32 Replies to “How Government Creates Inequality – David Cay Johnston

  1. one inch v. 167 feet ; labor no longer gets their fair share of profits; one inch v. 5 miles increase for the top 1% of the 1%

  2. The heritage foundation claim is nonsense on its face. What is a dollar bill? It is an iou from the government. The money supply is government debt. Remember credits and debits? Every banknote, electronic credit or t bill is matched by that exact amount in federal debt.

  3. here some real wake up truth most americans don't own any taxes base on your working income your being rob by the crime family if you wanna stop the IRS go to www.freedom law school.com and be free from their ass hol,e for ever i did it my self this work and easy to do watch all the video's and go back to your boss and demand your money back …… this is not in the constuittion and proerty taxes are taxation theft you will never own your home try not paying your proetry and the govtment will take your home and throw you and your family out and sale the home they own you can sale befor they take it.. if you can't sale it you can burn it or pull it down to the ground!!! don't let this ass hole take your home……

  4. We can't change what is to far out of our reach. If we could get God into everything we do only than we can. That probably won't happen, so let us join with God to do our best

  5. 2019, four years later, and the 35% white, rural, christians still have the wool over their eyes. Oh, when will they ever learn. Piss down their necks and tell them its trickle down economics. "Stupid is as stupid does", Forrest Gump.

  6. This man, if he is for real, needs to be elevated to Oprah celebrity. He MUST be heard by ALL Americans. I lost much faith in my Country after watching the documentary "Inside Job" which appalled me and made me realize that very few people running the country are truly honest and sadly, that includes ex president Obama who did not pursue prosecuting wall street bankers who obviously owned him. I think there are very few big name politicians I could support at this point. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren AND John Kasich , former governor of Ohio, are a few people I admire. The documentary producer Charles Ferguson is high on my list of people we need guiding our mis-guided, corrupt political system. IT REALLY IS DEPRESSING TO SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR "MELTING POT" experiment. David C Johnston has exposed so much. I follow him faithfully as one of the few truth crusaders available to us. Perhaps we can convince him to run for President. I would work tirelessly for him.

  7. The majority of Government is always a bunch of ingrates arguing with loose cannons.
    To err is human, therefore to Govern with humans is immoral.
    This man put's all politicians to shame and speaks real common sense, not bullshite.

  8. People create inequality, So stop blaming everyone else. Look in the mirror you are the problem !

  9. Correction re nw and pacific native cultures … esp re women leadership…

    The crime of kiling matriarchy to instal patriarchy incl infanticide and ensalvement of women https://reneejg.net/2018/12/19/creation-of-patriarchy/?fbclid=IwAR0lrfZ-wsNaqqBoYUSGYGFXkmGLMEIrjTTkyZdbyDDpuZdgPSTH2wm1d7k


  10. U.S. constitution to the contrary, all men are NOT created equal! People are BORN with massive inequality, inequality of talent, inequality of skill, inequality of ambition, etc etc. Why are the D C Johnsons of the world surprised and dismayed that all these inequalities produce inequality of income??

  11. What creates inequality is our monetary system. Without it there wouldn't be any governments left because governments nowadays only deal with the symptoms of inequality, poverty, anxiety, radicalization, the creation of pointless #bullshitjobs, systemic crimes, refugees and systemic climate change.

    All we need is a cooperative monetary system which is not based on exponentially exploding fictional debt, which does not rely on infinite cancerous "growth", which does not rely on billions of #bullshitjobs, which does not generate inequality, poverty, anxiety, radicalization, etc. …

    Google "Sacred Economics" … a book written by Charles Eisenstein that deals with viable alternatives to this broken system … a book which you can read for free. Any talk about inequality which does not mention our monetary system as the root cause is a complete waste of time and any talk that mentions a growth of our anti-economy (which _desperately needs #degrowth) is a complete waste of time and totally misses the bigger picture.

  12. This guy is what Trump has fooled his followers that he's about. Populism …he's a con artist and they're so desperate they're ignorant willfully.

  13. This guy should be giving us The State of the Union speech instead of Presidents. "Corporate Welfare" , its what Amazon is holding communities hostage for currently. Basically America is criminal.

  14. Johnston mentioned the rich in Brazil use helicopters to go from place to place in the city, and country because they are afraid of being kidnapped, and or robbed. Maybe somebody should distribute stinger missiles to the poor. LOL

  15. He might be called a Goldwater Republican. Republicans that are actually loyal to the Constitution. The Republican party today is only loyal to their pocketbook, and nothing else. Greedy people who are only loyal to the super rich. They ask only one thing, how can I rob the people of their wealth, and labor?

  16. Re-read your Thomas Paine and then brush up on your Adam Smith…Wealth of Nations…inequality is a no nonsense national security issue.

  17. Just listened to another of his talks where he would not allow anyone to finish their questions…..

  18. Battle of the freedoms – Economic vs. Social.
    Neoliberalism, the 45-yr. global economic policy, is an ideology founded by libertarian economist and Austrian aristocrat, Friedrich von Hayek and promoted by libertarians Milton Friedman, James Buchanan, Ayn Rand, Alan Greenspan, the Koch brothers and others.

    Since the 2008 financial crash, it has been thoroughly discredited as a viable economic policy. During this zombie decade of rudderless leadership, only MMT (modern monetary theory) has entered the economic arena with sound fiscal policy (government spending) advocacy. It was strong fiscal policy that FDR used to lay the groundwork of the Roosevelt Republic that produced the most prosperous years and highest standard of living the world had ever seen during the 50's-60's. Mention fiscal policy today and corporations and banks scream "Socialism!!"

    “Government exists to spend. The purpose of government is to serve the general welfare of the citizens, not just the military-industrial complex and the financial class. Didn’t we have a stimulus, oh, eight years ago? It was tiny and has not been entirely spent. As Yellen implied, we need more spending of the non-military kind (what Barney Frank memorably called “weaponized Keynesianism” doesn’t stimulate).”


    In the US, both political parties today are dominated by this failed libertarian radical right, fueled mostly by the Koch donor network. Their idea of liberty actually depends on economic inequality. It’s their “human right”. Economic freedom over liberty for all. Isn’t that undemocratic?

    “Aryeh Neier, founder of Human Rights Watch and its executive director for 12 years, doesn’t hide his contempt for the idea of economic equality as one of the key human rights. Neier is so opposed to the idea of economic equality that he even equates the very idea of economic equality and justice with oppression—economic rights to him are a violation of human rights, rather than essential human rights, thereby completely inverting traditional left thinking.
    Here’s what Neier wrote in his memoir, Taking Liberties: “The concept of economic and social rights is profoundly undemocratic… Authoritarian power is probably a prerequisite for giving meaning to economic and social rights.”

    Neier here is aping free-market libertarian mandarins like Friedrich von Hayek, or Hayek’s libertarian forefathers like William Graham Sumner, the robber baron mandarin and notorious laissez-faire Social Darwinist.

    As with Neier, William Graham Sumner argued that liberty has an inverse relationship to economic equality; according to Sumner, the more economic equality, the less liberty; whereas the greater the inequality in a society, the more liberty its individuals enjoy.
    It’s the fundamental equation underlying all libertarian ideology and politics—a robber baron’s ideology at heart.”

    The libertarians’ futile dream of a nationless world dominated by privately owned charter cities has been attempted in Honduras to no avail. In this dystopic world of Technocracy and Property Owners, the restoration of the nation-state has never been more obvious.

    “In a libertarian society, there is no commons or public space. There are property lines, not borders. When it comes to real property and physical movement across such real property, there are owners, guests, licensees, business invitees and trespassers – not legal and illegal immigrants.” ~ Jeff Deist, president of the Mises Institute

    “The more inequality in a society, the more hate, the more dysfunction, the more mental illness, the more physical illness.” It should come as no surprise, then, that we see more addiction and more mass shootings since “the inequality is rising all the time.” Violence against racial, ethnic, or religious groups “is a manifestation of a society that foments division amongst people and sets people against each other.”

  19. First of all, government is not government as it was before the private bankers and corporations decided to take control 40 years ago. The 40-yr. decline was initiated in the 70's and got going during the Reagan administration. MMT (modern monetary theory) describes the TRUTH about how the economy should work, but hasn't since Hayek's libertarian economics was implemented, based on myths like balancing the budget. Warren Mosler, a hedge fund manager who founded MMT says that we are overtaxed and we should raise SS to $2,000/mo. Here is the most clear concise description of how the economy really works, not the worn out lies that people like Mitch McConnell keep repeating:


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