Honest Government Ad | After the fires

Hello I’m from the Australien Government Welcome to the Anthropocene FIRES FLOODS BULLSHIT We know this summer’s devastating fires
have been hard for you But they’ve been hard for us too We’ve been forced to accept the science kind of Sure it took the country being reduced to
an ashen tomb for people, homes, trees and over one billion animals But hey better late than never right? Due to this catastrophe, we’ve decided it’s
time to take action Introducing, our new and updated climate policy Get Fucken Used To It Under Get Fuck’n Used To It, we pledge to
finally acknowledge climate change is real and commit to doing jack shit about it We’ll be using words like “Resilience”
and “Adaptation”, and what this all means is Get Fuck’n Used To It Choking on smoke? Kids in gasmasks? Dead firies Dead animals Dead homes Dead reefs and a dead tourism industry? No problem. Try… Get Fuck’n Used To It It’s all part of the new and exciting stage
of our abusive relationship with you where, rather than ceasing our shitfuckery,
we tell you your only choice is to adapt to it And that kids, is how you gaslight a nation Speaking of gas, we haven’t even waited
for the fires to end to spend shittons of your money for more gas we don’t need but which will help ensure the next fire season
is even worse So, as things start to fall apart – and let’s
be clear, this summer was just a taster… you might want to start organising your own communities Coz you’re on your own, dickheads We’ll be in Hawai’i, sending thoughts
and prayers What’s that, you thought our job is to keep
you safe? Awww sweetheart Our real job is to keep them safe from you That’s why as we just saw, your big-sack-of-shit-in-chief
will take the heat for them during climate disasters And it’s why, if terrorists had caused a
fraction of the damage these fires did we would go to war But since it was mainly caused by our donors we’ll go and reward them with approvals to build this tumour drill for oil in the Bight and launch the most polluting project ever
built in Australia Relaaax We only contribute 1.3 percent of global emissions Well, 4 percent if you count our exports,
which makes us the 5th biggest emitter And per capita that makes us approximately… the fucking worst But why let facts get in the way of a solid
bullshit excuse? Well… because the last thing we want you
to realise is that, far from being insignificant Australia’s the best placed nation to lead
on climate action we have the wealth and knowledge and we’re basically the world capital of
sun porn Unfortunately, it’s also governed by us:
the most corrupt gaggle of egregious shitlords led by a man steeped in a delusional apocalyptic cult whose idea of leadership is to force people
who’ve lost everything to shake hands before telling them to… Get Fuck’n Used To It Join us next week for more on how we’ll
keep sinking your money into bullshit grants and tourism ads rather than properly funding fire services
and clean energy Australien Government
So where the bloody hell are you? No seriously we can’t see you through all the smoke Authorised by the Department for Thoughts And Prayers

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