100 Replies to “How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Entered Politics

  1. AOC has set the bar high and those who can't reach it need to get out of politics. she is what we should expect all of our elected officials to be.

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    She's supporting Pelosi ???????

  3. I love to network but I'm going to have to cancel because I refuse to pay for free news it seems like you've just become a corporate news now it's a shame it's a shame it's really a shame I pity you you giving in to the dollar you know better than Trump

  4. I don't know how she got in, but we need her out of politics. She looks weird, and women shall not be leaders of men, nor assume authority over men.

  5. Why is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez so dumb? Oh that's right, she's a Socialist. The Dems are going to abuse her and she'll never see it coming!

  6. you can't discount her…….she may know next to nothing about politics, economics, leadership, etc but her supporters know even less and don't care that they do. They would just rather look at her than feinstein or pelosi…………………..and hey, who could blame them?

  7. The video completely failed to answer the question teased in the title.
    At what point does this membership drive qualify as spam?

  8. The hilarious thing about these comments is they clearly didn't watch the video because it's obviously mistitled and has nothing to do with AOC.

  9. So this whole video was an ad to join your group? You have to be aware that 75% of your audience are pretty much normal people keeping an eye on what new doctrine has been added to your progressive secular religion.

  10. To all you people who voted crazy eyed Cortez into congress. Where do you think all the money will come from to fund her policy’s? The taxpayer. Liberals think that money comes from trees.

  11. Of course Psycho-witch Cortez got into politics. the more insane the better to the retarded "progressive" left who like all sorts of nonsense from women having penises to fighting for "reproductive rights" for homosexual couples which makes absolutely no sense because.. of course only heterosexuality is normal which is why only it results in offspring.

  12. I love how so many male Donald Trump supports come on here and are so scared of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez because she`s not even thirty and already smarter than Trump that they attack her over stupid things.

  13. One of the best thing about her is how she manages to trigger insecure Trumptard snowflakes, just look at the comments, lol.

  14. LOL, inferior racists are so triggered, it's too funny. 😂😂😂  AOC is a great congresswoman and a new president for 2024.

  15. Dems are owned by the Wall Street and Pentagon. She is a faux progressive "invented" by the democrats to win the hearts and minds of younger generation. After few more years it will be more visible.
    If you really believe that voting for Democrats will change anything for the better you are naive. Democrats are corrupted in the same way and equally just like republicans.

    If people want to see any change they have to stop voting for Dems or Reps. Vote for other party.
    In US there are other parties: Libertarian Party, Greens or Constitution Party.

  16. She needs to read the constitution and take some US History classes and throw in some Sesame Street for her low IQ to comprehend.

  17. Confusing video but… I just want to hear this crazy hack give some real answers when asked a question… or any socialist lunatic for that matter. I have searched every possible source and interview possible. Not a single plan, explanation, or realistic notion of any kind. Just "vote for me and everything is free". Nothing is free.

  18. Look at this elitist bitch she grew up in a million dollar house in the suburbs she’s a fraud and totally low iq brown skin trash

  19. How bizarre are the comments on here from the anti-AOC nutters! Get this straight – she is saying things that are totally unexceptional and unsurprising. They are not remotely controversial. Highly successful countries in other parts of the world do these things and they actually work. It feels like the US is so full of lunatic far-right rage it might just explode.

  20. omg what a revelation. She won in a district with majority Hispanics..its almost like people vote based on race and not policies

  21. Here’s how Ocasio Cortez won:


  22. Oh wow. Did they try and find an image that DIDN'T make her look like the psychotic communist lunatic she is or can't it be done?

  23. Okay. I'm going to ask this because you are Ocasio supporters. Could you really not find a picture to use in the thumbnail where she doesn't look batshit insane

  24. I love TYT but holy shit this title and video is completely misleading. Please everyone dislike, this entire video is just an ad. I really hope someone messed this up and this video is an accident.

  25. If John was a black girl with long natural hair washday would be a valid excuse for not going anywhere for a day lol. Detangling alone would take forever lol

  26. TYT, clickbait is unbecoming of a progressive. Were you actually going to tell us how AOC entered politics? Nope. Gonna spend 4 minutes trying to get people to fund you. Which we obviously have done back before you discovered clickbait. You are, after all, still here. Now off to that Bernie Town Hall on climate change, and view the part where AOC is on and clearly telling us how she entered politics.

  27. reaction out of the Netherlands, if you would do this in Netherlands we would totaly shit you out. I understand youre american but darn, you look bad here. Its like all is about money just like republicans and corporate democrats. I can understand you need money to finance youre club but be transparant. Let us know youre salary and where the money goes that you receive. Be totally open. If you are not totally open we in europe see you as another money scraping bullshit club. Be different, be unamerican.

  28. You greedy fucks pulled a bait and switch. Using AOC's popularity to bait people into watching then switch it to you money hungry smug pricks
    Soliciting for cash.

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