Has political Islam failed? | Head to Head

The Arab Spring shook the foundations of the Middle East Across the region millions went on to elect not secular but islamic leaders In Egypt however the Muslim Brotherhood, were confronted by mass protests and ousted by the army So can political Islam, or Islamism, work in a democracy? Im Mehdi Hassan, and I’ve come here to the Oxford Union to go Head to Head with Professor Tariq Ramadan Whose grandfather foundede the muslim brotherhood Rank by time magazine as one of the hundred most influential people on Earth His call for the reform within the Islamic world has triggered both widespread support and outrage. from both muslims and non muslims alike.

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  1. 33:35 Tariq Ramadan refuses to say that the stoning of women for adultery is wrong. Why? Because it is in the book and the tradition and before saying it is wrong "we muslims" should have a discussion. But you should accept us as we are in your countries, we refuse your so-called integration.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlVHPflOljY

  2. Until Muslims, en masse, can get a basic handle on the concept of liberty and freedom – I fear that as far as the harm Islam can cause, we really ain't seen nothing yet.

  3. Islam has NOTHING to offer to western civilisation as it has nothing to offer to ANY civilisation ! It is a failed TOTALITARIAN ideology and should be removed from THIS PLANET ! End of story !!!

  4. Death penalty for apostasy is not prescribed in the Quran, however it is in the hadith and imposed in some Islamic countries.

  5. The most successful countries separate church and state because the archaic and ignorant writings of Bronze Age peoples is proven to be inferior to making decisions based on today's knowledgebase.

  6. Brotherhood islamists were never allowed to try power in any level or way they really lacked the governing expertise if I may say so in addition the previous propaganda of stereotyping them were well played by their rivalries. We need also to take into consideration that all they had were theories of Islamic governance .
    Unfortunately they were pushed by status quo to concoction a bleary theory of Islamic governance. I mean they have no real deep thinking of it rather than reaction theories.

  7. i think the moderator was very rude and not being professional. he should have been a panelist in the show and somebody else does the moderating job

  8. Oh ffs Muslim brotherhood promote real Islam wake the f up they want Islam to conquer everyone wake f up a war is coming soon

  9. To ask if Islam has faile dis like asking if the Mafia has failed, because Islam is the mother of mafias. Islam rippped off the skin of Judaism, and put it on as a cloak to conceal their robbery and subjugation of everyone in their way. Islam is the biggest Mafia organization in human history. It mostly attracts criminals and jail birds, to justify their criminality in the name of Allah.

  10. Tariq is one ignorant typical Muslim that contradict what comes out of his mouth. Hard to believe this guy has any type of higher education

  11. i like the hypocrite like Mehdi picks the people he would interview and the panel so that most of his views are felt through the interviewee and suits him well. This is media driven propaganda. 😀

  12. plitical islam is the only means to bring peace back in this world.. however must be implemented as per quran and the way of prophet

  13. You are running a futile discussion…… Islam is simply a filthy swamp no matter how much your sugarcoat it we all know that

  14. a person accepts the faith or follow the teachings of the holy book and takes that religion and walks and learns from the faith and is comfortable and is happy and does no harm and defends that what he believes and guided by the book that benefits his or her spirital and everyday living and enjoys that way of life and over comes every difficultly and progresses towards a higher quality of life and does no harm to him self or others or otherwise and finds success and is at peace within and finds answers has love for his fellowman ,family, has good knowledge what he believes is good ,sound minded lives a blemless life and feels his Creator is happy in his conduct,let him enjoy that what he believes in without hindrance he is a Freeman

  15. These people just want a Theocracy. Theocracy is the opposite of democracy. You cant have both. Morals dont come from religion . If you are looking for morals the last place to look is the Quran. these people just want spread Sharia all over Europe.

  16. Muslims hate this cartoon because it was prophet Muhammad story, it has become a debate in our contemporary society today, it is very disturbing now, this is really a nice cartoon but the Muslims do not like it i remember someone publish a picture on the news paper claiming to be Prophet Muhammad in my country and this led to the killings of innocent people. i want you to know that cartoon like this gives us the true interpretation of Islam that is really why i except people who are Muslim to read their Quran themselves to understand it, what its says word by word then admit that there are mistakes or violent part of it in other to correct them. the beauty of Islam starts from the Muslim brotherhood which actually present them in the society as threat but i believe that Islam has a beauty that we need to see and be sure that it is the truth, Muslim make us love your religion and stop making us to hate your religion. 1. have respect for women please for once
    2. don't force anybody to join your religion
    3. stop beheading people in the name of punishment
    4. stop the bombing in the name of Allah
    5. stop killing christian and jew for sake of Allah
    look there are many of it and seriously let me tell you that Islam could be a great religion if you can correct this problems and people will be converted willingly than force to be converted. your life and way of life should say who you are in the society.

  17. mahdi hassan thinks the so call human wright groups are moderate unbaised
    they are propaganda agents of the west

  18. Two simple questions:

    1) Why would anyone want to be governed by a text that can be so easily misinterpreted? Surely that would increse the chance of corruption.

    2) Why would anyone want to be governed by laws that cannot change/evolve? The secular freedoms we enjoy today took hundreds of years to evolve; just imagine if progress was impeded by religious law.

  19. Wrong they do go to another country bring your backward ways and cultureTHIS GUY IS A PROBLEM STAY IN YOUR MUSLIM COUNTRY DONT BRING IT TO THE WEST. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE

  20. A very good debate. We all have different views and it is a learning process for us as human species to understand the complexity in the different faiths and religions of the society. That we get together and communicate and debate is in itself the true example of brotherhood amongst all faiths. Yes it will be a long process and a very long journey before we reach the common ground . But that would not be the final destination because the world changes everyday and so is the society. New times will bring new questions and hope we meet together to debate as we do today. Because the problem is not when you don’t have the answers: problem is when Questions are not asked. Because only then we will have a solution. Peace be with you.

  21. since when does ethics have any thing to do with religion was it not religion which cause human slavery while it took human reason to ended this barbaric practice

  22. Political Islam hasn't failed.. It is being suppressed by US and West with the help of their puppet regimes. (What happened during Islamic revolution in Iran, masses supported it)

  23. You can't make peace unless you give people what they want.. Islamic values are to Muslim what Western values are to western world. Give them what they want and they will not resist. Otherwise you can't stop resistance

  24. no such thing as "POLITICAL ISLAM" , "ISLAMIC FINANCE" , "ISLAM JUDICIARY" ….ETC ….. ISLAM is about one self & ALLAH . if you rests your HOPE on ALLAH ? all problems are solved .

  25. Dears I would like to watch a debate about Jin’s in Head to Head. Please …with dignitaries panels. Thanks in advance
    Jin’s are living among us but no body talks about it .

  26. The God of the Bible and Allah of Quran is not the same God. The Bible and the Quran has a lot of contradictions. The God of the Bible is protecting the Jews from their enemies while Allah left the Arabs defeated.

  27. Islam is ONLY political. It is NOT a religion and offers NOTHING SPIRITUAL. It is only LEGALISM and BONDAGE to a totalitarian, authoritarian DEAD PROPHET who can never speak again, nor can his imaginary deity.

  28. How is stoning any different than the death sentence in the west?!?
    President Bush says he has talked to god and that god has given the job to punish saddam hussein. Or President trump holding the bible up and calling it the most important book. How are these comments any different from what osama bin laden was saying? Isn't it even worse if these comments come from westerner? Shouldn't they know it better?
    The major support for israel comes from evangelicals in us. Don't say to me that this isn't a religious issue!
    If us wasn't a world empire, we would call it a terrorist organisation.

  29. ISLAM destroyed the middle east, they went from civilisations like Mesopotamia to nations like Afghanistan. You judge a tree by the fruits it produces not by its roots, apologists want us to ignore the fruit islam produces

  30. 46:32 "Life is not about being economically or socially successful." Hard hitting statement. Whether u agree or not with what he says – he isn't a fool. Also like the part where he says "you're british but not yet as us."

  31. He really misunderstood everything. There's no law that says one should drink. But when you ate stoning someone in UK, the law say no.

  32. Yes it has, the Muslim men are culturally perverted and very afraid 😱 that a well edgamacated woman 👩 will shame him and take away his power and control. It’s all about power and control.

  33. the curse of the frogs are the ugly 'different' peoples who, like frogs, overbreed.. frogs have hundreds of babies every year. we must have laws that support 1child and 1 backup.
    the northern peoples are very sustainable.. but afro middle east.. doubles twice as fast.. you can have government after you put out the fire !

  34. Have all the political Islam you want just do it in Muslim country's the west wants nothing too do with it

  35. No one can survive it because uk an us powers undermine them human rights look how whites still treat blacks in America

  36. This guy has taken half of Islam and half of western culture and tried to mix them together. It will never work.
    Thats why the Muslim Brotherhood failed. They werent using Islam as a way of achieving Khilafah.

  37. Google is a USA spy …we know this because the way the USA behaved towards China huawei, they accusing them of potentially spying…if they done that it means they are doing it because the USA always accuses others of what they do!

  38. It's a 600AD culture that is out of place in 2019. Any religion that thinks 50% of their population (Women) to be considered 2nd class lifeforms is just messed up badly.
    They put religion far ahead of education that's why there are no innovative Muslim countries.
    The largest conflicts today are all in Muslim countries,Syria,Yemen,Afghanistan ,Somalia and Sudan.

  39. Be aware of tacqyah my friends especially if it's coming from the muslim brotherhood. They try to eat societies from within by deceive and then when they are in majority to take over. Bye bye freedom and enlightenment.

  40. Half way I was confused and also understood the angles of conversation Hassan is Shiats come out the Israeli sturdy dude couldn't hold he's sit.. and Tariq Ramadan spoke well and had almost all the good points with out attacking any what I saw about him and heard of he's grandfather don't much at all m gonna think about it

  41. Nothing failed if it's according to teaching of Islam ,
    But when u start adding Ur own ideas, suggestions and thoughts without giving a thought then things messes up

  42. Being a Muslim I feel both lucky that I am given guidance about everything ins out , but unfortunate when see leaders are more towards materialism and greed of power than worry of the day of judgment

  43. Islam has failed and not "political Islam" because when it comes to politics,, one has to be either pro democracy or communist or fascist but not Islamic theocratist..

  44. Dunno if political Islam has failed, but Tariq Ramadan has certainly failed bigtime. He's in jail awaiting trial for rape.

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