Good Samaritan law

If you witness an opioid
overdose, don’t turn away… Stay and call 911 or your local emergency number. Follow their instructions and administer naloxone
if you have it. Even if you’ve taken drugs
or have some on you, the Good Samaritan Law
can protect you. It’s important to stay
until help arrives. The Government of Canada
is taking action. Together we can help save lives. A message from
the Government of Canada. ♪♪

12 Replies to “Good Samaritan law

  1. I don't have to stop what I'm doing with my precious time for these people! What's next? Feeding every homeless person I walk by? That's what that person gets for not listening to the warnings in the first place.

  2. Sorry. Mom thought me to stay away from drug addicts. And I dont need some gross pig spewing on me. Just keep on walking!

  3. No rescue breathing is killing non ODs and ODs Email from Health Canada executive director stating the obvious

    Conversation with David Renwick General Manager Adapt Pharma agrees lack of rescue breathing is increasing morbidity and mortality non ODs and ODs Read YouTube comment box links

    Empower millions of laypersons what they have been told is a life saving technique they are eagerly following a clinicians instructions increasing morbidity and mortality any respiratory emergency patient. Protocol increases mental and physical illness drug use and abuse loss of trust in the medical profession, addiction and harm reduction workers, dysfunctional society. Protocol you deny grade school science ‘How the Heart and Lungs work”

    Psychological terrorism; workplace harassment and bullying common quotes while crying Pharmacists; EMS; MDs and RNs "I know they are increasing morbidity and mortality anyone alive, including respiratory emergencies with chest compression's and/or oxygen deprivation"

  4. I was always taught to ensure the following when doing first aid:
    no fire, no wire, no gas, no glass, no drugs, no thugs. That always made sense to me. I guess the last two parts are now politically incorrect. How is that working out for Canada? Maybe rather than being drug tolerant, we should follow the Singaporean model. Addicts don't pay the price for their actions. Families and children pay the price for the actions of addicts. As a nation we will regret our tolerance for drugs sooner rather than later.

  5. This only protects you from simple possession charges of schedule I II and III drugs. You could still be sued by them based on your province (all have different laws) and in Quebec you have a duty to rescue.

    If you're carrying Barbiturates (schedule IV), have a warrant, or have drugs and cash on you (all they need for traffiking) walk away.

  6. All these people saying they wouldn't help someone who is overdosing are cowards. Same type of people who would freeze in an emergency and rubber neck an accident on the highway. I hate this commercial but saying you would watch another human die when you could help is the lowest of the low

  7. I hate this commercial it doesn’t make any sense to me when it comes on TV I put my iPad in for my face and look up online porn and listen to Black Sabbath with the volume turned up really high on my Beats by Dr. Dre noise cancellation headphones

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