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  1. The democrats are the disciple's of the Antichrist. The Antichrist comes to power through the world of politics.
    From The Eternal Sea ( politics ) He Rises Creating Armies On Either Shore Turning Man Against His Brother Till Man Exists No More.
    Book of Revelation's.

  2. Hate shows through now matter how calmly you spew it, Victor. Love can be seen as the answer, but nobody bleeds for the dancer…

  3. What these two gentlemen are tap dancing around is the underlying fact that our American society has been infiltrated by a group of insurgents who have over several generations brainwashed the vast majority and what we see today is an expanded understanding by a growing majority of the population that we’ve been duped all along.

  4. Reagan grew the bureaucracy, not just in raw numbers, but as a percentage of the population. He grew it faster than the population grew. Carter, on the other hand, cut the bureaucracy in real numbers, not just as a percentage of the population. Neocons complain about government, but inevitably grow it, to please their wall street masters, who WANT more regulations, as they have cornered markets they work on a cost-plus basis, whereas main street does not.

  5. another thing to look at is. how many white or african americans work in businesses run by hispanics? im not saying all hispanics are trying to subvert our way of life but quite a few of them are and it needs to be considered.

  6. It's Overly Right brained Arrogancians who must arrange and catagorize everyone in to their box. OCD on steroids. With a ton of Chickenshit added for why they need control. They fear the "Jack's in their boxes" as they should. They Can't predict for Out of the box creative thinker's who know Arrogancians need terminating.

  7. Unfortunately, he is an intellectual with a very narrow conservative view that ignores the reality of the current imbalance occurring in society with regard to there being equal opportunities for everyone.

  8. Alright parents, it's high time to sit down and have the TALK! This means telling your 20 somethings to don't cry when the hippies who would immediately declare the military be degraded to free up temporary funds so everyone will get 4lbs of taco meat per week.Then the likes of China and allies will immediately demand a surrender and reduce that by taco meat to 1lb and that they need to obey their Beijing Peoples doctrine or go to a re-education center!
    The Chinese and Soviets ALWAYS complained that our DECADENCE insulted them!
    Once the so called Progressives get in they will flip like busted street punks on the people they deceived when all hospital workers and food suppliers go bankrupt!
    Oh yeah! It will no longer be a country for your great grand kids because they will be quietly disappeared!
    The Globalist will then only reward the snitches who are to infiltrate any uprisings to get back the REPUBLIC!
    FEUDALISM RETURNS, with the lord and his crew beating your daughters to submit!
    Oh well!

  9. The impeachment is coming if it does not get stopped. The whole impeachment deal on Mr Donald Trump is bogus and need to stopped.

    You can stop with PRAYER. You need to be specific with your prayers.

    So please PRAY PRAY PRAY – that the Donald Trump impeachment process get stopped.

  10. Why are we worried about this impeachment BS? President Trump, such a representative of the Christ Consciousness.Really he is… crack open your bible… he is Christ like! Honest, pure of heart, always in integrity, looking out for the little guy and professional! You know, each of us little people should take on his mannerisms at work! We would ALL be promoted. Trump is an out and out role model for each of us AND OUR CHILDREN. The dems know this and they are so frustrated by this. Look Trump is innocent, He EVEN "SAID" THE TRANSCRIPT PROVES IT. ( The actual transcript is locked up… and between you and me for good reason! enough drama) Look, let the Dems have their impeachment show. In the end our VERY innocent president will show the world how much in integrity he actually represents! He is honest.. Like honest ABE! Pure to the bone, LIKE CHRIST! WE ALL KNOW GOD LOVES TRUMP. The President is an innocent, very honest man! You know, each of our personal history … the collection of our actions over the years reveals who we really are. President Trump has ALWAYS shown his true colors. The way he runs his business, the way he tells the truth… has always been on the up and up. He is a very honest, truthful human being and he plays by the rules like the REST OF US, despite the way it may look. The truth and honesty, and integrity, and respect for the law, and the constitution still matters in this country… right? Just look at the way Trump has treated the closest person in his life! Why is anyone worried about this? Why stop people from testifying????.. WHY? there is NOTHING to hide when you are telling the truth! And the President is ALWAYS TRUTHFUL! We all know the TRUTH comes out in the end. RELAX

  11. Absolute garbage prospective … the system is design to horde & hide wealth, dribble out the social dividends to the working class, its abundantly clear when 50% of taxes go into the military which is designed to safe guard their wealth and putting working class people in harms way… its a broke system, unsustainable system that these guys hide behind their garbage narrative prospective. US will never be great until large companies and utilities are owned by the people. Hanson is a simple operative of the enterprise and will say anything to keep it afloat or better, look like its afloat.

  12. Bravo, bravo, bravo, Professor Victor Davis Hanson!!! Your words soothes the traumatized nerves of the victims, guiding the confused, and REINFORCING THE WILL of the True Conservatives and Republicans of the USA!

    Tu autem, munus American adolescentia est, et seniores, audite! Custodire fidem!

  13. Its odd that intellectuals on the left ~ who clearly studied hard earning PHD's in their respective fields at some of the finest institutions this country has to offer~ have such a vacant understanding of the Constitution of the US enabling them to trample on it at Universities across this country. It's the apex of hubris, self absorption, arrogance and inexperience.

  14. Here they go again!! Why is it that when someone on the right wing of the ledger with pretty good credential and pedigree is called and "Intellectual" but somebody on the left wing of the ledger with the same comparable credential and pedigree is called an Elitist or a "Deep State Operative"? Rachel Maddow can find an equally qualified historian on the left that can make opposing claims about Trump. BOOM!

  15. Sounds like the Old West, the Dem's are Rustlers, Bandits, and Low-down Polecats.
    Time for Sheriff Trump to clean this mess up Pronto !

  16. Freedom gives the devil an opportunity to just push us all closer to Jesus, hence we win satan loses. Unless people wan't the opposite which will end in the same way as all of us that relish freedom and all it stands for is a very sacred and Spiritual Right to have, all though it is not free.

  17. More Americans now support Trump's Impeachment and
    removal  from office than those that
    would let him stay. (NBC/WSJ poll October 30)

  18. In the 1900s progressives pushed for eugenics too, on the grounds that they could and should marginalize and then purge deplorables from society and ultimately evolve society into some sort of Great Society. Elites believed they were better than everyone else and were therefore entitled to pick and choose whom to bring along with them into some brighter future. Birth control and abortion on demand were not some great gift to society, not some grand liberation of females, but rather a Machiavellian method of inducing the deplorables to purge themselves and their progeny from society. Everything VDH speaks about here smacks of the exact same mindset, carried over into the 2000s. Except now their weapon of choice is the media and the education system, even moreso than the medical profession. And that's really saying something.

  19. It is a Civil War, the Globalists run the Media and the DNC has sold out to Communist China, even Hunter Biden is an employee of the Communist Chinese Regime in Beijing, and has aided the intellectual theft of American Wealth and Property, paying all investors some SEVEN PERCENT return. So in one year , either they put Trump in prison or Trump will put the entire Obama Deep State in prison, these are serious consequences, do or die.


  21. Equality of opportunity is the goal, not equality of outcome. Equality of outcome is when a government steals from someone to give to someone else. We need to stop moving down the socialist path.

  22. I am so amazed how the people who possess the most intellect speak so quietly. I hear every word he says. I loved this. Wish everyone could hear this.

  23. Truly an oxymoron personified. A great and learned intellect, humble man of introspection, keen extrospection and wisdom. Such as Victor David Hanson. Being interviewed by a bloviating, self aggrandizing, Zionist Israel apologist neocon douchebag.

  24. This is absolutely the most doltish conversation about conservatism I've ever heard in my life, literally. A few Greek historian quotes sprinkled in, and one no less comparing the decline to having dogs/animals vote is the essence of supremacist drivel.

  25. The founders were determine to establish "equal treatment under the law", regardless to race, creed, color or social status. "Special Interests" are fundamentally unconstitutional, and any legislation that panders to SI groups is forbidden by constitutional law as legislation "under the guise of statutory construction". Ironically, omnibus legislation is the loophole that is used evade constitutional challenges to these unconstitutional legislative manuvers.

  26. Thank you very much for reminding that we live in a republic! I'm sick of people thinking that we live ina democracy– that is Mob rule!

  27. We are overwhelmed with information however I we are out of touch with personal interaction. How many grandparents sit on Sunday afternoon and tell their grandchildren what wonderful reasons and history made American values?

  28. "They're not subject to the ramifications of their own ideology." Professor Hanson is right on target: progressivism is increasingly an ideology characterized by rank hypocrisy and internal contradictions.

  29. "They're all excused from the ramifications of their own ideology"

    SPOT on. I don't understand why we can't get one conservative to work for some of these big corporations in gaming, tech or otherwise that can put their foot down and send the right messages. Instead, they all have "diversity departments" now where they pander instead of recognizing how ridiculous this vocal minority is and how they ignore the facts in the face of t he abstract. Enough with "diversity". As Michelle Malkin says, diversity is not our strength. Unity is. We need to ASSIMILATE people and bring back American culture and ideologue. What we have now is nothing but brainwashing from self-described elites that think themselves so passionate yet can't give someone they're directly talking to the same respect they give numbers on a paper.

  30. VDH only guy that never raises his voice on this matter. Everyone else get loud when they get ticked off. I guess he knows hes right so he dont get heated about much.

  31. Could it be that Trump and his cowardly supporters don't see their actions as craving to sniff Vladimir Putin's anal sphincter only because they have not yet evolved a sense of sight, but have only an icky, primordial sense of smell?

  32. Remember, Mark Levin was an anti-trumper all during the primaries. I stopped listening to him at that point and it hurt because I liked him.

  33. Nobody is taking into account the pharma fraud. Follow the health treatment (never prevent or cure only sicken and exterminate) money pit.

  34. Mr. Levin, you are a great one for sure. I believe that Mr. Hanson is another Great one also. He is a very intelligent man. Like you, he is great to listen to. Both of you are men of truth. Truth against the untruthful is what is happening.
    Same as good vs. Evil.

  35. Love victor Hanson he understands what is going on with these Communists. I also grow almonds in California.the communists in the city’s have so many Regulations on the farmers.they won’t let us produce for the Americans.They would rather see people starving.dont ask me why you will have to ask the people you vote for.??!! Trump Landslide 2020

  36. I’m always interested to read comments from foreign citizens. Amazing how most of them so clearly see what’s going on with elitists and liberals and progressives are doing here.

  37. I was reading the comments in some other related video and there were those who said McCarthy's biggest mistake was not going far enough with the communist "witch hunt". He'll go down in infamy for this. However, taking a look at the big picture, I can say that marxism / communism has indeed infiltrated our western institutions. It makes you wonder if McCarthy was as far off the reservation as history would portray him.

    I cant help but feel like our leftward ideological shift is and always has been inevitable. It seems to be the nature of society. Harsh times breed strong men. Strong men yield prosperous times. Properous times yields decadent men. Decadence leads to collapse, as was the case with the Roman Empire. I think we're headed that way.

  38. How does he survive at a California university? One would think that they would be so liberal that they couldn't stand any opposing viewpoints.

  39. Progressives are not. They are regressives. Right back to 1917. They are Communists at heart who have abandoned the Failed economic arguments of Marx (for now) while they push social destruction. They are nothing but atheists and wreckers. They are full of hate, as are all satanists. which is what Marx believed in but could not sell. So he branded Satanism as 'Communism' to appeal to our group instincts. Total con job. Marx was financially supported by Rothschilds, a family forged in the depths of hell.

  40. 🇦🇹 The current US political and economic system is worse than the plague.
    The future of a global, decent society can only be achieved by replacing the all-destroying neo-liberal capitalism (feudal domination – keeping slaves) with a socially just democracy (Marxism).
    The US Presidency candidate Bernie Sanders is the only respectable Democrat as president candidate. The most of Democrat’s and Republicans candidates are a punch korrupt (war) criminals.
    "Richard D. Wolff, Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges and many more."
    are the pioneers and supporters of a new society.

  41. You gentlemen nailed it about the so-called,self appointed 'elite',not just in your country but in all of the democracies.They want to 'make wrong seen right and right to be absolutely wrong' to give them the means to bring down and tear apart….We need to go back to what worked and tune it to current needs and therein may be a weakness for 'them' to exploit?God bless

  42. Leftists are so sick – as Thatcher said, they would rather that the poor were poorer, so long as the rich are less rich.  They just cannot engage their intellects long enough to realize that equality of RESULT is neither desirable nor realistic, so they keep screaming at the moon.  NEVER VOTE DEM AGAIN.

  43. Intelligence + Morals + Common Sense + Patriotism + Freedom + Liberty + Decency + Loyalty + Faith = Victor Davis/ Mark Levin/ Donald Trump/ Originalists/ Constitutionalists…  "Keep America a Capitalist Republic forever".

  44. The Dems with their notion of radicalized equalitarian have gone off the deep end. However, it's borne out of extreme inequality such that the working poor after a 40 hr. work week still can't afford housing, health care transportation, education, etc. Does the Republican party have any solutions for the deficiencies of predatory capitalism?

  45. Great Book, from a Great Man Victor Davis Hanson. The changes Trump brings is a movement of the likes we have never seen by the push of the American People which saw the issues at hand. and supported the people. We, Our and Us he uses and continues to do so. He is for the American People, He is not a Globalist. Trump is Dangerous, but he's at a time when we need this dramatic change.

  46. Absolutely right. Disgusting NBA. Brain damaged CTE loaded NFL with likes of Colon Kapyadink and a million others. Pervert Mainstream Pravda (media). We were a country controlled by insanity. Not anymore. God bless President Trump.

  47. Thank you for posting this, Fox News. Since 1996 when FNC came online there was a reason for me to keep cable TV in my house.

  48. 2 very smart Patriotic conservatives..excellent commentary. Yes the America we love is on the ropes but we're not finished. We fought the world's greatest power during the Revolutionary war and won in spite of many American's..aka…traitor Tory's siding with King George. We survived the Civil and World War 2 and we will prevail in this battle.

  49. Let's do our part to re-elect President Trump and VP Pence again next year. It's either this politically correct – social justice warrior monstrosity tied with Globalism and the end of the West itself, or four more years of someone who fights back.

  50. This is the best thing I’ve seen in a while. He who controls history control the future. There is so much to learn from the past, and the left are making sure kids today don’t have a clue. The education system was hijacked by the left years ago.

  51. The influence of Russian concept of inteligencia and academia on the angloamerican has been huge.
    But be careful whit those darn intelectuals.They think they figured the world so out they they know exactly all the processes

  52. This is refreshing to see a nice peaceful discussion. Mark Levin always treats his guests so respectfully. Enjoy the discussion of how our country transitioned from the founding fathers.

  53. Asdf you could not have said it better so I'm only reposting your post.

    I'm not from America but I've been fascinated by American politics and more broadly the state of the western world since the Trumpian phenomenon. This sort of a discussion; a clear, rational, intelligent and calm interaction would never appear on CNN or MSNBC. You never feel thoughtful and genuine energy on the left-wing news networks. They need a philosophical reformation. They don't think about history, culture, and philosophy anymore. It's just all modern progressiveness. It's such a vacuous drivel in comparison to a conversation like this.

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