100 Replies to “Gerard Butler Spent Seven Years Studying, Practicing Law

  1. It's amazing how he was a lawyer and later on became a famous actor…doing something that ya don't like is not nice…but doing that which makes you happy does feel right in your heart😉

  2. Top 5 lists I've watched
    1 300
    2.God of Egypt
    3.Olympus/ London has fallen
    4.hunter killer
    5 wrath of Gods

  3. I'm one year away from getting my JD… I hope I look half as good as this man when I practice lol. That suit is killer.

  4. The producers really need to tell the guests which clips they're playing as this is about the fifth one where the guest doesn't know

  5. Gerard Butler saved a boy from drowning. The actor jumped to the boy’s rescue when he heard his friend screaming for help. Butler was awarded a certificate of bravery by the Royal Humane Society of Scotland.

  6. Accent ! How do you pronounce his name ? That mile 22 looks good ! I think this situation is going to produce a few blockbusters – cause there's nothing like this that's ever happened in real life only the Bourne identity and that's not real – wait till the text messages with trumpet and me are written about ! That's hysterical I like his accent tho I just can't understand

  7. Gerard should play a Lawyer in a movie, he would be amazing for sure!, he would easily get an so many awards! Amazing actor!

  8. I think someone on late night needs to put together the Scottish dream team…Gerard Butler, Sam Heughan and James McAvoy.  I would stay up late to watch that show!!  That one would call for a couple shots of whiskey as well!

  9. The Scottish and Germans are undoubtedly the the angriest sounding people’s! I’m proud to have German and Scottish as my two main ethnic groups!

  10. I've noticed all Talk Show Hosts do this.

    They let the guests sit down first before they sit down themselves.

    It makes the guests feel special.

    And I'm pretty sure that's standard Talk Show Host behavior.

  11. Fell in "love" with Gérard Butler in "PS I love you":because of his sense of humour and willingness to "kiss and make-up". After seeing that picture of his pecs now think I will upgrade my feelings to "lust"!

  12. The law firm should have had an inkling that he wouldn't be a reliable employee when he failed to turn up for his interview because of a hangover.

  13. subs havent made an audible ping like that since the 70s, cant remember the name of the equipment but i think it was to measure depth and water pressure on the hull. my pops was a sonar man from 62-70

  14. so what great stuf do ya have to say to us, colbert. where is it. ya always imply ya got this great stuf. i didn't hear any great stuf. i heard some basic reasonable stuf, and an assholic tone.

  15. He is a perfect example of what we are like in scotland! And yes hes right we are angry😂😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  16. Happy Birthday to Gerard Butler🍰🎂 Mr. Gerard Butler, your movie "Angel has Fallen" opened in South Korea yesterday.(13-Nov.) I'm South Korean girl. I am currently living in South Korea.

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