Hillary Clinton is the WORLD’S SOREST LOSER

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. So, Democratic presidential
hopeful Tulsi Gabbard is not like other Democrats. Far from
screaming about fringe policies like open borders or democratic
socialism, Tulsi chooses to focus on the mainstream. She opposes the
decriminalisation of border crossings, she’s socially centrist, and
she’s advocated for breaking up big tech. She’s also certainly not shy about her anti-war
stance. It’s her key
talking point; end the endless conflicts and focus on peace and
prosperity, while reinvesting the money that would be saved from
ceasing to intervene in foreign conflict into social programs at home. And certainly, as ex-military, Tulsi would
know what she’s talking about. It is for these reasons that a lot of people
on the right side of politics find her very palatable. Whether it’s because of her policy positions,
or because it’s just so nice to find a Democrat who isn’t a fringe, right
wingers dig Tulsi, certainly more than the other candidates. This,
however, has not been good for Tusli. It has left her at the mercy of
the hyper-partisan extreme left, who view any belief to the right of
Bernie as inherently evil. There has been a calculated smear campaign
against Tulsi in the mainstream media, and I mean outlets like
CNN and The New York times, which are notably left leaning, or at the very least pro-Democrat. This smear campaign involves
accusations of her being an Assad apologist, of being alt-right,
deliberately sowing discord in the Democratic party, and of course,
being a Russian puppet. Tulsi, to her credit, has fobbed off these
accusations, choosing to rise above it and focus on her campaign. That is, until a certain twice-
failed presidential candidate opened her mouth. Hillary Clinton, that
enlightened soul, that shining light for women everywhere unless
they didn’t vote for her, appeared on the Campaign HQ podcast
hosted by David Plouffe on October 17th, and had a few interesting
things to say Now, although Hillary didn’t mention the
name of this so-called third-party candidate, it was fairly obvious
who she meant. And
when aide to Hillary Nick Merrill was asked by a CNN reporter to
clarify the comments, he replied with, “If the nesting doll fits”. Well,
at least he’s trying to be witty. So, Tulsi, after having remained fairly restrained
in her reactions to such baseless and very insulting accusations,
finally stuck the boot in, as they say in my country, tweeting “Great! Thank you Hillary Clinton. You, the queen of warmongers,
embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has
sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out
from behind the curtain. From the day I announced my candidacy,
there has been a … … concerted campaign to destroy my reputation. We wondered who
was behind it and why. Now we know — it was always you, through
your proxies and … … powerful allies in the corporate media
and war machine, afraid of the threat I pose. It’s now clear that this primary is between
you and me. Don’t
cowardly hide behind your proxies. Join the race directly.” So, this is a pretty comprehensive calling
out of Hillary Clinton, I mean look at the language; warmonger, corruption,
rot, all the things we know she is, Tulsi summed up in a couple
of tweets. This caused
quite a storm; everybody seemed to have something to say about it. And of course, Trump jumped into the fray “So now Crooked Hillary is at it again! She is calling Congresswoman
Tulsi Gabbard “a Russian favourite,” and Jill Stein “a Russian asset.” As you may have heard, I was called a big
Russia lover also (actually, I do like Russian people. I like all people!). Hillary’s gone Crazy!” Okay, so I had always wondered at how hostile
the Democrats and the mainstream media were about Tusli. In my naivete, I assumed it
was because she wasn’t left wing enough. She’s not a Democratic
socialist, she’s very moderate when it comes to “reproductive health”, she doesn’t openly state that
she’s a feminist, and she doesn’t delve into toxic identity politics. Which she could, considering she’s on the
left and is a woman, a millennial, just, and is a woman of colour
who was born in Samoa and is a Hindu. However, this incident with Hillary has shown
me that I’m wrong. It’s Tulsi’s anti-war stance that the
party doesn’t like; she said it herself when she referenced the “war
machine”, which has a lot of control over politics, the media, and
big corporations. War is very profitable, remember; the media
likes it because it gives them headlines and helps them sell papers,
politicians like it because it helps them galvanise constituents, and
corporations make billions of dollars from it from things like arms sales. It’s a real industry, and
anyone threatening that, like Tulsi, or Trump, or Bernie Sanders, is
not someone these bad faith people want in power. Regarding Hillary’s dislike for Tulsi, this,
I found out, stems back to 2016. Thanks to leaked emails via Wikileaks, it
came out that there was significant bias within the Democratic
Party against Bernie Sanders around the time of the primaries. Former chairwoman of the DNC Debbie Wasserman
Schultz, and others in the organisation, had been disparaging
of Bernie’s campaign, and had made noises that he would
not be president. Tulsi, gutsy woman, saw this and repeatedly
called it out. She
eventually resigned from her position as vice-chair of the DNC, and
endorsed Bernie Sanders for president. This slight against Hillary would spark the hatred and resentment Hillary
and the corporate media have for her. Which Tulsi has explained in this video Ultimately, Tulsi will benefit from this. By leaning into the drama, her
campaign has been caterpaulted into the spotlight, and she has
raised a lot of money as a result. But holy crap, has Hillary Clinton
made herself look terrible by doing this. I mean, she already looked
terrible, but this attitude of “everyone who disagrees with me is a
Russian asset” is just next level. This situation reveals, yet again, that Hillary
still has not accepted the loss of the 2016 election. I can understand her not getting over it,
or her feeling resentful, I mean it was an enormous
and shocking loss, that’s going to take its toll. However, there is a difference between
prolonged disappointment, and simply not accepting the results of a
democratically conducted election. That’s a very different thing. We know this because she has relentlessly
blamed external factors for the loss, rather than accepting that she
simply did not do a good enough job, and has recently been working
very hard to undermine Trump’s legitimacy as president, right in
time for the 2020 campaign, by making comments like this So, on what exactly has Hillary Clinton blamed
for her historic loss? Well, it’s a long and exhaustive list, so,
let me give you just a few key things. First; misogyny. Apparently, America is a nation of sexists
who just weren’t ready for a female Commander in
Chief. Now, I’m not going
to deny that Hillary copped some sexist criticism from trolls in the
comments section of news articles and Facebook posts. But to say
misogyny cost her the election is just not true. How could it be? She won the popular vote, by the largest margin
ever for a losing candidate, three million votes. If America was a
misogynistic nation where people weren’t ready for a woman
President, then how did she win the popular vote? Also, it wasn’t just
allegedly horrible sexist men voting against her; 53% of white
women voted for Trump. speaking of which… White women. Hillary Clinton blamed white women for her
election loss. Rather than acknowledge they may not have
voted for her simply because they didn’t like her policies,
she refused to accept that not every single woman in the USA was
on her side, pinning the blame instead on the men in their lives You know, for a woman who claims she’s a
feminist, she doesn’t seem to have a very high opinion of women,
if she thinks they are that easily swayed by men. Also… White people generally. In an interview with PBS, Hillary referenced
so-called “white resentment” as something that lost her the election “Trump was quite successful in referencing
a nostalgia that would give hope, comfort, settle grievances, for
millions of people who were upset about gains that were made by others
… millions of white people.” Okay. Hillary can call it that if it helps her sleep
at night, but anyone with any sense can see the difference between
giving hope to socially and economically anxious votes, and
stoking racial grievances. Aside from anything else, those same white
people elected a black president in 2008, and then
again in 2012. Also, according to exit polls, less white
people voted for Trump than did for Mitt Romney in 2012, and
more white people voted for Obama, a black man, than for Hillary
Clinton, a white woman. And many of the white people who voted for
Trump in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin voted
for Obama twice. So,
blaming some sort of white racial resentment inherent to America
would seem especially flawed. Then, of course, there’s Russia. I don’t think I really need to
elaborate too much on exactly how Hillary has blamed Russia; we all
know the story. And while Russia did attempt to meddle in
the 2016 election, independently of Trump, it was in
the form of ads on Facebook, and the influence they had was debateable. Needless to
say, there are many more factors to Trump’s win than a bunch of
Russians diddling on the Internet. Then there was “fake news” Of course, the real world consequences of
this allegedly fake news she was talking about was the election of
Donald Trump. Yet another
example of her refusal to accept the results of a legitimately
conducted election, and attempts to delegitimize Trump’s presidency
right from the get go. The very few times she’s ever blamed, you
know, herself are mostly in reference to external things, like using
a private email server and the negative press it generated. Or, the backhanded way she
referred to her failed election campaign in her book “What
Happened” “Still, in terms of fighting the previous
war, I think it’s fair to say that I didn’t realize how quickly the ground
was shifting under all our feet. I
was running a traditional presidential campaign with carefully
thought-out policies and painstakingly built coalitions, while Trump
was running a reality TV show that expertly and relentlessly stoked
Americans’ anger and resentment.” So, rather than say, “my campaign was flawed”,
she said, “my campaign was fine; it’s everyone else who
was the problem”. Thing is, while Hillary Clinton may have suffered
a bit of heat from the media at inopportune times, and while
naughty Russians may have fiddled and diddled a little bit on Facebook;
Donald Trump was dealing with the entirety of the news media
smearing him as a racist sexist white supremacist with an army of racist
sexist white supremacist followers who sought to institute
racism sexism and white supremacy in the USA. Notice a theme? Plus there was the
access Hollywood tape. So, sorry, Hillary, but you weren’t the
only one copping a whole lot of calculated smears during your election campaign. Compared to
Trump, she fared very well. The reality is that despite all the spin from
Hillary and her supporters, despite all the claims of fake news or misogyny
or racist white women or Russian bots or a pink flying spaghetti
monster which I am sure they would blame if they could, the reason
Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 US election was that she was a bad
candidate, who ran a bad campaign. You can pull all the votes from the trendies
on the coasts you want, but at the end of the day, you can’t ignore
and then ridicule working class Middle America, threaten to take their
coal mining jobs away, appeal to every identity group in the country
except straight white men, who you eventually call deplorables,
and dangle super rich celebrities like Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus
in their faces while you do it. That’s not going to win any elections. Nor is basing your campaign on the principle
of, “I’m a woman, he’s a misogynist, so vote for me or you’re a misogynist.” All in all, Hillary Clinton deserves the title
of “World’s Sorest Loser”. This self-proclaimed role model for women
is really a bitter, immature, egomaniacal megalomaniac, who should
really learn a lesson in decorum and good sportsmanship. And I sincerely hope she
doesn’t take Tulsi up on her challenge to run again. America, and
indeed the whole world, deserves better.

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  1. I've only been a subscriber to your channel for a short time Daisy but may I say I love your fashion sense – you look like a classic movie star!

  2. The New York Times changed their story on this to say that Republicans are grooming Tulsi, instead of Russians WITHOUT making it clear that it was a 'correction'. It's like they are trying to gaslight us all. Tim Pool made a video on it.

    Edit to change Tom to Tim

  3. She is a psychopath, one of the largest traits of a psychopath is narcissism. she is so narcissistic that she called more than half of the country "deplorable's" and still expected to win, now that is pure narcissism.

  4. I'm glad the dems are trashing Tulsi. She seems levelheaded, but she's still a socialist. If the Democrats were to back her she could possibly win the election because she does appeal to the moderates.

  5. Can’t believe you are all falling for this.

    It’s an obvious ploy. Tulsi with run as a third party candidate, drawing enough votes away from Trump to give the election to Warren.

    Part of the DNC plot to steal the election and Tulsi is in on it.

    It’s Truman all over again and y’all falling for it.

    Mark my words.

  6. Ms Gabbard is anti-gun, which is odd for someone who chose to serve her country in the military, and she also approved giving free health care to illegals. If Hilary wants to do away with her, no loss.

  7. The popular vote is a irrelevant statistic. It doesn’t matter. Besides she still got well under 50% of all votes cast which means a majority did not vote for her either. She won a plurality. But again, irrelevant

  8. Wait! I've seen this movie. Except it was Angela Lansbury's character who called everyone Who opposed her a communist. Sound familiar to anyone else? #OriginalManchurianCandidate

  9. Okay, can somebody please tell me why russia would want to mess with an American election. They have got nothing to do with America now.

  10. Yes Hillary IS the world’s worst loser!!

    She’s still running around saying that if she ran, she would “beat Donald Trump again”. As if the constitution’s instructions for Presidential elections are invalid.

  11. Tulsi better look out. People who go against the Clintons have a habit of committing suicide or having weird accidents.

  12. If Gabbard was born in Samoa, she should drop out now. Constitution states only natural born American citizens born in America can run for president. She is automatically disqualified.

    By the way..I disagree with Hillary…everything about her. I disagree with her being alive. She should have faced a firing squad for treason for Uranium One alone. Guess Ima Russian bot. Actually. ..Ima white man who hates Hillary and leftists.

  13. Gabbard is a Clinton puppet. This is all a charade. The Beast's campaign manager contributed 10's of thousands to Gabbards campaign indirectly (laundered). She is also from Obama's backyard in Hawaii, again indicating she is "owned" by Clinton, why infamously noted during an Obama-Clinton debate she was in possession of certain information regarding Obama which of course sparked the entire Hurt her controversy centered on……Hawaii…. This is a dog and pony show.

  14. As a human that identifies as a white Male Republican, I do admit that I love me some Tulsi. She is well spoken, educated, seems to have a bit of common sense and I could not be any more proud of her for standing up to Google!!!

    While I will not vote "Left", IF by some freak chance that we lose in 2020, I hope that it is to Tulsi. Whilst I do not agree with all of her positions, she has earned my respect! (Which no other candidate of the Left-tards have done!)

  15. I now refer to her as Tulsya Gabbardichev, along with fellow Russian pawns Donaldoff Drumpfsky and Jillyana Steinov

  16. … my husband voted for who I wanted him to vote for.

    This is mainly because my white husband refuses to watch the news (he hates being demonised so he refuses to watch news that continually demonises him 😢)

  17. Hillary has always been upset that the "right-wing fake news" (her descriptor) on social media defeated her left-wing fake news media machinery that geared up like an army going to battle!

  18. Dazzling Daisy, I only “ dig” Congresswoman Gabbard for but one reason, she’s really beautiful. She’s an isolationist, and every day sense, oh I would have to say, September 2, 1945, The United States has had global interest, and will always have global interest until the end of the world. I don’t think her brand of foreign policy will ever work in practicality. But emotionally… isolationism is a fantastic idea. But not in real life. But that’s just me.

  19. Oh, Hillary, please just go away. Not because you’re a threat, but because we’re just TIRED of you.

    FYI, I am one of her basket of deplorables, who voted FOR Obama (1st term only), and I cast that vote AGAINST my husband’s wishes because I make my OWN decisions. Hmmmm…. Imagine THAT???? And I, regretably, take responsibility for that POOR decision.

    After she said all that, my respect for her went from maybe 5% down to ZERO. She’s full of crap and is completely LOATHESOME.

  20. I can't remember where I heard it, but someone once said "have the strength to fight for what you believe in, but also the wisdom to accept the things you can't change." Clearly Hillary Clinton doesn't have the wisdom at all to accept she can't change the results of the 2016 election – that Donald Trump won and she didn't.

  21. No, Daisy, being a veteran does not mean that Gabard knows what she's talking about when she advocates funding domestic spending by ending overseas wars. You can't save 100% of military spending by ending wars, because you still need to pay those guys and buy them hardware, whether they're using it or not, but even if you completely zeroed out military spending it wouldn't be enough to fund our domestic spending. You don't need to be a veteran to read the federal budget, and that's all you need to do to know her policy makes no sense–it's just an excuse to do what she (and other isolationist voters) want to do.

  22. Clinton has also been doing the conspiracy thing for a long time. She spun the "Vast Right-Wing Conspiricy" out of whole cloth when Bill was in trouble.

  23. I appreciate her sticking it to Clinton—but the POTUS has been doing that for 3 yrs. I will never vote for Tulsi at the end of the day she is a Trump hater and leftist loon.

  24. She absolutely is!
    Oh and Trump is STILL not going to be impeached because Pelosi STILL has 0 evidence against him.
    She keeps trying to get him to face congress, but she doesn't have the power to force him, and no one is looking into a real court case for the supreme court!
    And I'm no Trump supporter, I'm a democratic socialist who follows Bernie Sanders closely!

  25. Hillary didn't win the popular vote. She lost the vote in 49 states and then California used illegals, as they have no vote ID and give them driver's licenses, to add millions of illegal votes. If the popular vote counted, their votes would have been voided. As it doesn't no one cares.

  26. Hillary is a liar and a corrupt billionaire puppet!
    Hillary hates third party candidates she cheated Bernie Sanders out of the primary in 2016 which lead to the Trump election!
    Now she's attacking Tulsi we'll see how much pull she has this time to force the DNC's hand!

  27. Hillary will never accept it because she and her powerful friends thought they could get her into office by screwing over the Bernie Sander's supporters like me, by cheating Bernie Sanders out of the primary in 2016! It's a fact but of you listen to Hillary supporters she's the best thing ever?!

  28. True fact: The Democrats in the USA have not won a majority of the White Male vote, in a presidential election, since Johnson versus Goldwater in 1964. And it's so 'feminist' of Hillary to suggest that all White American Women are totally kowtowed by their husbands and bosses! BTW: Back in the day, Hillary Rodham was a Goldwater Girl! And Goldwater lost, in part because Johnson claimed he was crazy and would start a nuclear war! (Does that sound at all familiar?)

  29. Very well said. Unfortunately on Twitter during the heat of this Tulsi vs Hillary twitter trend, I was put in Twitter Jail because I pissed off Hillary Supporters with the truth by saying they were full of shit. So instead of debunking any of the points I made in my comments, they just resort to reporting me and blocking me on twitter. LOL

  30. Hilary is a whole basket of a deplorable all on her own. And what’s with the obsession with the Russians, please Hilary just go away and put the rest of us out of your misery…

  31. No politician can promise no more war. If another culture or Political System hates what you stand for, has consumed all it has or just thinks your way of life makes them look bad (Fitna) they will declare war on you.
    Weather by invading Poland or flying passenger planes into buildings it will be a war.
    Oh, after the fact someone can say it's because of something you've done or because you support the only free country in the middle east or that it must be all your fault somehow but the reality will remain that weakness invites aggression.
    Even Clement Attlee eventually understood that.
    Otherwise, if this young lady can work the left up this much can't be all bad.
    In fact she sounds quite sane.

  32. According to Hillary, the smears she suffered are the worst ever yet, the reality of it is these weren't smears at all but tapes and documents of her saying certain things and breaking the law. There was also the Clinton Death Toll which is a list of suspicious deaths around the Clintons which shed light into even MORE corruption on her part!

  33. Tulsi is still a Socialist like all the other Democrats. She is just not as stupid as the others with her campaign.

  34. I think it's time either Hillary or someone else booked her into a Psyco ward, lol!
    She seriously needs the help, medication and for a long time, lol!

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