Honey, I’m Hungry!

(upbeat music) (swooshing) Paula Malou. Good morning, Paula.
Good morning. Who’s this with you? This is my husband, John. Was he driving the car? He was driving.
Yes. You dragged him in, right? I did.
(John laughs) Said, “The car’s in my name, I got the summons, “you’re coming to court”? Yes, exactly, he’s gonna take, yeah.
Yeah. Before I talk to him, is there anything you wanna say in his defense? (gasps) Well, we were, it was Valentine’s Day, so we were on our way to a restaurant. I know– Oh, you were in the car? Well it was late.
Yeah, she was with me. Yes, it was late at night. You went out for a romantic dinner? Yeah. And you kept saying, “hurry up, hurry up!”, right? Yes.
(John laughs) I was hungry. I was very hungry. “Honey, I’m hungry, let’s go, let’s go!”, right? The poor guy driving the car, right? Yeah, yeah. “Geez, I got a stomach cramps, I’m so hungry.” And he gets caught speeding,
(spectators laugh) going through a red light. Oh, speeding, I beg your pardon, in a school zone. Let me ask, how was the dinner? Was the dinner delightful? Delicious.
It was awesome, yeah. Yeah, okay. Well this case is so difficult, that I’m gonna have to ask Inspector Quinn to take a look at it, To get a recommendation from the prosecution. Now, I must warn you that this is Rhode island, and he’s a tough prosecutor, right? And you heard me say earlier that Inspector Carrigan, right, is also a tough prosecutor, so in their own right they’re both very tough, so, let’s see what we can do, from a recommendation from them. How long have you guys been together? We’ve been married 21 years. 21 years, hmm. Inspector Quinn still takes his wife out for a nice romantic Valentine’s Day. Listens to it all the way there, all the way back. (John laughs) You gotta commend him.
(Frank laughs) I heard him pronounce the name too, may you, and I’m sure he was thinking in the car, “May you please slow it down on the ear? But, but.
(Frank laughs) I want you to take a look at that, Inspector Quinn, ’cause it’s a tough case. Oh! The jury is out. Yes. Has the jury come back? Yes, Judge, the jury came back with a guilty plea, but based on your previous rulings, Judge, it’s going to be dismissed. Oh, thank you.
Good luck to you, enjoy. Thank you very much.
Thank you. (upbeat music)
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46 Replies to “Honey, I’m Hungry!

  1. รักท่านค่ะ ท่านเป็นคนแก่ที่น่ารักค่ะ

  2. The most AWESOMENESS Judge, The Honorable Judge Francesco Caprio!!! 👍👍
    Someone needs to say something to those officers giving out speeding tickets in school zones, after school hours… Geesh!!!

  3. I can see she’s a big mouth needy uptight women. Very easy to see when you have been with one. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself. She deserves to be alone.

  4. I think my favorite thing about inspector Quinn is the fact that he takes his job so seriously, is so respectful. But at the same time is absolutely hilarious and I would love to have a beer with him

  5. The best judge in the world god bless him but what I was going to say honey from now on have little snacks in your car so you don’t need to rush your husband and get him speeding ticket LOL😆😅😂🤣

  6. technically a school zone is a school zone twenty-four hours a day. there are many times when I go by school zones in my hometown even on the weekends and there may be an event going on clear up until 8 or 9 at night and in auditorium on the school campus or whatever and kids will be traveling the roads and sidewalks nearby!

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