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dodj aha i'm nathan rich a.k.a pool go along you know i thought it was gonna be smooth sailing from here on in my next video is already done and it's just about a movie that i like i was going to go on vacation in my mind you know hang out on an imaginary island for the next couple of days but alas a vibrant politician denise ho of hong kong has got me all worried again all right ho let's break this down for those of you who don't know donezo is a Hong Kong Canadian former celebrity who's once again in the spotlight originally she got popular for her music career but fainted out of relevance a few years back now ho is dabbling in politics and she's getting a lot of attention today she of all people was chosen to speak at the UN Commission for Human Rights in Geneva it's been all over the news today I saw it here CNN China interrupts Hong Kong pop star during a UN speech already this is a little weird so the news is that China objected to what she was saying and not what she was saying well I guess whatever she was saying must have been totally uncontroversial and completely unavailable the only story here is that anyone interrupted her at all all right well let's see what it says China's delegation interrupted hosts speech twice by raising procedural motions first an accused ho of violating the UN constitution by referring to Hong Kong as a country rather than a part of China and asked that she used the wordings that conform with UN rules the Chinese diplomat used the second motion to accused ho this is CNN right accused ho of baselessly attacking the one country two systems' arrangement under which the city is governed ho ended her speech by asking wait wait aren't you gonna tell us if those claims were true I mean you just said that China made these two claims one ho is referring to Hong Kong as a country and two ho attack the one country two systems' arrangement baselessly are you even gonna tell us if those are true or not CNN no okay I mean you are a news company right but you're still gonna make me figure out if the claims are true really all right where was I oh so then the article says ho ended her speech by asking the UN to convene an urgent session to protect the people of Hong Kong and remove China from the UN Human Rights Council you know China is in Hong Kong right ho so you would be kicked out too I mean wait are you with the NGO who are you so then the article changes to talking about the riots and that's it it never even tells us what else ho said or what her point really was or if what China says was right it's like they didn't have anything to say so they just quickly made an article done let's take a look at what she actually said let's do CNN's job the Vienna declaration guarantees democracy and human rights oh no it doesn't the Vienna declaration is not a guarantee of anything read it it's basically a long rambling declaration to have nations work together to encourage better behavior and rights including yes democracy it talks about toxic waste rape and all kinds of other things good and bad it's sort of a long winded plaque to put on your wall there's no guarantee in it and just like it doesn't guarantee democracy it also doesn't guarantee that there will be no toxic wastes in the world you know what else it doesn't guarantee that there will be no violence or terrorism what it does do is encourage democracy and other things and it equally as strongly discourages acts to threaten territorial integrity like for example oh I don't know calling Hong Kong a country in a UN Convention but maybe you didn't even say that we're gonna find out now it equally strongly discourages terrorism terrorism according to Hong Kong law is quote the use or threat of action where the use or threat is intended to compel the government so as equally as the Vienna declaration guarantees democracy it also guarantees that no one would oh I don't know commit violence to compel the government like for example by smashing and windows and shutting down a legal bill by violence enforce anyway so a minority of the people in hong kong protested against their own country violently which is called separatism and terrorism according to hong kong's legal definitions what does this have to do with democracy and if it is about democracy why did protesters put a British colonial flag up Hong Kong wasn't democratic under British rule as a puppet state I just and it's even then I necessarily disagree with you ho it's that your site has been committing mildly violent terrorism to push the narrative and I almost don't even want to start talking about this until my history series comes out but you're part of a country much larger than just one city one city wanting something does not a democratic vote make but we'll talk about that later in the video all right go ahead last month two million people walked in peaceful protests fighting an extradition bill that would remove the firewall protecting hong kong from interference of the chinese government peaceful protests i take it you've only been watching CNN or you're intentionally lying and I'm not really sure which one's worse and then you say interference of the Chinese government Hong Kong is in China the way you said that is politically motivated and some might argue inappropriate in the United Nations especially since you're an excellent singer lady not a politician where are you even in this meeting point the water I give the floor to China Oh someone did argue that this must be where that wacky Chinese guy accuses her of calling Hong Kong a country right CNN let's listen Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is a part of the People's Republic of China just now there's a delegate of the so-called NGO in her speech mentioned Hong Kong side-by-side with China wait CNN I thought you just told everyone that this guy told her off for calling Hong Kong the country no he called her out for doing exactly what she did she mentioned them side by side as if they are hierarchical II equal they aren't that might imply country or might not depending on the context but it almost certainly implies independence which borders on sedition which might actually be a crime you think people should be committing crimes and UN conventions so far to me that sounds like the news she just implied that China has no right to be involved with Hong Kong when it is in fact the country to which Hong Kong belongs and you know what the vice president agreed with China and asked her to follow the rules that's not in this article for some reason CNN maybe you didn't have enough room in your article because you in this picture completely disproving everything ho said yes this is a picture of so-called peaceful protesters who have forced their way into a government building to commit more crimes inside then she goes on a long talk about various perceived injustice 'as i won't go through all of them but I will say I find it puzzling to see people like her complain that dozens were arrested lady bring two million people to Washington DC and start throwing bricks at police officers and smashing through government building windows then run in and commit the same acts you guys did in Hong Kong you will beg for only 12 people to be arrested the US would declare martial law shut down the entire city and have the damn army on the ground with live ammunition and air support before you can say but democracy I was shocked to see how restrained the Hong Kong police were that's probably why there are pro police counter protests that almost nobody reported on she makes some other pretty strong claims and implications but I won't go through them because most of them are just emotional cries without any real evidence that's fine though I mean she can believe whatever she wants since they hand over we saw autonomy slowly eroded China's preventing our democracy at all costs the sino-british joint declaration is a binding treaty registered with the UN yet after only 22 years China is denying its obligations the one country two systems' is nearing its death protests are still ongoing there is a point of order I give the floor to China Wow there's a whole lot there you can watch the whole thing if you want to see all her accusations but basically there are the same things that CNN and other anti China outlets have been saying so then China complains again saying this time she has made unfounded allegations about the one country two systems policy and two please remind her to not use abusive speech and the president seems to agree with that complaint as well so why then is the story here China interrupts Hong Kong pop star during UN speech should the story be activist alleges she's a singer then hurls accusations at China implies Hong Kong is independent of China and calls for China to be published based on her own accusations keep in mind this is an ex celebrity singer hurling accusations about China in the UN that is the story CNN that's crazy and you know as I hear her say these things she really does remind me of a younger version of me I mean she's a lot older than me but still she has that rebel spirit you know I don't want to go on endlessly about Hong Kong but I think people would do very well to put themselves in politician's shoes sometimes it must be so strange to hear me say something like that if you're from another country so let me reverse the situation for you imagine you live in let's say America and everyone in California decides that they want a completely socialist government no more this capitalist socialist combination that is America they want full-on socialism and they've decided that they aren't part of America anymore they've proved this by peacefully rioting and smashing up police and government buildings then another she comes along and tells America to just let California go and that country just happens to be in a trade war with America and is allied with California should you give up California well I don't really know those kinds of advanced politics aren't what I'm experienced with and I'm an outsider I don't have all the behind-the-scenes facts the example is simplistic but and here's the really really important part here not only do I not know I'm pretty sure miss Howe doesn't know either why would she she used to be a singer what does that have to do with advanced politics again why is she even in this meeting she's talking about subjects beyond her understanding with the naivety of well of has-been singer look the thing is I don't personally even feel passionate about the protests if you want to smash up everything and then complain when you get arrested well that's up to you I don't condemn you for it and Miss Howe here is definitely brave and I'm sure she's really passionate I admire them but I don't think those are enough to make you a good politician I mean if you just step away from this and you think about the whole picture how is the mainland supposed to integrate Hong Kong into its system completely by 2047 wait until the very last day and then suddenly march in and take over the government how do you think that will go if you guys can't even stop smashing buildings over the exact same kind of extradition treaty everyone everywhere else has so and I have no idea if this is what they're doing if I were in charge of this whole thing I would really be trying to integrate gradually over time it seems like that would be the smoothest way possible of course there will always be random singers and 25-year olds who totally understand everything in the world but the world moves on let's get out of politicians ways so that they can do their job please and like I said before why don't you come on over to Shin Jin and just see how scary it is we'll grab a latte at Starbucks and you can tell me all about it thanks everyone see ya

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  1. 白痴歌手在台上像个傻子一样,给中国人丢脸,明明什么都不懂还要说,国外正好可以看笑话,CNN随便写文章桶一刀。中国人应该团结起来,不要内斗,这样才能把中国发展的更好!

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  3. No need to pay any attention to these activists. After all people should be looking for peaceful governmental relationship between the US and China. We know at some point of the time in the near future, China will overtake the US to be the world's largest economy in any measurement. The challenge is whether there will be a peaceful shift of power or war. That is the real concern of the world.

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  5. I’m very curious about how the US gov gonna do with the California example. Even Honolulu could be an example. That would be really interesting.

  6. 完全没办法了解这些所谓的民主人士脑子里都是什么。台湾是这样,香港也是这样,有些大陆人也是这样,感觉这样所谓的民主根本就是邪教

  7. 这才是真正的当局者,迷旁观者清傻逼香港人醒醒吧,别他妈做你的明主美梦给英国人当狗了

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