1. Bhai you have not understood the issue and the circular. You said that DA is to be paid on gratuity. It is absolutely wrong. The actual matter is that while calculating gratuity after retirement . gratuity is calculated on the basis of 50% of last ten months’ basic salary and DA is not included. Now the judgement says that the DA on the last basic pay also should be included while calculating last ten months’ salary. Ok?

  2. The "Thanks for watching" caption window is moving backer and forward . Why this caption is moving constantly , what you want to show by moving screen . It is find very deficulte to lessen what your are in while screen is moving constantly .

  3. Dear Shri Aroraji many many thanks for news of payment of
    gratuity with dearness allowance, please also take-up matter of special allowance for computing of pension though banks have abundant and huge amount is lying with them ,even though supreme court decision bank management
    has not taken any decision , for
    this again we will have to approach the court for payment of pension with 50% basic with special allowance and pay within 60 days , please thanks again

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