Freeland: McCallum doesn't speak for Canadian government

Canada's former ambassador to China John McCallum is facing criticism for waiting into the ongoing diplomatic dispute between Canada and China McCallum told the South China Morning Post that he advised his former contacts in China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs that any more punishments on Canadian exports could help the Conservatives win October's election a win he said would not be best for China's interests Foreign Affairs Minister Christian Phelan was asked about McCallum's comments earlier today let me be extremely clear that mr. McCallum does not speak in the name of the governments of Canada in January the Prime Minister asked for mr. McCallum's resignation and mr. McCallum subsequently resigned from his role as Canada's ambassador to China when it comes to China our priority very much my personal priority is the well-being of Michel Kovarik and Michel SPAWAR conservative leader Andrew Shearer issued a statement slamming McCallum and calling his comments an invitation of foreign interference in the Canadian election

28 Replies to “Freeland: McCallum doesn't speak for Canadian government

  1. She is correct and courageous on this issue and this statement applies to Mr Chreitian offer to interfere as well
    If Canada is truly a country of law and order standing up to China is necessary.
    Not voting for liberals though

  2. he didn't speak for USA. but he did speak on behalf of Canadian for long term interest. Canadian farmers suffered a lot from business ban (losing the world's largest market,China) and detention of former ambassadors. because Canada illegally detailed Huawei CFO Mr. meng.

  3. Freeland acts like a spoiled teenager that thinks she is all that. Arrogance like this has no business representing the people of Canada. The majority of Liberal cabinet members have no idea what humility is and how it is a strength of character. What a shame.

  4. NGO is just as powerful in todays Society as an elected government.. thats what the world has become a deep state of powerful players. welcome to 2019.

  5. McCallum is probably right though. Not necessarily because of the China problem but because of the level of incompetence of so many Cabinet ministers and of the PM.

  6. Both the conservatives and liberals don't appreciate criticism. I think his comments were justified. We as a country are in no way prepared to be involved in this crap.

  7. Freeland is a back bencher if I've every seen one. Her level of incompetence as compared to the post she occupies can only be matched by Prince Justin. I feel sad cringe watching her try to do her job.

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