How the Government Makes You Poor

How the Government Makes You Poor
When I was around 13 years old, some of my teachers started teaching us stuffs like,
“It’s the government’s responsibility to provide social amenities, security, and
jobs”. As a young boy, something in me was glad. What made me glad was very simple; I started
thinking that I would grow up without any stress because it’s the government’s responsibilities
to do everything for me. To make the matter worse, every four years
in my country there’s an election and this period is usually the best period for most
citizen because the political leaders promise everything from how they will give you a job,
to how they will make you rich, even how they will help you impregnate your wife if you
have any problem in such area. Hahahahahahaha… That’s how the government makes people poor
and I’ll explain in details how that work in this video. If you’re new here, consider subscribing
so that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. Let me start by sharing with you a powerful
statement credited to the former US president Ronald Reagan. Reagan was once quoted as saying, “Government
doesn’t solve problems. It subsidizes them”. That statement is powerful, even more so because
it came right from someone who had been the United States president for 8 years. The truth is that government doesn’t solve
problems, especially your personal problems. Now you see where I’m going; if a blind
man promises to take you around the town and you believe him, then, you’re lost because
he himself can’t go around the town without help. When someone who cannot solve your problems
promises you that he would fix your life in four years and you believe it, then, you have
a real problem. That’s what I see happening everywhere around
the world. Political leaders promise to fix people’s
lives and make them rich. For whatever reason, everyone believes these
con men and because millions of people believe this lie, they relax and wait for some miracles. At age 22, I announced to my brother that
I wanted to stop getting any favor from my father. The reason I decided to stop getting any financial
favor from my parents was because if you know that someone will do something for you, you’re
more likely to relax and expect. But if you know that your life depends on
you, then, you’ll be crazy and do whatever you have to do, to fix your life. As a young guy, I decided that I was never
going to expect any favor from the government of my country, employers or even my parents. I took it upon myself to go out to the world,
try things, make mistakes and fail as much as I could. I wanted to be my own Messiah. Because of this mindset, I couldn’t live
like everyone. I had to search for and read every book I
could find by anyone who had achieved what I wanted. I read day and night so that I would know
how people achieve success. I got a lot of clues and encouragement. I then went to the business world with one
of the most determined spirits you can imagine. Though it was tough, though I had to fail
for the first 8 years, I had my first breakthrough and my life was never the same again. The best way you can get lost is to depend
on a blind man for your trip around a city. The best way the government makes people poor
is by promising that they can fix people’s lives. Listen. Nobody can solve your personal problems. Someone can give you a job but no one can
make you rich. Even the best government in your country won’t
still help you to become rich. Becoming rich is a personal thing. What do I advise you to do? First, take full responsibility for your life. It’s your life and you’re the only one
who cares about it. No one else does, not even the government
who promises you heaven on Earth. I know that taking responsibility for our
lives isn’t easy. It’s a lot easier to relax and expect someone
to help us out because we’re all lazy at facing difficult situations. However, if you understand that no one truly
cares about you, you’ll do whatever it takes to fix your own life. Second, stop complaining about the government. For example, would you ever complain about
the blind’s man inability to take you around the town? No. You won’t complain because the blind man
cannot help you in a new town because you know that he cannot even help himself. Complaining against the government is a waste
of your time, believe me. Why bordering yourself about someone who cannot
help you? Instead of complaining that a blind man cannot
take you around in your new town, don’t expect anything from him to start with. The amount of time and energy most people
waste to complain is enough to get them started on solving their financial problems. Third, believe in yourself. The reason why most people look up to others
is that they don’t believe in their own self. Why do you think you need someone to give
you a job for 35 years? Why do you think you need a government to
make you rich? It’s because you think you cannot do it
by yourself which is another lie most people believe. Your limitations are not reality. Your limitations are conditioned by the society
you grew up from and people you hang around. You can change your reality simply by changing
your life. In conclusion, the government makes millions
of people poor by promising them what they cannot do. It’s like a blind promising to drive you
around the town. If you believe him, you do so at your own
peril. Your life is in your hand. You’re the only one who can help you. Stop expecting any miracle from the government. Government doesn’t solve the problem. They simply talk about it. Thank you very much for watching our videos. We’ll like to give you another interesting
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16 Replies to “How the Government Makes You Poor

  1. Government can help the people with a job? But they can take the people money for taxes, and give to the rich top 10%. How many people was kill in war for the rich!

  2. If the government don't sorting our problems, why is a government in first place!
    Just to take our tax we pay?!
    Well is common sense, if I am government and take peoples tax payments, I will in least try to sort things out!
    Well I know is much more deeper things than that, but sometimes is just simple!

  3. Lol lol I like Trump lol every time I see him, I want to burst in to laughing! Lol
    He should of been comedian! Lol

  4. The harder I work, the luckier I get. Hard work is the only way, unless you are born rich or with extraordinary talent. Hard work is all the effort a person puts in that you never see, when you see him making it look easy.

  5. if politician would speak a language that require individual responsibility,they wouldn't be voted coz there are many irresponsible citizens all over the world

  6. I've listened and enjoyed many of your videos you share but this very video proffers so much truth and motivation. I would consider this your video as the culmination of all your other videos, a perfect summary and yet elaboration of the purpose of all the videos you've made.

    Listening to this video and not waking up to make a life for oneself, will imply that no other motivation can push to make it in life.

    I'm blessed and I bless you.

  7. Your thought process is odd. What government are you referring to? What people actually sit around thinking someone else will care for them?

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  9. after going through most of your videos i realized how valuable your knowledge is and thank you sir for sharing such valuable knowledge with us i really appreciate your work,you have very unique content just like the life lessons from your personal experience. hope i'll be constantly learning new life lessons everytime i'm stuck in life

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