50 Replies to “House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing – Volker & Morrison Testimony

  1. If you're wondering why things aren't getting done in America,

    It's because are Government officials are too busy trying to get someone they don't like fired

  2. As me, my wife and her son sat here and watched the line of questioning I can’t imagine how we as Americans put up with this kind of leadership. Trump should be impeached like the amount of times this man has caused chaos to American citizens is way too much. He must be impeached my wife Stacy and her boyfriend are both activists who are activity trying to fight for the rights of immigrants and children effected by Trumps madness. We need to stand up to this man as Americans.

  3. Rupublicans are disgusting humans. No regard for truth. No shame. Blatant abuse of power and inappropriate behavior. Blatant. Bunch of inbred hillbilly morons.

  4. If you have ever wondered how a career congress person who made around $80k most of their career some how amassed tens of millions of dollars this is how. The most important thing is that we do not ever investigate corruption in a real way. It is important that all these people remain in power so they can continue their organized crime.

  5. I asked a 5 year old the same question substituting military aid with an already promised sweet, took the child less then a minute to come to the conclusion that if I was withholding this sweet asking for a favour in my own interest first that it would be immoral and wrong.

  6. Kinda funny how Dems can read straight through their statements but reps gotta read word for word on a paper stumbling through words . Smh.

  7. Sad sad sad, least we all forget, Finland, Trump standing with, supporting Putin had nothing to do with election interference in 2016, as US troops are stationed in Poland as part of NATO response to Russia invasion of Crimea.

  8. Trump might have been an okay president but he couldn't put his gangster tactics down and leave them in New York he had to f*** everything up for himself so what happens to a first-time politician actually the first time he's ever done public service in his life what a punk ass b**

  9. The Dems need to step it up and tell the truth about the “transcript”. The republicans keep repeating a lie. Call it out

  10. This has become LAUGHABLE!!!
    How many times can you talk about 1 paragraph in a phone call?
    The viewership is about to drop exponentially!Nobody cares!!!
    Wth are they going to use after he’s re-elected in 2020?They’ve shot their proverbial “Wad” with this BS!
    Just wasting more time and taxpayer $ because a few Dems are pissed off that us 63million American Patriots voted OUR President into office!
    They had better pray he doesn’t get so much as a scratch or a blister on their behalf!These slimy politicians in Schiff & Pelosi have pushed 100 million Americans to our limit.
    They should be very careful what they wish for.It just may come back and bite em in the ass,especially when Barr reveals his findings.
    Imagine our country with NO Democrat party for a year……total Utopia!
    These people are mentally inept and act like spoiled lil children that didn’t get their way.
    Imagine where we’d be if HRC were elected.Our jobless rate would be phenomenal because Dems Love minorities to be dependent on them.
    Again,Be careful what you wish for!!!😄

  11. After fishing all day , dem people have to pick up takeaway on the way home . Probably Pizza, maybe a hotdog. Me , i eat the Fish i caught.

  12. Impeaching takes time away from Democtars killing babies! Such a foolish waste of time and great sums of money! How about doing somthing for our Homeless? DRUGS? Illeagals? Stop this DAM BS!

  13. And EVERY ONE of these Ca.Dems are more concerned about our Duly Elected President than people in their districts SHITTING and PISSING in their streets!!!

  14. Who do you THINK,Whats your OPINION-Who gives a SHIT!
    This is so slimy and one-sided that it’s going to come back and bite these Dems in the ASS!!!

  15. This is so fucking stupid!! How can they try to impeach trump when they found nothing against him?!? Lol desperate libtards.

  16. Rep. Devin Nunes: “Welcome to act 2 of today’s circus, ladies and gentlemen”

    Also Rep. Devin Nunes: “how can anyone believe that people who utter such dramatic absurdities are conducting a fair impeachment process, and are only trying to discover the truth?”

  17. Jumped to the end here – been watching all day – Republicans are morally bankrupt – you FOX viewers owe it to yourselves to get at least 2 more sources for your news because Republicans are spinning heavily and not disputing the obvious overwhelming facts – Trump attempted to extort a public announcement of investigations of 2016 and a political rival for his own personal and political gain while ALL other facets of our own diplomatic channels were working aboveboard and already APPROVED in a bipartisan fashion that AID go forward – all the while Ukrainians are DYING in their WAR with Russia. What Trump has done here is the act of a coward and a desperate man and it is despicable. Any Republicans still supporting this ass know this – we are watching – we are caucusing – we are voting. Support our CONSTITUTION you spineless LOSERS.

  18. I think it is becoming increasingly clear that many rank and file Republicans are about as insane as President Trump. It is very easy to believe that millions of Americans are actually mentally ill, because we see evidence of that every single day. Trump could do none of this if he was not supported by a mob who are a gigantic security risk to this nation. I really don’t know what’s going to become of them, because they are not normal people.

  19. It seems people don't remember or realize the president is not chosen by the American people, it is the electoral college that chooses the president. If the American people had the ability to elect the president, popular vote would be what determines the president. It is a republic that is influenced by gerrymandering.

  20. Devon Nunez started talking and I felt like I was watching the other depositions again. His opening statements are all about the Democrats, all about Biden and all about the server and nothing at all about the fax or the witnesses before them. This is a party with no defense, just these conspiracy theories or they would mention more about the facts in front of them.

  21. Every day of the hearings simply further illustrates that the Republicans have no coherent strategy, and no defense to the substance of what happened.

  22. The Republican base is still supporting Trump, because mildly retarded people are prone to manipulation by strong men. They’re stupid as dirt.

  23. absolutely amazing, horrifying, stupid, incredible, dishonest, vile, corrupt, THAT DUMBORATS can invest almost 3 years and MILLIONS of tax payers dollar trying to pin what they want to believe was a dishonest Election on Trump, and yet NOW they go after him for trying to prove he had nothing to do with it. Right now I'm at the point where the JEW bastards, yes yes yes, Jew bastard from hell and lemme tell you I have dozens of Jewish friends who hate these mother fuckers more than me, but this GOLDMAN piece of shit. Worthless son of a damn whore and all like him sitting up there with no other goal or purpose today, yesterday and tomorrow than over turn our decision as Americans to elect President Trump.

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