22 Replies to “Hope Democratic Party Asks Tribunal To Stop Buhari's Inauguration 14/05/19 Pt.1 |[email protected]|

  1. Buhari is a boko haram fulanis all dy in hand criminals killers devils making people suffering wicked Government police officers re killing people boko haram fulanis this three group just take a look at dem u we no their re the vampires666 killers devils we have I Nigeria today all dem no hw to kill another womans mans children poor children for the matter nd Buhari is there see things going at of hands u can not say anything u no dem re ur people using dem to kill our poor innocent broda nd sisters fathers mothers plz we beg u go home let youths take over criminals killers wicked leaders in Nigeria vampires666 God almighty is watching

  2. Why won’t they reject the medical bill stupid people; Nigerians are just a big gullible. Why can’t the stupid Legislature get treatments in Nigeria when they know they have damaged the health sector.

  3. Hhhmm. The life of Nigeria few lawmakers is must important than the millions life of ordinary citizens that voted them in parliament. Where in develop world this happen even in South Africa you cannot go for medical treatment in abroad

  4. Wow now I know what this channel is all about, if they can stood so low to show their biased and unlawful act without thinking otherwise. Just wasting my time listening to an unreliable media.

  5. Which Africa nation cup God will punish you news poster. And you people come on medial and say nonsense y your Father buhari evil bandit. And you people that is working on this government and refused to say the truth

  6. Saboteur Isyge, the idiot the Fulani terrorists are using to kill southerners. Is it the so called criminal Vice President. Corruption do not fight corruption. These people have blood southerners in their hands.

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