Fox News Hypocrisy on Politicians and Marital Indiscretions

And so therefore, I have to be consistent
and say well, with Newt Gingrich, I don’t think he’s going to win. He’s self-destructing
for a number of other reasons that we’ll get to, but we shouldn’t really be deciding based
on his multiple affairs, OK? Now, we’ve talked about them, and I have talked
about the fact that inevitably, they will become a factor, but if I’m going to be consistent,
and Louis, you know that I’ve never said anything inconsistent on this show. All of my– I’ve
never had a hypocritical position on anything. Louis: None that I can recall. David: Exactly. I would have to say if I don’t
care about Clinton… if I can’t… if Lewinsky doesn’t play into Clinton’s legacy, it shouldn’t
play into my evaluation of Newt Gingrich. However, Fox News doesn’t seem to agree. Fox
News is saying that the liberal media are making a big deal out of Newt Gingrich’s affairs,
whereas they wouldn’t otherwise, whereas they shouldn’t matter. But wait a second, Fox News
and many of their current contributors were leading the charge on criticizing Clinton
and attacking Clinton. Let’s take a listen. By the way, this is the so-called Fox News
media watchdog program, which is, by the way, in and of itself an incredible oxymoron. Let’s
see. Jon Scott: … on Wednesday announcing his
candidacy for the 2012 White House by a video on his campaign website and his Facebook page.
All right, let’s get to the media reaction, the AP headlines after that announcement,
“Gingrich, With Experience and Baggage, Joins Race”. And, “Analysis: Gingrich’s Past a Plus,
a Minus”. And then there’s this: “FACT CHECK: Gingrich Sketches a Too-Rosy Past.” Is there
an agenda at work here, Judy? Cal Thomas: Oh, no! [Laughter] Judy Miller: I think… I think it’s accurate,
exactly. It’s totally accurate. What are we going to say about him? I mean, this man has
a huge, long record, and a lot to carry it from. I mean, come on, what are you going
to say about him? Thomas: Look, if… if the… yeah, if they
had done the same kind of background check or exposure of Barack Obama when he was running
for president, Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, all this other stuff, he wouldn’t be president.
It took the conservative media to bring all that stuff out. David: Right. Listen, this… it’s so backwards
what’s going on, and it’s so patently absurd and just makes no sense that how… maybe
we don’t even really need to discuss this, but the reality is number one, we know all
of the people are acting like we don’t know about the Obama-Ayers story and all of those
stories, we know plenty about them, number one. Number two, the comparison here is the same
conservative media members who are saying that Gingrich’s past should not be an issue
were in many cases leading the charge with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky saying how
can we have a president who’s doing this type of thing? What Gingrich did was far worse,
but again, because I am always consistent, Louis, I am saying we should not care about
either, if they would be good leaders, Newt Gingrich falling apart, and we’ll talk about
it later. Louis: Right. Do you think Gingrich would
be a good leader? David: No, absolutely not. Louis: OK. Transcript provided by Alex Wickersham and For transcripts, translations, captions, and subtitles, or for more information,
visit, or contact Alex at [email protected]

12 Replies to “Fox News Hypocrisy on Politicians and Marital Indiscretions

  1. Oh David, I feel for you man. I hadn't thought about what you have to endure, and it truly saddens me that you have to watch even a clip or snippet from Fox News. OMG, Did I just type the word News in conjunction with Fox? I think I'm gonna be sick!

  2. I actually think there is a difference–Clinton, for all his flaws (and there were many) did not run on a family values platform. Gingrich did and hypocrisy is a major concern. As for the whole Bill Ayres thing Faux News keeps bringing up–that whole thing is and always was bullshit.

  3. I think Newt's affairs do have an effect on him because he campaigns on family values and that shows he is a hypocrite that will only say what benefits him at the time. If he didn't campaign on family values or criticize others for their affars it would not matter to me who the idiot slept with.

  4. @thesageofohio Have you seen Dennis Kucinich's wife? Proof positive that the hypno glasses in the back of the Spiderman comics really work. I love Kucinich, but dang, that's amazing.

  5. If you style yourself a family values candidate and defender of marriage your past indiscetions should definitely be talked about.

  6. I want a president whom does not cheat while they tell me what my morals an values should be…bagage free. It is truly absurd to put Obama in the same class of these repubs. No he would not be a good leader nor will the other oxy morons on the little hill

  7. David is in error here. David forgets that there IS a big difference between Gingrich and Clinton and that Gingrich's affairs DO matter. Gingrich ran as a social conservative, moral values candidate. Gingrich attacked other people for being sexually immoral. Clinton did not do any of that. Therefore, it IS relevant when a hypocritical family values politician commits adultery.

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