God, Government and Good Hair: Personality over Party Politics in US Elections, Dr Mark Shanahan

this is a recording from the Congress to campus conference at reading blue coat school on 2nd March 2015 the conference was sponsored by the eccles center for american studies at the British Library and the british association for american studies with support from the u.s. embassy london this session is entitled God government and good hair personality / party politics in u.s. elections and the speaker is dr. mark Shanahan with discussion from four members of Congress Claudine Schneider and Dennis hurtle it's interesting that people are looking bad backgrounds and house get into things I'm very old but I got my PhD last year I had 25 years plus in journalism and in corporate communications coming off the back of an English degree at Manchester University ah I think on the weakest link and I 1 and I thought I was clever and I went into the Masters and then I went on mastermind and I can last I'm very glad it's not one of the episodes that you can easily find but the Masters led into a PhD and while I was doing my PhD I started teaching I found I really really liked it and I found I was absolutely fascinated by America and American politics I teach British and American politics now we do it comparatively are you can take modules in each or you can we're actually working on a module at reading now where we look across different systems of government I love the American system because it's absolutely mad and it brings in a lot of good aspects it was trying but the when it's framed with the founding fathers to be very different from what had gone before never to enable dictators to rise so we get presidents and we get services and we get house representatives I would get all sorts of other things so we got all of those wonderful people there but when you go to the polls you will see something that the original founding fathers didn't think of they didn't think of parties I'm trying to get away from passage they were trying to get away from the idea party european thing they didn't want it because it would cause conflict and actually this was government of the people by the people for the people it's very easy when you start and you've got a small colony and nowhere is more than about four days ride away from the center so you want to raise an issue you can do it you can do it yourself and then you can head to Washington wherever it may be and do it as America spread and it grew and I've even with the first 13 states it was huge if you wanted to go from South Carolina to Washington it could be over 500 months you can't do that on your own as your own representative for one of the founding fathers didn't right beside your factions actually is it can help Society or is it gonna hinder it is it going to break it up make things more difficult are you actually going to be able to represent other citizens if actually can maybe make your other influences on you if somebody is pulling the party strings the kind of wid thing that were very used to impart some politics over it but funny enough that's how it grew that's how it did others ah but hey george washington some other guys who slipped up and he didn't want parties so we have a system that doesn't have taught each it makes very simple elections and you get election bones like so how many of you will actually go over to vote on myself for sure you go to verse say yes good you'll get a vote who you're going to be basing for you get I'll no I'm not asking for the party you voting for a particular party are you facing to the Prime Minister do you get to like the Prime Minister hmm not under our system but in the United States the good people of Washington house in this set a Minnesota who vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan ferret Obama and Joe Biden actually a whole load of other people as well I've got on one T father doesn't just realized it's a touchscreen system yeah ah equally may give you space masculine this is national level down here this is us saying this is the US representatives never candidates that they're also basing the state offices because under the the way that the government is split between the federal offices Amin the state do you also have honest parallel organization operating in state level so you pick your state people who want to know we also had a constitutional amendment there in Minnesota they're also facing at county level and this was the one that really got me the Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor how cool would it be to bring the Soil and Water District conservation supervisor and beyond the same ticket the same valet / ask Barrack Obama I think that is pretty cool that's not going to happen over here but what happens when you've actually vote one party all the way through the line probably not you're going to look at individuals who put themselves in front of you who have raised their ideas with you who may be tackling a local issue who may be coming from a course area who may be backed by a group of people who you support you might actually go yeah I'm going Democrat over here i'm going to pumpkin over here and you pick and choose so actually we don't get um how we go back to 2010 we all agreed with nick and the Liberals better all the world's over here think by half ah but you're more likely to get splitting closing you're more likely not get one party through the line in elections what makes people interested about our actions have how would your interest be raised what would you look to so I'm a horrible lecture I asked question parents okay so personal opinions around you what about when you switch on actually you guys don't watch television or you don't watch it linearly or sequentially but when you go and you're really bored in lesson then you hit google page one and you're going right and find politics story would you look at websites and TV or that kind of stuff I hope you do I hope it stimulates you is it a new thing websites relatively new what about television how high do you think that goes back in terms of political coverage 1550s how about fifth to 10 this may or may not work it was like not quite um President Eisenhower the Bison how was a hero I still have one the wall all on his own but it was the Supreme Commander in the European theater I nobody knew what his politics were I'm working on this work at the moment that suggests he may have had it in his mind that he was going to run for president from the end of the walk ah general history says it's much much later he could have been picked by the Democrats in Portillo eventually when he does run he runs his Republic's and he has a very clever guy working for him who manages a TV campaign and says this new medium television which has just come out we've already sold 73 million sets in America 73 million sets which brand news had only actually been around for about four years at the time the guy realized if we buy advertising spots in all the premier television shows at the time I Love Lucy comedy show stuff like that in the gaps or TV is commercial we're going to get one over on our political opponents if this works I hope it does this is the first-ever presidential TV at let's say I might have sought from is even better otherwise I had to sing it you don't want to hear me sing it that something might start going and start moving clearly people are we just let it down basic because i like i like like I bike for precedence good slogan kind of stakes vice president running with him at the time was guy called dick Nixon they also had slogan for deck which is very similar but I'm not going to repeat that is not going to work now so we'll get rid of it this could blow the presentation sky-high us because we move on it seems to work for I he's the guy got the red stones there's a lot of the movies are very sweeping victory to 39 states at that time there were only 48 to States of America don't come on until the end of fifties ah absolutely slow to that likes taking some loose or no virtue whatsoever in using advertising in using this kind of television ha it's a fad no one's going to take it out ah we move forward to nineteen sixty some more famous one it's one that everybody at Reading University where I am right so sakes about and the influence of television on campaign ah we have John F Kennedy fresh young ah good haircut smart suit excellent rhetoric very good speech writers who's standing against dick Nixon dick Nixon has been the vice president for eight years already he is well known is he particularly liked he's maybe not quite such a likeable character he's only actually four years olds of in Canada ah dick Nixon decisis going to come home in every state he's going to campaign all across country while he's campaigning with fascists knee on the door he ends up in hospital he loses a lot of weight he turns up at the first TV debate the first time ever presidential candidates have got together and have spacing issues and he turns up in a pail of racing's pale racing that he's also looking pale and himself this is a guy who can grow a beard in a day see this gentleman's bid over here take medicine can grow that beard remaining the ball you freely after me ah he left stubborn he looks and shamed he doesn't look very healthy he's lost 20 pounds his six is hanging up in a little bit bad choice of soup not least because even though color television exists at this time it doesn't exist for live broadcasting and this is a live band Kennedy has been briefed brilliantly but he has makeup it covers up the sweaty sheen dick Nixon doesn't have to hang up it looks a bit shady there is a kind of a myth that says those who watched the television thought that Kennedy won the debate and those who listen to the radio thought that Nixon it it's a wonderful part of the myth of hindsight because there are actually no firm statistics that show I'd like there was study on the radio it involved 280 people i think professor Davis would probably say that in a country that probably at that time is 250 million are 200 odd people isn't really a viable sample but what we have is Kennedy realizing that it's not about mrs. doctors it's not about going around from states take anymore you're going to reach people through the medium they're most comfortable with you're going to get to them a tee time on the news if you have a good thing to say it's a follow-up picture there that shows by the time the second and third debates camera he makes an advantage lesson he's using makeup is in a dark suit a dark-type is making the right impression but maybe he had already lost the election and there is interesting thing too is that when he ran again in 68 and in 72 there are no televised debates doesn't want to get burns twice a cost daddy we had to thanks for everything 2012 you got a Republican driving that just looks like the worst ever episode of tape where it I don't action look that much better when I get down there one shocking thing I find still is that there is only one woman to that line michelle bachman there but everybody now is in the starch press white shirt they're all in smart Tyler in the dark suit and it's about presenting an image but is it just about presenting an images at the right kind of image or is it about getting policy person if it's back in policy processing across is it ideological is exposing it's an interesting thing my hypothesis if like is that it's about individuals I'm tempted to show a little video about Rick Perry might not so I might just jump on but essentially during the questioning they reached else how they would address agency if each of these candidates were elected and became the president of the United States what would they do if they got to Washington and of course Rick Perry sometimes worth what I need to do is get rid of three agencies three big agencies in government hello this one and this one and then he forgets number three and at that moment repairing is no longer a viable presidential Council because he is being scrutinized by the courts on television he's being scrutinized by the nation of his peers who might not actually know that much beyond what they see on television about his policies they may not particularly know where he comes from on the spectrum in terms of Republicans if that's Hiller the hell is here then make me wreck is just a little bit to the right ah but all they're saying is this very very almost cut English image someone who loves their lines on television he can't remember what he was meant to say he spent the last five years trying to recover from that and may still himself forward in 26 days ah but what we get is led about lest of our policy and more about a beauty contest if you've got the good hair if you've got a good teeth maybe you're going to attract the money that will enable you to run ah rick is therapist still I want to show this while we see if it works if not we'll just jump on again because there is something else that comes out in American politics like we really don't get over here America is a far more religious nation I am so glad I put so much YouTube in this presentation it's working so well um candidates will come out and talk about God havoc candidates you talk about God's in bro get on hello everyone what do we think about Tony Blair when we started talking about face did that make you think I would a wonderful man Tony Blair is absolutely not i dint for me it's a little bit crazy but it's hugely different things though to go prepared when i won so we will move on dry and work to Lane out of time it's rather different in fact we've got owned such five percent of all Americans claim that they are people of faith forty-four percent of americans claimed to be Protestant twenty-four percent of all Americans claim speak Evangelical Protestant twenty-four percent one in for one in four of the vote that is a very big constituencies that you want to win or some people want with some people will go out on a limb to pick up that kind of out does it winning practice 1980 quite possibly Ronald Reagan goes to a conference where he is surrounded by evangelical Christians it's a bipartisan conference though it's not specifically Republican so he stands there and says I know this isn't about endorsing me I know you can't endorsement but I endorse you he's percentage of the votes among that constituents just went like that overnight it was influential maybe not um totally driving lights or Raven's wing I think he was always gonna win but it helped his cause very considerably more recently with George Bush II have George Bush jr. are bringing out an agency within Washington about faith effects can't exactly remember the name of it but then he gets usually criticized because it's not seem to actually deliver anything but if you're going to invoke God's on your platform for election maybe carry it through to what you do there are a lot of politicians and I say politicians rather than governments are people within Washington who will carry their cross with them in the election and then hang it on the door once they're getting to Washington very different walking we are why is also very different is money seven billion dollars for the twenty twelve elections seven billion dollars that would almost pay my salary for a week ah in Fairyland we talked panic in the last hour session here where's that money come from well due to the Supreme Court it is now much easier for it to come anonymously all through groups who again are not passive for the answers if they decide on candidates who they would like to win they can put money whether it's directly or some round the corners into that campaigns make it HAP if you're in the House of Representatives how often do you get electrical sorry how often do you have to run for election every ten years five years four years three years Cheers excellent if that man star Baker every two years so as soon as you get to Washington having done all of the hard work to raise the money and we can talk about how much money it is ah in the house run the winning race these days one and a half million dollar since I said go right go to the Senate eleven and a half million dollars do you get that too i get there if i'm running as a candidate and i walk around and i start canvassing you all individually hey so my tweets when each other's the hand of John's the two hundred dollars that come in but it's not gonna matter that much so you have got to look for big money that big money might come from lobbying organization sort of thrill of evil no sections they might be lobbying for something that is very important in your state it might be the catfish industry in Louisiana supporting you or it could be walk behind it or something to find this contractor you are responsible to your constituents when you go to Washington but who's going to be knocking on the door first people be back so quick right way there is I on something in return from people putting my money in and by the way here's a policy that's coming up I likely to take my side of it so it's quite a balancing act there is a huge balancing act between what exactly you're there in Washington to do and increasingly it's making it harder to drive through big legislation because there is so much compete competition for the share of your brains when you're sitting there whether as a senator or in the house and for the share of your voting time and to the share of your policy making so we actually get an awful lot of bills supporting national catfish day in Louisiana and increasingly over the last few rounds of Congress fewer and fewer big important laws being passed on language give any money to these guys this is the British quinn's here or lovely chaps possibly don't have the hair the teeth or necessarily got um so what about Parsons parties did have a traditional roller parties brings together people some cheap control of government policies hey grumbles their interests all of the groups that support them as organized and persuade voters to elect their candidates to office fairly standard definition it be very quite possibly comes from Phil Davison's book she wrote that we keep in davis buy it ah how important is that now i would suggest and my colleagues here may well disagree when we get into the conversation that it becomes less importance but now it is more and more about the individual and who is backing that individual that's fun um so let's look at an individual race my video is not going to work is it so I'm probably are not even going to bother looking at the video there you want to get my slides out which you can and this hours and hours now so rich content behind ah these two guys good hair good teeth nice tights I'm writing for racing Massachusetts in the midterm we have Seth Moulton says oh here is Democrat are you can see very clear difference in the station to them with Richard over here who is the Republican I mean they just look so obviously different immediately don't they um if I was to say to you one of them was gay Mary's a realtor who made his big claim to live on Main Street next door to bomb politically who would you expect Democrat right close your eyes no shop no peeping put your hands in the air if you think that gay married man lives on Main Street is Democrat so see if you do with your eyes up then that you can let your not ridiculed at all when I tell you just how many of you are wrong see mr. Republican Richard Tisei a long time state politician many holes in State Politics for about 20 years very much from the moderate end of the Republicans say is Action Man he's been a captain who's been to Iraq uh he's platoon leader he's had the Bronze Star and various other awards which he keeps out of the media until it's oozing just before voting though I've sick of you yes though because it's not him who brings it into the public domain it's Boston work but I suspect someone tipped off the paper the Boston Globe they are very hard to differentiate between what they both do is a little bit of negative advertising on each other ah Moulton looks bad to say saying he's a Stakes proposition what's he cheat in 20 years he's done nothing if you like him you're just elected more of the same nothing will change professional conversation politics is dirty word are you going to Washington to change things and funny laughs both in primary he has been through then through two saves negative advertising very much American concept as well ah we get to say having a pop of Muslims own waste his money coming from he's raised millions of dollars and he was raised from out of state how is he going to represent you if all of the money he's racing actually comes from tax outside the state who are donating not so about the longshoremen of of of north of Boston get their rights but so that what policy he does get to raise in Washington actually represents those big money sources when it comes down to it Seth Moulton wins easily about 12 percentage points ahead of the other but it was a interesting right it's very interesting we followed it at Reading University by social media thanks week since our we study tweeting to them and the best thing was they started tweeting back little University thousands miles away why didn't matter because we asking some quite further questions and we are some clever questions that wasn't just meets you sending an email which can be ignored but by sticking on by sticking it on their twitter p and they actually had to respond and maybe that's where things are going soon there's 12 points I'd like to pick up before we go how do you get elected in America good hair good teeth ah Henry wrote a book out last year Henry I think will be the Democratic presidential candidate essentially she got all of her policy into her book hard choices if you just if you read it it's the Hillary manifesto dressed up in the book about her time as Secretary of stuff very good she basic very very highly with you cancel that image New York Times put out an image like that that's been revoked every day here down blasts on she scored considerably lower on that picture more candid pictures of just the everyday person rather than the average person I'm chris Christie should be up against the vase pushed risky after the hurricane hit the Jersey Shore in 2012 with Obama hammock is just so cool it just exudes coolness were going there chris Christie good politician had been a trouble with the bridge but not so cool in that picture chris is working on it Chris will never be a thin guy but has lost over 100 pounds it matters Tencent's matter don't ever ever ever ever go and address the nation dressed in a tensor Barack Obama might have had something really really really important to say that day but the news for the next two three four days was not about what came out of his mouth on what was hanging off his shoulders remember those Republicans in 2012 dachshunds white shows good ties fat suit okay you still he still Google News friends with Jesse where do we go now my final points after that there is a paradigm shift in communication we've got an awful long way from I like I like everybody likes like for president um we've got a long way from TV debates where the two finalists Republican and the Democrats can be like stand and are brilliant on television for your benefit what happens in 2018 2012 is that Barack Obama wipes the floor on social media with his opponents but what happens is that we get a very old-style use of social media it is social media treated like any other communication channel so the campaign team at the top are going to put out messages and you're going to respond all you're going to spread them around it's changing that kind of misses the point of twitter or facebook of snapchat but whatever it may be who is the message on those channels come on first time voters you are the digital natives us guys at the front we've learned this this is learned behavior we kind of bring in what we've done before to how we do it now who ends the conversation with Twitter it's about a part of Twitter and good he just owns everything probably the world I guess rich enough you can probably find on presidential candidate all on his own you guys own the message should it be for me presidential candidates be telling you staff or should you be raising conversations sharing the conversations asking questions making it much more to mock retires to communication taking the power of the media out of the hands of the people at the center I'm putting it much more in the hands of the election I suspect list in progression into the 2016 election it may take one or two more rounds before we really switch haribo social communication but the days where you can just go in on an advertising spot and talk out people are going the days when all of you guys are just chatting with the television and it doesn't answer back are going now you can change my last question for you kind of the end of november 2016 who will be preston for me sometimes any thoughts clinton what bills going to make come back laughing yeah so Hillary anyone else jeb bush so we could have Bush versus Clinton haven't been there before um actually are suspected be Barack Obama because he won't actually leave office until January 2007 seen but that was a really bad joke and to finish thanks for your time I do weddings bar mitzvahs we have some time for questions before that I like clothing and Dennis to come back up and it is anything that you sing on there that you would like to respond to and should i leave for it now oh that's like I'd rather hear from the students I don't really want this attitude so happy to answer your questions okay get on the pulse of it social media as well and on our knees people constantly get campaign someone I will just be like an advert it's just like a watch your phone it's exactly the same there's no sort of personal aspect to it I mean point for social media in this sense i think the way forward for you can takes us to youth Alex using the way people can use Twitter for personal reasons obviously every single thing to be about politics and I took one that same principle that the abridgement needs to take that model because we use projects as a boring candidate why not particularly exciting I think of this the social media is the way forward show how really people are is that a naive way to look at it was up so excited yes I am absolutely and firmly with you I'm not sure that political strategists that pulls up yeah political strategists will tend to be of my generation and the generation younger than meter from carex generation them and we have learnt we haven't grown up with fat thumbs and with a phone actually grafted to our heads and we actually use phone sometimes my calls with voice have you have done that it's rich quite good aah and send texts and stuff like that so yeah I know is it something across over how Regina was the first person to actually move on that you know and media ticket far enough and of course he faltered when he yelled after the talkers could he have taken too far enough so President Obama really has taken it as far as any politician if you make a major change and that's how I want of the second election because he was able to pick out you know a Democrat leader precinct where there was you know eighty-five percent Republicans it deems it will pick up the Democrats to social media keep them going you know throughout the election and get him to turn out and vote and it made the difference now in addition to that were they the really important thing that no one ever talks about is that he was able to get average people to contribute to his campaign she had a janitor you know when in Detroit high school giving 10 hours a month and you had people have never been involved in politics whatsoever because the truth is nobody wants to check in general oh you know unless unless they want something ever citizens don't write and contribute to campaigns and it's been getting worse in that regard and ever since George Washington first ran for office when he lost with the House of Delegates Martin Burgess in Virginia he was outspent he made sure that he was never outspent again and back any lot more beer of liquor and wine for the voters and he made sure that he always one vote you know politics is always been that way and usually the person who for local office or for Congress or for president but as most money wins that's true um but we have exceptions we've seen mr. Cantor in Virginia who was the you know majority Republican leader who lost a re-election is primary overwhelmingly about over 24 no he got Spanish at home about a 100 one more so there's still exceptions but day in and day out whoever has the most money place so yeah I think social media is a future I agree the professor that the older campaign people have instead it real probably I've talked about today is this idea of raising money when i ran i reached 120,000 had to borrow a part of that my opponent spent five hundred thousand that was in nineteen eighty I 1998 Congress it was a million dollars from open sea of about twenty forty million dollars we've had a seat in Michigan just a congressional house seat for 40 million a set of risks are always in depth in that league of extraordinary amounts of money the second problem isn't even when the Democrats can raise the money he went there the majority with him president to the majority of the House and Senate it could raise it up line they obviously don't know how to spend it because I'll ask any of you to show me 11 political ad the Democrats have had over the last four years that made a difference or we can have a message because they're camping they have no message at all I mean it's not message where you're running for reelection of the United States Senate to say you know it's true that I've been here 12 years 18 years six years and it's true that I voted eighty-five ninety percent with the president but you know I don't agree with the president or anything and I'm not really Democrat I've got him an independent guy so reelect me as a Democrat did work you know so we are a lot of because those people have not yet admitted the truth that people know more today they're not going to be relying on the television commercials have to watch because they take their television shows and they're going to zap through all that you know I ended you know newspapers don't really exist so who's going to read and newspapers or the editorial page except for acceptor so the president's people did show us what you can do with social media but no one else has yet realized it more questions comments prayer those yep do you think we place too much emphasis on social media in politics today and azeri it has great potential but our current situation because too much is too much crap I'll give me if you like the academic perspective I will defer for practitioner perspective ah you're not one homogenous audience people who don't vote at the moment a young people well that this side of the polls are over in the states and what candidates wherever they are need to realize is that they have to connect with you as young voters find some common perspective some area of interest that is of interest to you and motivate you to do something that is actually really hard which is to get up to get down to the polling booths and to demonstrate your your right as a system and it becomes harder and other ppl develops are old people who made him do it through sense geez you're free having always done if you're looking at policy works in the UK or in the US and we see nothing that you can connect with why would you bother to vote so politicians have to find those points connection and with younger people at the moment one of the ways to do that is through social media I much rather it's situations like this when we see Ashley to know what these are real flesh-and-blood people do not something I mental image that comes through TV screen so I think social media is very very important I think it will become increasingly important but it's by no means the Oriental and those digital agencies who go in and say whatever the question is the answer is social media are actually has to wake up to the fact that there are a lot of answers that's maybe only one of the questions well I agree with everything that you said and I think that it's important to realize that part of the reason that the cost of campaigns have gone up is because those who are giving the money have realized how easy it is to manipulate people in positions of power and so it's an effort to number one by power and at the same time it is an effort to have enough money to be in the face of all the voters to most of the money in campaigns goes to advertising about who you are and what you stand for and that advertising takes many forms from social media and having a whole team to figure out how to manipulate social media so that you can reach a multitude of different audiences and then it goes to the really high priced media which is television where I consider it a form of Chinese brain torture no water torture because it's so constant and so negative and the other thing too because you pointed out a lot of the different psychological aspects the visual I think that all voters should be very cautious about negative advertising and fear tactics because the human mind moves in one of two ways you are either motivated by pleasure or motivated by pain and that is what the advertising industry has understood forever so if they're advertising a car well they sell sex with that you know you you much sexier if you're driving a cool convertible than if you're driving you know a jalopy and so as a result that's the pleasure impetus that hey I want that car because then I'll be cool well it's the same thing in the political forum because if they communicate pain or fear you think oh my gosh I better vote for him because he's going to spend more money on defense and he's going to go after Isis or she's going to do this or that so you really do need to be very cautious about being manipulated by the media and ask yourself are those people communicating you know pleasure or pain got a plug in it and i think the negative wins people say i don't like it but a few wins at ninety percent she's right ninety percent maybe ninety five percent of the money that's raised goes into TV ads to buy those ads and i'll say this at least in my life i don't know about advertising informative my lifetime as far as television ads there has never been an educational political totally everybody learned anything by any candidate from I like Ike when I remember is a four-year-old forward you know that this just does its 30 seconds or 60 seconds what are you going to do you know we mostly attack your opponent or or you know latch onto some popular item or just a just a few seconds but the other problem is it audiences like this don't exist even the 90s when I was in Congress we're running out of groups in earlier you can go to veterans groups school groups you know civic groups in the the Women's University University and University you know women's groups and all these different things but you know those who died out there is a book written about holding alone I mean nobody belongs to anything anymore you can't find him at the end all I could find were the kids Little League baseball games to go to the crowd what did that do politics nothing that's where I could find some adults you know um so I actually started taking some candidates to of bowling alleys and baseball games just to shake hands you know to see people so that's going to continue to be a problem because in television and as I say you know people don't watch you like to eat two dinners there's no other media people don't really read the snail mail date yet you know all those advertisements in the rest so so yeah they're going to have to dock to social media I don't think they have I don't think they have and I think really see all kinds of variations out of the future I think Pollack to you know if you want some mad men that television show you know even there they showed that the politics no step behind advertising or whatever new technique there is in distance but they always do get to it absorb so I think you get there but I don't over there you go I have a question of the audience I'd be interested in at least for answers and my question is I mean from four different people if you had someone instead of us being Americans we were tradition we were running for public office what questions would you ask what do you care about as almost new voters what would you ask about we're just an excuse me since then you okay good what else would you ask about yes student finance and even if cops dude appliances will see the realtor's University it's going to come squad little mind I think I'll own the back of my life okay so us of a major issues among great yes louder please uh-huh and yes I'm Bethany more integration all right well um why would you ask about immigration why do you care about that okay and the gentleman who asked about would you be part of the EU or not why do you care about that so one of the things that I find really interesting among younger voters is that oftentimes they don't understand how decisions being made in the federal government impact their lives and I know whether it's student loans or immigration or the you or whatever a real trick to know how to do I believe is to connect the dots and it always surprises me how people ordinarily don't I mean I always do and I thought everybody did or get but everybody's mind worked that way but I remember campaigning you know on behalf of the environment and people didn't realize that if you dump your waist into the Thames River that and then if you rely on that for you know swimming or drinking water or whatever if it's polluted it's going to affect your health and then that of course would affect the health budget for the country or it would affect the health care system which you as taxpayers are paying into same thing with obesity you know should you care yes I mean if you're your brother's keeper and you have a national health insurance program you do care whether your neighbor is smoking or you know not looking after their so it will cost you more absolutely so I think that's an important skill that if all of you can learn to not only connect the dots but articulate that it's very important particularly in the political arena and one of the other little points I'd like to make is that I'm often asked you know well what do you look for when you look for when you look at these various candidates who are running it's really hard because they put out what they want you to see and what they think is important what I think is most important because I care about change and I think that we're very fortunate to be alive during this time period because I think that we are going through a substantial shift much like the Renaissance and a lot of people you know don't think of it in those terms because how many of you are familiar with the tale about the frog in the pot of water that's on the stove any of you know this story yes no hands up who knows story okay so if you put a frog in a pot of water and you turn the heat up and it's swimming around and it doesn't realize that it's getting hotter and hotter and starting to boil so it doesn't do anything but if you have a boiling pot when you put a fraud it'll immediately jump out that's crises management it's aware of the heat I think most of us are not aware of the shifts and changes that are taking place right now and what do we need most in terms of our political leaders but someone who is a problem solver someone who salivates at the opportunity to figure out how are we going to do immigration differently and I now live in the state of Colorado and I'm very proud of the fact that we are progressive and forward-thinking enough that we were looking at all of the Mexicans that were involved in the drug trade that being killed and all of the Americans that were being killed in the drug trade and we decided that we were going to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes and then we decided we were going to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes and some people were saying oh my you know how scary well what's so fascinating to me is the medical research industry is now growing creating more jobs people are coming to colorado to study the beneficial health effects of certain aspects in certain compounds found within marijuana and you know i think that we were trying to solve the problem of murder of money leaving the United States but in particular with leaving colorado and going to the mexican war lords and now we have millions of dollars that are going into our education system just from the sale of marijuana because marijuana sales are being taxed so you know it took some real problem solvers to say we're going to do things differently we're obviously failing at the so-called war on drugs how do we address the problem of illegal drugs and have enough money for education and you know people who are problem solvers are the ones who said yeah let's try this out the other way isn't working let's do something new other kids evolution once talk about social media you're talking like a professor open about whether his x was white golden black and blue and you know I mean as watching today shows the morning for left and they said 21 million at that point had been watching that dress on social media let me cover in two more days as a league thing about supportive in America and so I wonder if it was like you know a hundred million people i'm sure and you know just think if the revolution takes place where instead of talking about that dress that we talked about the ecology and what's happening you know with you know our world and we talked about what was happening in the community level and it should be changed for we can save money or we can help bug we could help poor people get better education and you know possibly how could we do that how should we get involved you know i'm just thinking we actually did that instead of talking about whether the dress was vertical and i believe because social media we have potential to get there I'm a hipper passing out of the phase where people read you know an email that says about congressman ribbons that says there was a famous email that went around and it said that when people are left in the Congress automatically a pension Freud there were children go to college for free they have a limousine that drives them and they give free residents and this splint around and I was I was growing health care yeah pre helmet so I was I was going to I heard about this but I was going to run a car at the airport Detroit and I actually heard well-educated well-dressed lady tell her for friends how about this email she got and I saw it right there I you know for me in the old world you know how to old school and actually see it that here she was she believed this and she was some of these people that this was the truth now in a democracy you know Jefferson said the two things you have to have freedom first event be able to say whatever you want to write whatever you want second thing is you have to have an educated citizenry further democracy do so you know it seems to be in social media as this potentially get beyond the television ads to get you know beyond all of the misinformation and lack of information and and really have a discussion about my guess I would ask you that you know what what do you think of how do we get to this new world would that be a new revolution of information for all of us rather than the old system again well if you had something like vote smart how would you get which has you know the facts and you were voting for the first time how would you do what congressman hotel is saying how would you get that word out how would you help disseminate the facts or the truth about a pitiful candidate yes I receive you to try and target at a specific group of people so it depends what we'll Squatch so if you're going to let say stop discussing pensioners yes you may want to do it for that might get better whereas where you're going to try gave this to feed you try the I die on some service as I gave you when you say that one specific method is going to head back there any messages but a big enough for a one size fits all politicians use an awful lot of one size fits all there's a lot of all these little five-minute programs in the run-up to the elections over here or what you get hit with every 15 minutes when there's a great little TV program with the same apps having all the cabin again ok it's that poor communication generation who are any changes so no pressure we have about one minute left is there any final killer question that will make us flows out of this room and into lunge thinking we're that's the best thing I've ever again no pressure go through how far you think this American style image is coming into British politics you know I don't know about British politics really is it coming into your crystal glasses oh man you just want to be President of Europe so it helps get a leg up in Britain first I do you see it as I asked you right the beginning to do vocals you go for the leader so when you go when you go back to your constituency in prepare for power are you thinking at or like Cameron or Nigel please I saw the politically biased here all nasty better so what she said she think that would you just think of the person who's madness in front of you on the phone because it is so dangerous it's you know I've seen it here mayor of Detroit in a governor and mission and she in heat both thought it was a good day if they got on television not if they had a vote that they accomplished something not even if they got defeated by working for something but if they gotta tell me calm way set people they have good hair they look good you know and and we found a whole bunch of politicians how fun if they don't even have to shake hands with people or meet people it could get elected in their high school class treasurer but if they call it up strangers and ask for a thousand dollars per phone call and spend three hours a day doing that they can be member of Congress and then that four days a week you know think if you're real life into Congress so it's it's because think of what difference that is that in the time of this fence and the tools they have in their life and what they think is an accomplishment and so it's very very dangerous that it's going this way not that I'm sure it hasn't been this way before or under you know um different technologies you know when the railroads owned the Congress for instance you know 150 years ago that was a new technology you know we go through different phases but i think we certainly are one now that i do think is spreading to other nations i think that you know very often you know whatever's in America doesn't attractive and I think television ads have been accepted in nations from world and some of our people that Mother's campaigns going do consulting another country nice and their guns chief justice for this campaign work from home ah I think we're just about at lunch either finished by saying if you want to google any police glass over the next few days the best one that I saw from the mid services by Richard Tisei who I mentioned earlier on that it was water lapping on the shore for 30 seconds north of Boston no commentary what's whether just the tag line at the NSA seconds of car in these months of matters items organized approach that we still didn't would you search the representatives here

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