100 Replies to “Hannity: Barr signals Durham report is where the action is

  1. The "Opponents" called their COUP "THE RESISTANCE" because they are trendy normalfags that want to LARP out Star Wars irl…. they want to be the hero's the good guys, and they want us to look like an "Evil Empire"

  2. Hahahaha these two are off to jail for a good long time, I say 20yrs possibly, how long do you think? The winning answer wins!

  3. This is the entire reason for the SCAM IMPEACHMENT. There are no lows the Dems and their crooked left partners including the media won't stoop too.

  4. The LEFT hate Trump SOOOOO much, it makes me like him all the more. The harder they go with their lies, deceit and corruption, the more Trump digs in, the more powerful he becomes. 2020,2020,2020,2020,2020,2020,2020

  5. It needs to include Obama and EVERYONE else attached!!!
    Obama knew about the Russian interference since July 2016 and did nor said ANYTHING!!!

  6. Everyone of those stinking liers still believe O.J. didn't do it, and mite of been in the jury's box . They can't be forgiven for this horrific injustice they've done to American citizens and our PRESIDENT. They must face trial and if convicted, prison.

  7. so now Horowitz is known as the Obama appointed IG. All summer long Hannity was hailing Horowitz as the final word on deep state justice.

  8. A nothing burger com8ng watch they r all compromised period… look at Epstein silenced and Barr looked the other way

  9. Apparently prosecuting attorneys, judges, etc… are never wrong lol. The self righteousness is real with this guy!

  10. People u r all being played cause if justice was real Hillary and Obama would be in jail, Epstein would be alive and talking, nothing burger coming ur way… the only hope for America is for u to follow other countries lock and load and take take ur country back or its over this runs too high too powerful and these people have no choice or they r suicided get it WAKE UP AND FIGHT

  11. "Sabotage an existing Executive branch" Treason! Treason Treason. Barr was their star guy to go after Trump. The plot thickens

  12. What’s the matter Hannity, haven’t you been telling us with such relentless conviction that this would be The Report that shows all the corruption, bit of a fizzier isn’t it. Now it’s Durham’s Report, how many are there going to have to be, before you all wake up.

  13. I like how Lisa says that Trump's disparaging and shaming her… NO, she did that herself. By her actions!!!! People use to be held accountable for their actions, words. Not anymore… just a talking point Peter Strzok has a go fund me campaign claiming Trump fired him. And last I saw, had over half a million dollars donated. I reported it as a fraudulent campaign. That Trump didn't fire him, Mueller did because his texts could taint the investigation and for using a work device for personal use.

  14. this is such BS,how long does it take ?? ,how many years since clintons killed thousands in the prison blood scandal ?yep ,so long you don't even remember. how long since whitewater or the clinton body bag trail. my point is it has been years YEARS get it. they could be swift, if you did something wrong it would be , THEY DONT WANT TO MOVE FAST OR EVEN AT ALL !! get it.
    they want to polarized the factions, blue against red , black against white ,male against female. anything to cause weakness in our country. so they can bring in their agenda. 
    read carroll quigleys book tragedy and hope. or "committee of 300" find out the real truth. the whole media is OWNED !!!!!!

  15. Oh oh sounds like the dossier was not what started the counterintelligence investigation. Haha, Hannity Fantasy. The only people under investigation, arrested or already in prison are Trump's inner circle. You people are so gulible.

  16. I can not believe that anyone did not think Horowitz is not a major swamp creature, Trump should fire all Obama appointees now

  17. Lmao really so your fable ig reportbis about to come out and how it's fake too 🤣🤣🤣

    Is the Durham report gonna be fake too

  18. 🚩🇺🇸🚩🇺🇸 A hardcore Democrat, does not want to search out the truth like the websites on my phone. They are so enamored bye the four news channels, like my husband, won't even watch Fox hi Jeff I don't know what channel it is in your area but it's got the for Hannity, all day long. And why does the president what all the reporters come in for these delegate meetings when he knows they're not going to report what he says and my last thought is. How many all those reporters that really hear the truth, just because they don't want to lose their job, vote 4 president Donald Trump! 🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂

  19. Horowitz being being a shill for the left waited for an impeachment to release the report already finished months ago, now it comes out, he cannot change what was there months ago.

  20. I was waiting to hear Trump is innocent but instead we got look over there at this word salad. Smh. I’m starting to feel like Sean thinks I’m stupid

  21. They are so full of Evil People this People Swear on the Bible to take the most High Jobs but change all there Altitudes in their Job God Punished them he’s another Liar 🤥

  22. @smokins8n you mean like the cell phones they destroyed with hammers? And the computer servers that were wiped clean professionally? Yeah Hillary is a crook

  23. they're going to be defeated, but too egregious in character to feel shame. I wish I had some way to dis-ban the democratic party.

  24. Sean thanks again for bringing the truth to us.

    Conspiracy to commit treason! There are so many traitors going unpunished it's sickening! ! They shouldn't even get the McCain, GHWB option.

    Fictitcious Hearing back on tomorrow! Can shifty get through one day without lying?….nope! What will Pinocchio spew tomorrow? He cracks me up when he has a tantrum and slams the gavel.

    Sean, May God bless & protect America, POTUS, Israel & all that love Him.


  25. Here we go spinning the IG report because it does not say what the right wants it to say. For weeks all we been hearing from you rightwingnuts is "ooh wait for the IG report"!

  26. Hannity serving the Swamp Master, the "Useful Idiot" installed by Putin to divide the American people against each other, while Putin laughs and laughs and laughs at all of us here in the USA. Horrifying!

  27. By texting those statements I don't believe that it was appropriate for those two federal employees to continue working on those cases.

  28. So wait let me get this right, the honorable Mr. Horowitz that you Mr. Hannity have been praising will dig deep and find all the wrong doing, is now the "Obama appointed Horowitz" who's report is not credible because it doesn't say what you want it to say. Are you f**king kidding me, are you guys that f**king stupid to think that us (your listeners) are going to buy it. It's embarrassing being a republican in this day and age, I will be registering myself as an independent. Disgusting!

  29. So I've heard Hannity and Tucker say 'bombshell' now today… isn't that what they were making fun of the other networks for doing?

  30. Did he just say Obama appointed IG? Barr told this guy to… mannnn never mind. Y’all are idiots if you listen to this guy. People like This man is poisoning your mind. Stop watching Him. Do you own research

  31. Horowitz & his wife BHO appointee (all deep state) are corrupt LEAKERS… and Horowitz report will be anything but facts. What a waist of the people's money. Too bad the treasonous government employee won't be hung until dead.

  32. NOTHING EVER HAPPENS! Theres "Bombshells" everyday yet none of the treasonous swamp are in jail or facing their firing squad.

  33. Why would Barr want in his legacy that he turned back on the federal execution switch? Those guy are safely in jail, we aren’t in the 16th century, and Barr has other things to worry about. Is this a cheap cut of meat to toss to Trump’s hungry base?

  34. Blah blah blah; wake up Hannity.
    Swampy Barr will deliver another swampy whitewash.
    Anyone expecting justice in this banana republic will be sadly disappointed

  35. Read or listen to Seth Abramson’s new book Proof of Conspiracy that uses the Mueller report and years of pre-2016 news articles to piece together Trump’s alleged pre-election collusion with Saudis, Russians, and Israelis. Turn on your thinking cap, though. The many, many conspirators are specifically named and those names are mostly Russian and Saudi.

  36. Showing his face on TV? Andrew Weissmann is an idiot.
    That guy should be very worried that somebody is going to whack him for all the people he has harmed. The fewer people who know what he looks like, the safer he will be. What an arrogant idiot.

  37. Imagine having Strozk on top of you, grunting away, with his face morphing in & out of that demonic look he produced when he was angrily trying to hit back at Trey Gowdy last year ?? Well, THAT was what Lisa must have liked, so at this point, her opinions are just tad "iffy" IMHO !! 😏😏😏😏😏😉😉

  38. HOROWITZ IS COMPLICIT WITH ALL OF THE DEMOCRATES crimes when we carry our president to victory and take back the house in 2020 ,and givr president trump the tools he needs to clean this selling out of America .only then will honesty be virtue again,

  39. Hannity! You look like a fool! "For years and years, and daily, you've been swearing to your audience that "this was all a set-up and a conspiracy by the Democrats, done in sweeping fashion, willing to stoop so low because of their hatred for the President, it was the deep-state with no morals, ethics or value, don't deserve to be called Americans, for using a fake dossier, bought & paid for by Hilary Clinton, to get a FISA WARRANT, using totally unverified information, to SPY on the Trump campaign, you claimed EVERY NIGHT for 3 YEARS……And now the report is gonna come out saying that you were talking like a COMPLETE FOOL!!! (although I knew it all along, because there have already been several investigations conducted by our intelligence saying that FISA warrant was well predicated), NOW you wanna say that the Inspector General is an "Obama Appointed" person and undermine his character…..Man oh man Hannity, you're sorry!!

  40. why is barr opening again before the release of the report which is conducted by 100s of people working in a professional way to produce a report. Why is Hannity prefacing what he thinks is in the report before the report. answer… because they think YOU who watch this dribble is stupid. Buckle UP and get your BS repellent. When people are trying to influence your decision making before the report comes out. Why not wait for the report. You people are still trying to figure out the origin of the steele dossier which in fact originated by the GOP right wing and when Trump won the dossier was bought by Clinton. What did they do and what is the insurance policy. You can't state what it was because there is nothing.

  41. This report is the Republicans version of the Mueller report, sure, bad people do bad things. Investigate them all and drain the Trump Swamp.

  42. I’ve been hearing this for a long time. Please be true!! Should be at least 20 Traitors going to prison. Hopefully more!!!

  43. trump has issues such as epstein and accusations of involvement. his hiring of certain swamp creatures for operations such as attorney general don't bode well for honesty in government.

  44. Blah, blah, blah, same old garbage, it will go nowhere. Corrupt agencies, all in bed together, rotten from the top down.

  45. why no comments about how that U.S. CAP POPO had his hand on Peter's elbow!? Thats detention or banishment! but no media comment albeit the footage.

  46. Obama 👨🏿 appointed Horowitz, why is he still working for President Trump, he should of got rid of all of Obama’s 👨🏿 corrupted hateful disciples

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