100 Replies to “Hannity: Joe Biden goes off on unhinged rant

  1. Joe would be a perfect one to come on TV and tell us we lost world war !!! "Good Night, Mrs. McGilllacutti, where ever you are!"

  2. You just know Biden would cheat on doing the push-up by not have blond hairy chest go all of the way to the ground. Then he would deny it!

  3. Hannity makes a good point for Hunter have ZERO experience for his job. When will he grill Trump on the people he's hired with ZERO experience for their jobs? Ivanka, Jared, Devoss, Halley, Sanders, Sondhiem, etc. Just to name a few.

  4. Yep, the Demo's actually believe they are some sort of American "Royalty" which must not be questioned, and can do No wrong.

  5. An old man at a town hall just took out Creepy feeble Joe.
    Imagine what President Donald J. Trump would do to that stankmeat puppet pervert in a debate.

  6. "I learned about roaches, and I learned about kids jumping on my lap…… … and I love kids jumping on my lap."

    Biden, 2020

  7. This is old and boring I can't as I expect many do can't beleive he is on film doing what he or they are saying trump did…..
    Such BS

  8. Typical liberal narcissist! What ever you are doing, accuse the other guy of doing it. I saw the old man as keeping it together and I saw Joe as the one loosing it. Of course, a liberal will do all they can to brainwash you into believing that what you saw with your own eyes, and what you heard with your own ears, isn't really what you saw and heard.

  9. Why is ok for Biden to brag about withholding money to Ukraine…live on some show and why has it taken so long for this to come out about him and his son…there is proof…

  10. mainstream media is state- run propaganda. they turned into an extention of the socialist "democrat" party which goes against our constitution. usa is a constitutional republic, with freedom of the press which is not a fakenews reporter's right to lie, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS IS A PEOPLES' RIGHT TO KNOW THE TRUTH.
    reporters have a DUTY TO REPORT UNBIASED FACTS, not to push socialist brainwashing propaganda on the masses. thats a social injustice!
    Fake news media is in violation of Freedom of the Press- The peoples's right to freedom of the press, to be told the truth! facts! so fake news should be shut down. fake news has nothing to do with freedom of speech, freedom of speech is not a reporters' license to lie, they must report unboased facts!

  11. What do these Leftist Dems. have for religion? Money, & power are their only gods. They can't take all their money with them in the hereafter.
    That doesn't matter. They will leave a trial of devastation. We will be the worst for it.
    As far as Joe Biden loosing his temper, it's the only way to prove his points – force. He is so OLD FASHIONED with an obsolete philosophy:
    'He who yells the loudest wins.' Not a good method for a Presidential Style. They said Donald Trump was not presidential enough to be
    president. Well Donald Trump has more presidential qualities in the tip of his small fingernail than all of these Leftist Dems. put together.

  12. Oh im sure they see this post and laugh but ill bet when it goes down they wont be. They be tryin to hide but there wont be no were to hide

  13. I wish I'd been the one talking to him,I'd have told him just what a lowlife he is to more than half of the country. And I would have warned him to keep his slimey hands off of the females in my family or I'd have to break his jaw for him.
    He is a pure JackAss which I guess matches up perfectly with the chosen symbol of his political party.

  14. Whoa how much make up they putting on this guy; you can see dust coming off his face on the big screen……
    Getting a little old there Hannity, maybe a new type of make up they aren't using on corpses!
    Looks bad, real bad!

  15. lol fox doing a piece on someone going on a rant.. them and the king of stupid rants is trump.. they dont have a leg to stand on reporting on anyone else.

  16. *UCKING LIAR JOE!!! You TOLD HIM to KEEP THE MIKE!!!!!! AND We Are ALL reacting…By Shaking Our Heads in Disbelief


  18. There is only one person more corrupt than Biden, his illegal president Barry Soetoro born in Kenya 100% his own mother confirmed it.

  19. Joe Biden couldn't complete 5 regulation push-up's let alone remember how many he 's done!

    IQ test: Admitting to "Quid Pro Quo" on video over the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor….sorry Joe, you didn't score well.

  20. I am so sorry for that 83 year old man but I am also so proud of him for asking a legitimate question which Biden blew up on him. How selfish and immature.

  21. Biden is pathetic. A born liar. He's a sick, twisted, perverted, selfish, self-important narcissist. The crimes he and his cult friends have committed would blow the minds of every person with an ounce of moral integrity and ethics. God Knows and that's who Biden will have to deal with.

  22. All this so called corruption from Biden where is the proof? Our allies were behind the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor for NOT prosecuting corruption Maybe the administration is to busy investigating Ted Cruz's father for killing JFK Listening to what this president says is like believing everything you read in the National Enquirer

  23. This was fake. He planted that guy to half way call him out so he could get tough and have the guy back down and not tell the facts so he could pretend he did nothing wrong

  24. I just read some of the official charges,
    ‘Trump unceremoniously removed the ambassador’ lol… Then they call the Ukrainian prosecutor corrupt 3 times, when the EU Human Rights Commission demanded his release from prison in 2010. Worth a wiki, Ukrainian politics is crazy…

  25. Lmao..if this guy is the nominee for the democratic party to go up against trump in a debate…lord have mercy..trump will be eating him alive worst than this 83 yr old man…

  26. Alright joe, I know (2) retired Marines, older than you, who are more than quite willing, to accept your foolish challenge to a push-up contest. Are you serious old timer? These men are willing to challenge you and your unindicted criminal offspring. Come on old man, lets get it on. Time for talking is over

  27. As we’ve seen before, if the questions are not pre-screened then he loses his composure and eventually temper. Shouldn’t he be able to debate and answer questions? I guess he thinks he doesn’t have to answer to anyone and he assumes that everyone is on his side and are going to vote for him. Ian what’s up with the age, Joe Biden thinks that anyone older than this man will not vote for him so he shrugs them off. When did our senior Americans opinions and votes and become trivial and inconsequential

  28. What if the gentleman asked him a second amendment question? Would Biden have attempted to get his shotgun or initiate a knife fight

  29. Hannity, are you not constantly on a unhinged rant, repeating long debunked claims? Study the Biden story. And since you keep brining up the bible, study it too from the beginning to the end. You are an a nonendimg smear campaign. And then, there is Baron. Poor child. This is mot about him. It is about his father. Yes, poor child with a father who has never shown a a bread of love for him.

  30. When confronted with an uncomfortable question, the supposed frontrunner of the democratic party ticket and ranking member of the ever tolerant and morally virtuous left gets mad, calls the guy  a liar, blatantly lies to the mans face, insults his physical appearance and health, then tells him he's too old to vote. I can't understand why they're not polling better.

  31. Notice how Biden NEVER said any of the allegations were untrue… Also, according to YTer Deception Bytes, Professor Feldman is Jeffrey Epstein's nephew! @47:00 Impeachment Insanity and more…

  32. I always wondered where the president and some of his supporters get there "facts" from, the ones loosely based in truth and then exaggerated to the point of sounding ridiculous. Hannity, preacher of a false gospel

  33. When you ask me about my crack smoking son I will challenge you to some push ups. After I insult you about your weight. Joe Biden is a joke. Hunter smokes rocks, jazz hands bitches

  34. Joe was not assertive in that meeting Joe become Aggressive is that how Joe Biden is going to react to Putin or Iran's Leader or China's leader.
    With Joe's Temper we could be in a Nuclear War in seconds!

  35. Biden says he gets things done, right sure.. how long has he be in politics? Trump did more in less than 4 years then Biden's career. Except get his kid in.

  36. Thats so funny handy, and Trump has an unhinged rant every day for 3 years, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  37. It's now impeachable for a president to investigate illegal allegations boastfully admitted to by fellow politicians. Lady justice has an eye patch on one eye and a magnifying glass in the other. The scales of justice are weighted against we the people.

  38. Binden couldn't talk or find his way out of a paper bag. What a stupid man. Why would anyone want him for president?

  39. Nancy Pelosi is bent on creating a diversion away from the inevitable charges facing she and her son. She dragged her son into this web of illicit gains and now that the light is on showing this insane corruption, she is buying time hoping a change of Administration will occur and that the new Administration will not prosecute. All of this is also about so many other Democrats who have been feeding at the trough of public largess based upon their perception that we, the citizens, owe a special class of people, super wealth and privilege. Well, the gig is up and the price is due to be paid by these Politician PIGS and their disgusting children. Too bad Nancy, the US is singing: "THE PARTY (DEMOCRATIC PARTY) IS OVER!!!"

  40. Now we know what "Doppy-Joe is going to do [if elected] when he is confronted by world leaders like Puten, He''ll show them how many push-ups he can do. lol That will save us all.

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