Government Delegation Inspect One Village One Dam Progress So Far

it's more Adam now I'm going to explain the three main features of this done we have the embankment which is what we are standing on we have the reservoir which you can see down there and we have this filled with structure now when we talk about the embankment is if once than Adam that dump really is composed of clean material from the Guru's pit over there now this particular ground we are standing on had in life storage capacity of 2.5 meters not aware the valley itself give us a depression of 33.5 meters we are having a free board of one meter meaning that the live storage capacity as from the valley bottom to the top is 2.5 however there is a dugout in the dam which i think is one of the mistake that the media will be making some small atoms and back out now a dugout is the depression created to hold water below the ground level now below the ground level we have 2.5 meters deep which is called the dead storage if you add up to the live storage of 2.5 meters we have a total storage capacity of 5 meters column of water these projects started last year February but we had to do so via TV identify the areas that are suitable for the the small dance so as such the February that I mentioned I was when we started with a survey work so somewhere metal early part of this year where some of the projects were awarded for constructions to begin and you all saw that some of the projects are ongoing we are about between 7080 maximum 90 percent completion one we say 90 percent completion they are so well the embankments and then the aggression and other ones who some are maybe twenty fifteen percent to make up the hundred percent that we want their projects to be completed so as we are here we say that phase one or the face face of the projects decided on some of the areas there were lots of water there was a lot of what I made in there dam or reservoir when other areas too we don't have because of the rain pattern there are areas that the rain is heavily started adesh is yet to start so you see that there are small some little water in there in there Daisy so that's what we have here these are the small dams were talking about we've taken through the processes has about three major features the embankment scene which is made up of mud but then they reinforce it with the stools on one side and the grass on the other side all of that is yet to be done as part of like that is dug out which creates the reservoir and I think in many of the places we've been to the contractors have shown us the consultants have shown as where the data out is and the depth and therefore how much water can be there and then their spillway we've all seen a number of spillways today that take away the excess water show that dam go beyond a certain level so I'm sure that as you explained and as you report on it you can also then explain to the who clearly that when we say the dams in these areas this is what we mean you've seen it for yourself and you can tell people about it and turn our excellently what you have done for us in this community and its surrounding because since last previous who is suffering about the water in the institution now that daughter is now abandoned in our area so we tell him elephant and his government for what we have done for us welcome everybody especially the ministers we are privileged to have this dam here you know in Ghana we have a lot of communities but my Google is a privilege to have this at the face fist the dam construction for us is very good we have been here sent from Gulf Coast time we have never seen in the new dam this is from of us seen the first time of contracting adam and not other places but me Google so what we have seen so far we are grateful and we still plead that the president will let the contractor extent the wait a bit for us if I want to talk about the importance of a dump we can finish we me Google look this Dam you've seen that others have not benefited but we have been able to get it and we say thank you to the president

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  1. So only 4 out of over 300 had problems and the media mischievously made it as if none of them had been made well. Why do the media always celebrate our challenges over our success? I have been a media watcher in Ghana for over 20 years yet from Monday to Saturday, morning to night l haven't heard or seen any political or social program which its entire air time for a particular day been dedicated to discussing the success of a government program. Even if some attempt, they do so in a
    " flash" and then jumped into the challenges. Are we such hopeless as a people and a nation?

  2. This is a dugout stop misleading people. Have you seen Bui dam?? That's a dam what you guys doing is a dugout.

  3. Seriously, it is good vision but the execution is very poor. At the embankment must be well constructed with concrete wall and better flow than what we're seeing now. How's this going to be irrigated to the various farms? Drip irrigation methods or what? Pls do a better job to have cleaner water

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