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Hello I’m from the Australien Government As you may have noticed, we’re in the process
of transitioning to Authoritarianism Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything In fact, doing and saying nothing will greatly assist us in this process For guidance, just look to the Labor Party Sadly, not everyone knows how to be a Quiet Australian That’s why, to ensure a smooth transition
to Authoritarianism, we’re launching a new initiative Introducing: The Quiet Australia Policy Under the Quiet Australia Policy, Australia
will be home only to Quiet People Such as, Quiet Whistleblowers Coz we’re prosecuting all the loud ones
who expose our shitfuckery like how we abuse the tax system, and defraud our neighbours, commit war crimes, and spy on all of you We’ll also have Quiet Journalists Coz the ones who do their job by publishing
those leaks will get their arses raided Or thrown in jail, to please our masters Coz “journalists aren’t above the law” Except when they publish what *we* leak to them
for our political interests In which case, they are! A Quiet FOI agency
Where if you lodge a request, you get “Hello darkness my old friend” Quiet Charities: coz if they dare to endorse a political party, we’ll strip them of their tax-deductible status And Quiet Corporations… [snort]
just kidding They can spend millions to buy politicians,
and we’ll let ‘em claim it as a tax deduction Because we believe in the Free Market Unless you use that freedom to boycott companies with ties to coal mines and climate-denying lobby groups in which case we’ll make boycotts illegal How good are Quiet Shoppers & Quiet Shareholders We also love Quiet Protestors coz nothing says Free Speech like some Pepper Spray in the fucking face Quiet School Kids coz the little shits should be seen and not heard And now that everything’s on fire thanks
to our total paralysis on the climate crisis we especially like Quiet Scientists Quiet Conservationists And Quiet Firechiefs Coz fuck experts But hey, if you’re a QAnon conspiracy nutjob,
our PM will not only listen to your bullshit, he’ll also put it in his speeches Cool and normal The Quietest Australians are of course those we drove to suicide with our illegal debt-recovery schemes The First Nations people murdered in our custody The elderly who die from negligence in our underfunded aged care homes And all the species about to go extinct under our watch When you put all that together you start to see the Neoliberal Shitshow on a Quietly Dead-Arse Planet we’re preparing for you and your kids Which is why, above all the Quiet Australia
Policy relies on a Quiet You Because the idea of loud firechiefs Conservationists Scientists School kids Protestors Charities Unions Broadcasters Whistleblowers Journalists Women First Nations people and YOU All joining forces to say fuck Authoritarianism,
scares the shit out of us And here at the Australien Government the last thing we want is a Prime Minister
who loses his shit Authorised by the Department of Quiet Supremacy

96 Replies to “Honest Government Ad | Quiet Australians

  1. Quiet Australians had better find their voice soon before things are too stuffed up!
    Just look at the appalling level crossing removal decisions in Werribee – blatant local government corruption and a bloody disgrace!! 😔

  2. Australia's corporatist government is cracking down like the US corporatocracy is cracking down. I wonder if the Aussie fascists are as scared of losing their grip as our fascists.

  3. Tell them about Geoengineering and how Australia's rain is being purposefully cut off.
    Nothing will get any better until this issue is addressed, and we need more people awake to the FACT of weather warfare.
    thank you juice media.

  4. Australia was caught between a rock and a hard place.

    Labour open borders Marxists.
    And liberal police state as well as what you mentioned 👍

  5. Friends here’s your latest honest ad from the Australien Government. We often tend to cover individual issues. But for this Honest Government Ad, I really wanted to cover a whole range of issues – which are often treated in isolation – so that we could join the dots and help people see the bigger picture that's forming. Unfortunately our media isn't very good at doing this dot-joining, so we tend to not realise when our government is leading us down a path towards creeping authoritarianism – from prosecuting whitsleblowers and raiding journalists to threatening to outlaw climate protests and boycotts – all packaged in a shiny bullshit PR slogan: "Quiet Australians". Which is why I thought we could all do with some honesty from our Government about where we're inevitably headed with all this. Enjoy. Or cry. Preferably both. But whatever you do, don't be quiet.

    It was awesome to bring our awesome actors, Zoë and Ellen, back together again for this one 🙌
    As always, thank you to our Patrons for making this video possible 🙏
    And if you value what we do, check out the links to our Patreon in the video description above.

    💛 Giordano

    PS. watch to the very end for some important info!

  6. Brilliant work
    Surprisingly this channel hasn't been shut down yet
    Next episode do the Australian government sells Australia to China…

  7. Can't thank you enough for these videos. Witty, savvy sharp with attitude, just the right touch of moxy, you both make it very difficult to choose which one I want to marry… I guess I'll just have to marry both of you….. Riiiiigght…… Ok…. You gals just rock. 😉

  8. I'm actually really surprised of this channel.
    Australia is considered one of best countries in the world, it's a dream for me and others and it's impossible for me to go there.
    For those Aussis watching or people who have been there, please reply, is Australia that bad??? Really???

  9. Whoops! Just kidding; you were nice and quiet about Solar Climate Forcing (going to be quietly required by the IPCC in 2022) AND carbon taxes AND the carbon credit market. Glad nobody knows about scientists not connected to ANY big industry.. Thanks!

    Don't look it up! Shh!

  10. "Hello darkness my old friend"
    That was great. Also, that snort-laugh at 1:09 KILLED me, freakin hilarious, I looped that like five times.

  11. Climate denial? What about climate protagonists pushing their unbased Bullshit too and a communist agenda? The real reason for warming and fires is forest buttfuckry and concretification of the planet. E.g. Rotation logging every 60 years ensures young thin trunks closely packed, not tall enough to develop canopies and stay wet nor develop lush undergrowth to decompose litter. We have forests of kindling and no one is looking in the right direction as both sides have their heads firmly up their own butts.

  12. I wish I lived in Sydney so I could go into the CBD and hold up a sign of Gladys with the caption "koala killer" on it.

  13. Well welcome to the New World Order Australia… bloody took your time. The number of cuntries where freedom of speech is limited is now greater than the …sorry, hold that thought, someone is knocking on the door…brb

  14. Agree with most of that, but not convinced at all about climate change. Perhaps you should think about the fact that the same politicians you're rightly catching out on various things are going to profit from the tax revenue from climate change costs? That's not a conspiracy theory that's a conspiracy.

  15. "This fire is making me thirsty" said the red cross member to UNICEF. While the pope giggles in the corner.
    Peace and agap'e.

  16. Their are more and more quiet Australians..ex servicemen and farmers in particular..
    If these people don't get more support the silence will become deafening.

  17. breh… If this shit is going on in Australia i cant even imagine whats goin on here in the US, part of me doesn't wanna know


  18. Wait for wireless 5G and 10 years. The technology that the government refuses to investigate for any incompatibilities with the human body.

  19. I still remember when John Howard tried to introduce sedition laws. Now we have a fundie as PM with a jackboot thug Dutton trying to silence anyone who speaks up about corruption and dodgy deals.
    We are boned if these guys are voted in again.

  20. You know the channel is good when they talk about all the depressing corruption in our gov, then make a joke about scomo shitting himself

  21. Centrelink suicide its called culling quietly. I suffer from anxiety. I was contemplating suicide because of these murdering thugs. My family kept me alive. I want them to commit suicide for what they have done to the fair dinkum aussie citizens

  22. I love the videos but it isn't global warming. We are looking at a grand solar minimum which brings erratic weather including drought. But considering that 'cloud seeding' is openly admitted, I'd wager that further manipulation of the weather that is denied is taking place.

  23. Sounds to me like my Australian brothers and sisters need a full blown revelation about as much as we here in the United States, Canada and Great Britain! I just think it's high time all the people stand up all over the plane/planet or whatever the hell we're on, and throw of this bad case of parasitic fleas we call "OUR LEADERS"! Fuck em! They are the reason human beings all over this world are in want and suffering!

  24. this is the only channel that makes you laugh and think at the same time . and hate the government witch means mind control and its in reversal witch is a satanic sine post .

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