my mothers frantic state,I felt exceedingly calm-not too sure how much the potassium in the banana helped-it relaxes your muscles, but my mind did a 360°,from my mothers panic mode,to calm,which I believe calmed down my mother conciderablly.
    p.s. By the way, I was subsequently lied to about how I got injured, I was told that I dove for a pitch,and caught the backswing of the bat-I would believe for years this lie,and it would block out the proceeding events,for 40years or so,which helped to foster an obsession,that I couldn't put my finger on the origin of,but the truth remained in my subconscious, thus becoming an obsession, that still persists to this day!
    Eversince the experience I had on my way to the hospital, I've been fascinated by what we refer to as magic,and the mind-body connection,so this video really hit home-no pun intended.
    Anyways,I think I've always had a fear of using this "concept",
    buying into the perception that things are just out of our hands,and we can only try to cope with what comes our way.
    Though I'm not sure just what state of mind I was in that brought about the head injury,but I do think that my negative attitude about"stuff",may have been what opened that door-my choices and decisions,up to that point,allowed for that possibility to come to pass.
    I think that, what we call magic,is derived from what is truly-reality,and we live in an illutionary perception of what is.

    Thanks in large part to-RELIGION-we believe in a supernatural being outside of ourselves, that's in control of "these things","It's Gods Will",instead of what we see,we create.
    This world is a result of our collective perceptions,where we believe that if I want something,and you have it,I have to either steal it from you,or coerce you into giving it up- oh,and it's "Gods Will" which decided who gets it,when in fact it's more of who has the clearer vision,and would share what they have- or we simply take the short cut and steal it,or coerce it from each other- hence our present-day reality of wars and such.
    How is it that,the "Youniverse",is Sooooo vast,yet we still think so small. Or is science lying to us about what's out there ,what we see from our vantage point,or is science telling us truth,and religion is distorting it with these false perceptions of where we come from,instead of what science says about our bodies being made of the very stuff of stars,meaning we are born of that which bore the "youniverse",and are a part of it,and it, US.
    Just noticed how the words, "us in verse", are in that word-"UNIVERSE",of course using the letter S twice-or maybe it's just, "U In Verse".

    Anyways,I believe we create our own reality,not,it just happens,and we have to deal with it,more, it happens because of how we place our attention on it.
    There is something in quantum physics that states,an electron will act differently if it is observed,or something to that effect. Peace out.✌👉

  32. This is awesome, I never knew how awesome we all are as multi Demisional beings……You can feel it right away. Thank you for You. #7777

  33. I've noticed that I like to ask the question,
    "What If", what if I did this,or what if I try it this way. This is always when I'm in a positive mind set,and I'm thinking of the possibilities,instead of the failures.😊👍👍✌🌊🌈

  34. What if you are delusional and risk life and mind going for desires…it's not so simple .not all brains operate and maintain change under the circumstances

  35. Update! I ask myself "What else is possible that I have not yet considered" obviously anything or everything. I tell myself that's not good enough! Since 3 weeks ago when I first did this it leaves me free of "mind chatter" for ages!

  36. A lot of talk here about fulfilling desires, wants or needs. This is a self defeating mindset. Confusingly, that’s even according to the teaching here. To desire or want something only reinforces the realty that you do not have it. Future or past tense words must be avoided. Speak in the present tense and use no words of lack. The present moment is the only moment anything will ever manifest, not in the future. You must feel as if you already have it now. You must feel abundance to have abundance and the word desire or want is the opposite of abundance. Just affirm to yourself that you already have everything you need to be the best person you can be to serve humanity and live fully at peace. Feel gratitude for what you have and go serve without worrying about what you desire or want. You are the worst judge of what you should or shouldn’t have in your life. Just affirm that you already have the strength, wisdom and faith to access what is necessary when it is necessary….. and give thanks. A curse that’s been spoken for millennia says: may you receive everything you wish for.

    Everything is exactly how it should be. There isn’t one atom out of place in the universe….. because the universe is not out there randomly moving around with no purpose. It is inside your confused head….where everything is experienced. The sun doesn’t make light, you do. The sun projects energy. Your 3 eyes interpret that energy bio electrically as light. If there are no eyes to “see” light, none exists.

    Don’t know why you’re here or what your purpose or destiny is? Let me help you….. you are here to learn to love and learn to be loved.

    This advice brought to you free of charge by a reckless irresponsible Veteran of foreign wars, an old car mechanic, life long addict of some pretty bad substances, an artist, father, grandfather, overly curious yet never cautious D- student and all around train wreck of tough life lessons learned, financial thermonuclear catastrophes, near death experiences and painful self inflicted life choices…. So it should be pretty solid advice. Don’t seek advice from those who always win. The higher the credit score, the worse the life advice they can offer you. If you want good advice, go to the homeless shelter and ask the saddest looking person there. You’ll get the truth and very few overused clichés that don’t even make sense.
    Peace 🙏

  37. Edison was a thief, he tricked and stole Nicholas Tedla’s ideas. Pls do your research.
    Thank you

  38. Tho I know of the metal ball over bowl technique-Edison may not be the best ex: Determination & stamina he had in spades, but insight/creativity not so much

  39. To invent the long-lasting filament in the light bulb (300 hrs of use)-he did NOT invent the light bulb he went thru 5,000!! materials-from the plant works alone.

  40. We have have master truth first? < Why? Increasing your word power? Why? Is this important it build integrity Nobility Loyality Honesity base on your word is your God blessed you with Exodus 20:12

  41. I know I left a similar comment on one of your other videos but this channel seriously gives the best descriptions on how to manifest!!
    I've been watching different videos for many MONTHS and they all word things the EXACT same way!!
    This channel gives multiple explanations on the same idea which is what I NEEDED..
    Our brains all absorb information differently so sometimes we just need a different perspective.
    Thank you !!!! 😘💞💖

  42. Your Universe… You people are incredible with the way you explain the details of the gifts that the universe has for each of us and how you present those explanations. Thank you for being in my world that is located between my ears. 💖😀😍❣️💗💥💥💥

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