Fox Hosts STUNNED When Cops Deny War on Cops Exists

Hey, this is a funny one. A Fox News had a
sort of town hall with, or an audience of law enforcement and first responders and it
went horribly wrong when not a single one of them may be one person in the audience
was willing to validate the entire war on cops narrative that Fox News has been pushing
for years. This is hilarious. And when it happens, it actually happened during the Bernie
Sanders town hall on Fox News a few months ago. I’ll tell you about that in a second
if you’ve forgotten about it. But first let’s take a look at a clip or Fox News tries to
expose the violent, evil, anti-police leftist by saying, put your hands up if you’ve had
liquids thrown at you or been heckled or disrespected or whatever and maybe one hand goes up. It
might’ve been someone just trying to say they needed to get up to go to the bathroom. Truly,
truly awkward. Take a look at this. You know what? The conversation in this country
has really changed. Do you have lawmakers that are going to restaurants? They’re harassed
with their families and they have to think, okay, wife, husband, how do we prepare for
this? If we get into this situation, you have firefighters, you have, uh, police officers
on the street. They have to think, what do we do when this happened? How did we get to
that place? I don’t know. Look at the, look at the post. New York Post says, cow dare
you calling these men and these women that are doing this, throwing water, throwing them.
Palo was president. Trump stands up and says, I’m for the taxpayers and the citizens and
the people who came here legally, right? It resonates so much with people because you
see another side of the island entire Party saying, we’re the party of illegality. We’re
the party of, of non citizenship. And he says, now once last time I checked, America still
matters, right? Can we see the hands of the people here today, the first responders in
law enforcement who have encountered anything like that in the last year or so in New York
or wherever you are with water, hit with milk, disrespected, taunted, or no, anyone that
has, well, that’s good. All right, well let’s talk. Let’s talk a little bit about just generally
who would like to talk on TV right now. I would imagine everybody, another swing and a miss. Again, there was
one guy sort of in the back row who kind of seemed like he was raising a finger. I don’t
know if he was just getting a fly away from him, but again, the narrative failing and
this is one of those tired old narratives that the right wing media tries to push in
reaction to stories about police killing unarmed black teens and black men. The real war is
against police and the real problem they want us to believe is that the left hates public
servants and law enforcement. The truth is, let’s just step aside from the partisanship.
We have a country of 340 million people. We can find anecdotal examples of everything.
You can at the same time have examples of police behaving badly who should be held to
account for it, but mostly police departments made up of good people trying to do the right
thing. And I think that that’s what we have. You
can at the same time have examples of Antifa or whoever, treating law enforcement poorly
and attacking them and they should be held to account. But mostly we have a population
that by and large respects police and treats them well. This is not shocking and there
was a very similar backfire when Fox News anchors during the Bernie Sanders, Fox News
town hall, they asked the room who would really give up their for-profit employer linked health
insurance for a government program. No one would do that, right? And basically the entire
room’s hands went up and they cheered. Remember this, I want to ask the audience a question. If
you could raise your hand here a show of hands of how many people get their insurance from
work private insurance right now. How many get it from private insurance? Okay. Now of
those, how many are willing to transition to what the senator says? A government run
system. [inaudible] Whoa, whoa. We can’t be having that. Another
one of these hilarious backfires that just, it allows the tiniest bit of reality into
the prevailing Fox News narrative and it can convince a few people. Now, if you really
want to see a tax on first responders, to go back to what Fox News is talking about,
if you want to see attacks on the military, on public servants and government employees,
look at the Oval Office. Look no further than Donald Trump. I cannot think of any president
that has gone after the FBI prisoners of war, gold star families, intelligence analysts,
diplomats, public servants more than Donald Trump has. It’s another example of projection,
plain and simple, and isn’t it delightful to see it backfire in the faces of Fox News
anchors that we have come to a see, try this stuff again and again and again over the years.
I think it’s a a great to see and it does hopefully help to pierce at least a few people’s
echo chambers and filter bubbles. Make sure you’re following the David Pakman show on
Instagram at David Pakman show. While you are there, follow me on Instagram at David
[inaudible] dot pacman updates from my garden coming up
later today, possibly breaking news contained there for sure.

100 Replies to “Fox Hosts STUNNED When Cops Deny War on Cops Exists

  1. "Who has had water tossed on them………………. or know of someone who has………………"
    Oh the irony of talking about fake narratives, all the while trying to create your own.

  2. If the majority of police where black and they truly protected the rights of black and brown people and actually upheld the law RepubliKKKans would kill the police force with constant budget cuts. But since the cops serve their needs of keeping black and brown people down they love those violent pigs.

  3. “The conversation in this country has really changed” Say Faux News. Ironic coming from Faux News. Faux News is bought and paid for.

  4. Fox news thought they were going to get their intire audience to raise their hands.

    FOX NEWS HOSTS: How many of you police and fire fighters have had the left throw milkshakes and rocks thrown at you? Raise your hand.

    Police officers and Fire Fighters: Hands raised. A big fat 0

    That backfire was hilarious live it.

  5. Remember when Nacy and Chuch got up and said, "We are the party of illegality! We are the party of non-citizenship!" Yeah, me neither…

  6. As a Democrat I am deeply offended when the spin is Democrats are not law abiding. All of my family and friends are Democrats and none of believe in lawlessness and chaos.

    I mean it is clear that he isn’t that smart…and he seemed to actually HAVE DRUNK THE KOOLAID….BUT OVER THE LAST FEW MONTHS….EVERY NOW AND THEN HE HAS EITHER REMAINED QUIET…AND I HAVE EVEN SEEN HIM QUESTION AND PUSH BACK AT SOME OF THE MOST ABSURD LIES….just recently with the whole John Boulton RESIGNING/FIRED B.S.,,( ANYONE WITH A MODICUM OF INTELLIGENCE KNOWS THAT the DUMPSTER FIRE that is DONALD J. TRUMP is NOT ONLY A 5 TIME DRAFT DODGING COWARD….but he has NEVER HAD THE BALLS…EVER TO FIRE ANY OF HIS EMPLOYEES……and I do MEAN EVER! The whole APPRENTICE reality show…WAS JUST TRAITOR TRUMP’S ATTEMPT TO ACT LIKE HE IS TOUGH..NO Doubt he KNEW that his fellow New Yorkers ALL KNEW WHAT A FAILURE HE IS ANS THAT HE IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER WIMP…who not only can NOT just FIRE SOMEONE FACE to FACE…but the chickenSHIT cant even manage firing someone OVER THE PHONE, VIA EMAIL…OR EVEN VIA TEXT! He always has to get someone else to do it….BUY BECAUSE HE IS SUCH A PITIFUL , INSECURE MANBABY…who is afraid that the TRUTH ABOUT HIS COWARDICE might be exposed to the world…..He screws over the poor lackey he has ordered to do his job..and fire someone…as he THEN RUSHES TO TWITTER TO TWEET OUT THAT HE FIRED THE EMPLOYEE….BEFORE his lackey has even gotten the chance to let the person know that they are FIRED,

    He LOVES TWITTER..because he CAN attack and try to BULLY anyone who has ever hurt his poor lil feelings….but like ALL BULLIES….He is NOTHING BUT A UTTERLY IMMATURE, IGNORANT, INSECURE COWARD…with MAJOR DADDY ISSUES and insecurities regarding his Success, Money, Women…and of course his SIZE, as it is clear that he suffers from major SIZE INADEQUACIES….and his small IQ AND freakishly small HANDS are CLEARY NOT HIS ONLY SMALL APPENDAGES….!!

  8. I'm confused… The hosts claimed that the Democrats "claim" or whatever to be the party of "illegality" and all that… I have never heard a Dem claim ANY of that. The only people are Fox News and their minor wannabe clones… there are ways that it can be worded that aren't outright lies and co tinue their narrative…

  9. Who the fuck taunts who?
    The police in my town have tried to stop me, waste my goddamn time, and ID me on five different occasions with absolutely no reasonable articulable reason at all whatsoever.
    Ever wonder why when they build jails they make up to ten times more room for men than women?
    Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding….
    Correct answer: It costs about 150% more to lock up a bunch of cackling hens than it does to lock up a few dudes. Women need more counseling. Women are not as complacent as men. They have medical issues once a month that involve biohazardous fluids. Some times they get locked up while pregnant and they overall have much higher medical costs from the get go.
    The police deserve no fucking praise at all whatsoever. They are tax collectors with badges and guns and most municipalities boast almost unanamous conviction rates, as if they do no wrong.
    Police departments are not tax payer expenditures. The police are revenue generators. That is their primary function. Period!
    In this day and age, the police, prosecutors and judges are more addicted to their phenominal conviction rates than the worst drug addicts on the streets.
    The criminal justice system in the USA is broken. Half those fools in jail are there just because they got a swinging dick. Period. It hurts a counties bottom line if they have to lock up a bunch of bitches. And, after 20 years all these pigs, overzealous prosecutors and dumb ass judges want to retire with their bomb ass government pension and their Cadillac insurance plans intact.
    If you seriously think the ratio of men to women in jail is in anyway justifiable you're probably just fine with the disproportionate number of minorities who can't get decent representation who are locked up as well. Crime is not that incredibly gender specific folks!
    The criminal justice system resembles that of a totalitarian dictator. We spent a trillion dollars to shut Saddam Housein's mouth after he held elections and boasted that he recieved a unanamous triumph of getting absolutely everyone who was able and allowed to vote, to vote for him. The entire goddamn globe called bull shit. Later, after taking heat for that statement he recanted he recieved 100% of all votes for president and said, "Well, I didnt get 100% but I got 95%. That's close enough to unanamous… So thats what I meant." The whole world still called *"BULL SHIT!!!"*!
    Yet the average Joe that has to deal with the court system these days is dealing with basically the same in your face BULL SHIT as a totalitarian dictatorship. Most municipalities across the nation boast at least a 95% conviction rate. It never used to be that extraordinarily high…
    Aint no stinking goddamn cop your friend! They most certainly do not deserve any praise at all, ever…
    As in NEVER!!!
    Who taunts who???
    The criminal justice system has been skimming the cream on the top for decades and preying primarily on weak and defenseless or men to fill their wallets and their coffers.
    If the criminal justice system ever gets reinvented plea bargaining has to be eliminated. Hold these ass holes accountable!!! If they charge you with a goddamn crime, THEY SHOULD HAVE TO PROVE IT!

  10. All media is guilty of spin. The media especially the damn 24 hr bullshit networks. I get my news online. And only from a very few sites.

  11. 5000 u.s. citizens have been killed by u.s. police since michael brown was gunned down in ferguson mo. 2014. fox is propaganda, plain and simple. the police are lucky and i'm stunned more people aren't killing cops in retribution. you gun down or kill an unarmed family member of mine? and high five each other?

  12. More of their gasligthing: They do it to a T whenever they're in hot water, The reid technique made it so obvious, that a consulting firm abandoned it

  13. Is it just me… or did none of those cops or first responders seem like they really wanted to be there, let alone talk on camera.

  14. Okay Fox News, you're hyper-concerned about first responders and hey, that's awesome; we all should be. But if you are, in fact, so concerned about this group of wonderful people, would you support a tax increase on the wealthy to increase their salaries (because as a group, first responders in this country are shamefully underpaid), get them top-notch mental health care services (because first responders have disproportionately high rates of PTSD, suicide, etc.), etc.? Would you support this, Fox News? Of course you wouldn't, because you ultimately work for the wealthy, don't really give a shit about first responders and just use them as props, here and there, to buy credibility with the public.

    The bottom line is, talk is cheap, Fox News. Support first responders in a way that is MEANINGFUL TO THEIR LIVES (no, inviting them to the studio for a day doesn't meet this criterion) or just shut the hell up.

  15. Pakman: "Fox Hosts STUNNED When Cops* Deny War on Cops Exist".

    Actual HEADLINE: "Fox News stunned when they realize their audience is FDNY, not NYPD."

    DP: "It's hilarious when these backfires allow the tiniest bit of reality* into the FNC narrative."

    me: googles the clip after noticing that this Pakman guy seems to do a lot of "projecting" himself.

    One of the three ppl who spoke, IS former police & agreed with the assessment that Fox was making: When you're happier as a firefighter after 5 yrs as a cop..idk what DP's agenda is, but it's as scary as 45s. 😑

  16. The only attack on Law is from the president. He is making some people think it is okay to break the law because he is doing it and nothing is happening to him.

  17. Umpire: strrrriiiiiike! Yourrrr OUT!…
    Announcer: next up to bat is another anti American right wing grifter. ⚾🚽

  18. Funny watching this, enjoying his perspective and then remembering that many hate the guy… obvious left/right differences aside, I remembered that he's Jewish!!! That's come up before in answering questions and stuff on other videos but apart from that I don't think I have ever seen David say anything remotely Jewish… whatever that means?!, and maybe I don't see the "hidden stuff" some see… anyway, god man, and fuck the anti semites and all the other racist/religion-phobic idiots out there

  19. Only the rich don't pay tax.
    The ordinary person cannot avoid paying taxes in the way that someone who has the money to pay for tax avoidance schemes

  20. I’m a retired police officer of 22 years. And if you think all law enforcement officers think the same politically you’re sadly mistaken. It was more stressful dealing with internal issues than dealing with the crime in the community.

  21. There's actually a legit book titled: "The War on Cops" written by Heather Mac Donald. I forgot what I initially bought the book for, I think I misunderstood the title but I will warn you…it is a conservative perspective on the subject. I don't think I ever read past the first 5 or 6 pages until I just got fed up, but I still have the book, lol.

  22. Don't ya just hate it when the fear-mongering bullshit you've been slinging to stir up the ignorant hillbillies who still watch your piss-poor excuse for a news show blows up in your face?

  23. It not only shows how their narrative is false, but how incompetent they are in general. You would think they would have screened these people beforehand to get the answers they want.

  24. Antifafa?… Stop saying that…. Words Matter, People are Stupid…

    Call them what they are….. "ANTI-NAZIS"….

    The Police are against the "ANTI-NAZIS"…. you know… the side that "HATES" the Nazis…

    There… I said it

  25. Hit with water and milk= my god a war on cops. Dead black people = cops doing their job. You started a war you don’t have the stomach to finish.

  26. I seen at most 2 old white guys in the back corners, who were even embarrassed to fully raise their hand, because they know it isn't true LMFAO

  27. Blue Lives ARE under attack!They're just trying to live their lives & we've left them completely defenseless! It's high time we consider arming them! Gargamel won't stop 'til he's captured them all & turned them into gold !

  28. I’m a anarchist, I’m all for having a security force that deals with violent crimes. Policemen have too much power enforcing victimless crimes, such nonsense that only exist to control a population.

  29. FOX News – #1 in cable news ratings for over 15 years and the only news channel that got the 2 year Russian Collusion Delusion story right ! Suck it, snowflakes. (America is glad to see David watches FOX News. LMFAO

  30. So cringy when no one raised their hand. That geek tried to quickly change the subject and be like, "Hey! Who wants to be on TV?! Please let's change the subject after I completely embarrassed myself!!!"

  31. The only reason to watch Fox News lol, and also shep Smith, and also Neil Cavuto from time to time and Chris Wallace, Mmmm come to think of it, it may not be that much of a waste to watch Fox News after all if there's so much foot in mouth fail goodness to behold 🤣🤣

  32. Support the proposal for a “News media for all”
    -independent local, state and national news media.
    Tax payer funded, by law cannot be bought by corporations and/or privatization efforts and protected from government influence.

    No one really needs corporate news media like Fox News and CNN.

  33. Corporate news media like the Fox News Network are as useless as corporatized health care.

    “News media for all” just like “Medicare for all”

  34. Fkn FOX sucks! The entire report is more against Dems that People against Police. Of course there are assholes who act against the police. Only aholes like that. Most of us do not! More Dems do not. So FOX Steve Douchy—-Go Sukit!

  35. Bro.. the Twitter regresives/intersectional crybabies are calling for violence and shouting out those who do antifa beats the hell out of everyone. The ONLY people who have brought violence to our streets and public shaming those who disagree with their authoritarian extremist views are on the left.

    Yes there will be some huckleberry on the right that does dumb shit, but 9 times out of 10 the right isnt the aggressor.

    I dont know about the war on police, I only know of anecdotes that I cant substantiate,…. just try googling police officer assassinated on duty.

    I'll end with this…
    I try my hardest to be centrist by supporting the policies that help the most people. No matter what side that idea comes from.
    It is impossible to be considered truly Centrist diocese will seep in no matter how hard you try to keep them out so I would say that I lean left on most things right on security. I guess you can consider me a traditional Democrat. As a traditional Democrat I see how this extreme minorities has infiltrated and absolutely destroyed the left and Democrats who has voted 4 years are running away from the Porsche it in toxicity that seems to be accepted by all of the candidates for 20/20 and in cursed by the media and the majority of our Representatives. They are making people flock to the Republican Party

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