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  1. Hello! I'm from Asia and I got accepted into a law school in Australia. I wanted to apply in the US but I'm scared of the rampant racism in the country. Law schools in our country really focus on local laws and I want to be involved really on the international scene, so I applied in the University of Sydney.

    Do you think I should push for it? I really want to be a lawyer but I'm afraid of the cultural challenges and homesickness. What advice can you give? Also, my parents will be paying for the tuition, can you give me some advice on how I can help them, to lessen the financial burden?

    Thank you in advance! I really love your videos! I always watch it so I can prepare myself assuming I push through with law school abroad. <3

  2. Im looking forward to attend law school after high school and Im quite torn against which job I would like to get into. Would it be possible if you could make a video about jobs you can get after attending law school?

  3. what do you think about provisionally accredited law schools? I was admitted into UNTDallas which is provisionally accredited I want to go there because I am sure that I want to stay in Dallas as long as I can and the other advantage is that I will get out with 0 debt . Do you think I am doing the right thing or should pull the plug on the whole thing 🙂 ? Will really appreciate your opinion and great job with your videos they are really helpful and enlightening… thxx

  4. Would recommend to take the bar exam after we find an employer or just right after we get out of law school??

  5. My choice for law school was a combination of specialty, location, and financial aid – in that order. I start my 1L in August, and I’m so excited!

  6. I enjoy watching all your videos regarding the law school. But it would be great if you could do a video talk about how to prepare the LSAT? Since the LSAT is the most important factor that most law school admissions weigh heavily on to determine who is a qualified candidate to their school.

  7. My goal is to work in political government affairs law…. so would it be better for me to try to attend a top ranking law school
    Or regional?

  8. Oh my god, if you've seen Silicon Valley, doesn't the host remind you of a younger version of Pete Monohan, the litigator for Pied Piper in Season 2 but without the legal and ethics violations of course: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmC1pwslFJc

    And of course, the laywer character is amazing and funny as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojlNfpsiljk

    And of course, he goes back to prison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-bWTlIQChc

    And this is him informing Dinesh of the grave violation of Children's Privacy and Protection act once he got out of the joint (ironic of the character): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5QUZMNLT3M

  9. I really appreciate this video and many others by you! I was wondering to what degree does attending a lower ranked undergraduate university have a negative effect on your law school application? Would a GPA of 3.63 from the University of Maine not be considered for it's full value because of the universities overall low rank? Do you know how frequently students from lower ranked undergraduate schools get into top tier law schools? This is assuming those students have high LSAT scores and other strong application materials. Thanks for your help!

  10. This is INCREDIBLY useful! You should also do a video on how to get into a highly ranked law school. Thank you!!

  11. What's your take on the schools that have additional classes for all their students above and beyond the ABA requirements (like St. John's which requires you to pick 4/5 institutionally required courses or some schools like Fordham which require Corporations) and those schools like Yale or Georgetown which don't require you to take all the ABA required classes, like not having to take Property?

  12. Hey James, I've noticed that you mentioned both entertainment law in this video and being a member of the entertainment law journal in law school at UCLA. I too am interested in entertainment law which is why I chose to start my 1L year this upcoming August at USC Gould. Is entertainment law the field that you currently practice in?

  13. Hi LegalEagle, I am considering attending law school as many people growing up have told me it would fit my personality well. Their reasons are that I excel in public speaking and writing. However, my research has shown me that most lawyers don't spend much time in a courtroom, and the job is instead mostly about being detail-oriented and knowing how to apply the law to certain situations. I could see myself as a prosecutor or a public defender, and they seem to spend all their time in court, but salaries are lower than most other attorneys and I wonder if the debt from school would make it worth it. Do you think law school is still a good fit for someone like me?

  14. I am 26 in 2 weeks,made a lot of bad choices so far A LOT,but i really fell atracted to this profession,i will 100% join law school this year,tho do you think age should be an impediment or it s just a stupid thing in my head?

  15. Amazing how I realized I didn't want to be a doctor but a lawyer from one day to another. I have been watching your videos non stop. Thank you for this!!

  16. I've just discovered your channel.You're doing some great work here.
    I want to study in a law school in Europe because I live in a European country and I have to consider the financial part too. It would be very helpful to me If you could recommend some universities to check out.I just need the lessons to be in English or in French.Also, do you know if a European student can take a scholarship from an American university easily?

  17. This is such a tough decision. I have my AAS in Paralegal Studies & have state certified, and now I am finishing my BA in Legal Studies. I have a year before I have to start applying and I cannot decide. I’m hoping to apply to several, and see what my best option is at that point based on finances. Good video!

  18. I'm an undergraduate student in DC considering going to law school in the future (preferably in DC as well). I just wanted to thank you for all the great advice you and your team provide on this channel, I've already learned so many things about law school I probably would not have learned elsewhere. I already feel so much more informed! Thanks again and cross your fingers for me as I study for the LSAT!!

  19. Could you do a video on doing dual degrees, like an MBA or MPP, and LLMs or other certifications (dispute resolutions, tax, etc)? Many thanks. I need to decide if I should commit the time for the GRE.

  20. First, let me say I'm not a lawyer but I'm really enjoying your videos. Thank you. So I was having this conversation with a lawyer friend a few years ago. She went to Duke and worked in an established firm. I went to Baylor and I commented about Baylor's recent bar passage rate (in 2015 it was 100%). They are consistently the highest in that category. She said that's not really a good measure of a law school and I retorted "so is the bar exam not a good measure of legal knowledge?" You kind of addressed this in this video as Duke would be what you called a tier 1 school and Baylor would be a tier 2. But i never could get a straight answer from her as to why Duke was superior to Baylor and why this statistic was not really important. I was hopeful you might elaborate.

  21. Can you do a video particularly on patenting law. It's something I'm trying to consider whether or not to go after and I just can't find enough information on it.

  22. I'm not intending to be a cynical critic but you were inaccurate with saying Yale, Harvard, and Stanford are always changing in the number one spot. Yale has been ranked the No. 1 law school EVERY single year for over the past two decades, by the U.S. News and World Report. Harvard and Stanford do change rankings from year to year for the No. 2 and No. 3 spots however. All that being said, I really enjoyed the video! Quality content, excellently articulated!

  23. My choice of law school initially was based on pedigree/prestige after further consideration I'm hoping to apply to a law school with a small class size

  24. You are really filling their heads up right now. Big firms are not the business. You can make money in other ways. Law isnt about money. Money is about money. I really think people should think in terms of AAG, AUSA, or private practice.

  25. I guess listening to these maybe law wouldn't be a good idea for me
    I'm interested in law but not as a full time career (I'm 25 and I still don't know what career I want to do)

  26. fun fact, i can go to any law school here in germany and have the same chances of getting a "top job" as long as my grades are good. law school names dont matter.

  27. Serious question: What types of law are there for attorneys who never want to set foot in a court room , ideally to work in Chicago. Oh, and do you think law school / being an attorney is a good second career choice?

  28. What if you are very talented, go to a mid level school to save costs, then when you go into practice at a small firm you do so well you get recognized and recruited by higher firms? It works in other fields, how about law?

  29. Could you do a video on LLMs and the institutions offering them? In the jurisdiction where I practice, lawyers generally get LLMs so they can get into teaching at high-tier law school

  30. Lets be real hear. The likely hood that one of the many that are attending law school right now will have anything that sets a full precedent or they argue in front of SCOTUS is pretty slim. They will be setting business issues. Writing contracts. Filing divorce papers. Writing wills. They may even have a round at a criminal case or two depending on how the public defender system works in their jurisdiction.

    If your political you will start early and get a job at a contract city or county attorney's office in a rural area and you might be able to work your way to a large county area and then you might get to trial a big case or two. That might make your political career. However I'd argue that you didn't take up law for the sake of law. You took it up as a tool to further your political career. You don't need a top name law school to do that. You just need to hide exculpatory evidence on a high profile case.

    Your career will be less like Perry Mason and more like Saul Goodman.

  31. Currently got my first acceptance and scholarship package, but I'm still waiting to see for my two top choices. This video helps, cause while financial aid is needed, I also should consider more the other two that are better ranked

  32. Thank you for the great videos. I am an international student in US. I was wondering how much financial aid I might get with almost perfect gpa and 170 LSAT score? Which law schools are known to financially accommodate for international students?

  33. Hi! I am a graduating senior in college trying to decide between number 22 ranked Boston University and 7 ranked UPenn. Lord willing, I will receive the same amount of scholarship money from UPenn as I will from BU (potential 10k difference). I am inclined to think that I want to practice in Massachusetts and live there after law school (in the immediate future at least, because it is home) however, I am not dead-set on it. I also do not think that Big Law will be my path, though having the option in case my interests change is a bit of a factor. I, overall, am more social justice minded. What do you make of this situation? I appreciate anybody who might read or respond to this! Thanks Legal Eagle!

  34. Currently practising Law in the UK and damn do I wish I had went to law school in the USA just so I could apply your lawfully factual videos to my job. Still listen anyway😂👍

  35. I want to run for office one day and I want to go to a top law school but Harvard University is just disgusting, they're getting sued for a second time for racial discrimination. Some students at top law schools also seem to be very childish, politicizing everything, calling people racist for not supporting things like affirmative action or reparations for blacks and other ridiculous things.

  36. I OBJECT: Choosing AMONG them, not "between". Duh. Usually here ARE, not "here's"…there ARE, not "there's". Your admirable motivations for helping potential law students is overshadowed by bad grammar. If I were a juror listening to your declamations, I'd be cringing so often as to be prejudiced against you and perhaps your client.
    As to law school, go to Harvard or Yale just for the power of the alumni associations. You will have maximum flexibility and probably maximum income. If you don't think you're bright enough to gain admission to one of those, you're wrong. You're not working hard enough. If necessary, change your study habits. Put not just more effort into it, put maximum effort into it.

  37. the one you get into? nursing school was a bitch to get into. you really need the shotgun approach to do it. if you get in you enroll no second guessing its that bad… top nursing schools are prestigious obviously but all the people that are hiring want those that got good grades and passed the NCLEX first time around. it means your competent and know your shit and aren't going to kill someone via stupidity.

  38. Hello. I'd like some public input. I'm trying to chose between two different law schools. La Verne in Ontario CA or University of UW law. Has anyone been to or attended either of these schools? I'd like to hear your personal experiences and hopefully that will help me come to a final decision.

  39. If I want to work for Crane, Poole and Shmidt, Harard would be the obvious choice.
    And, as you can clearly see, since I misspelled Harvard, I didn't choose Harvard, did I? Shows how smat I am.

  40. Since my son wanted to join his dad's law practice in our hometown, financial aid was far more important than the law school's ranking. Both the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (SIU-C) offered him financial aid, but UIUC offered a partial tuition scholarship while SIU offered a full-tuition scholarship, so SIU was where he went. (That, and also because he had just finished his undergrad degree at UIUC, and he wanted to go someplace different.) Since graduating, he's continuing to live at home, so he can plow the vast majority of his pay into paying down his student loans. At the rate he's going, he'll have approx. $60K total student loans (undergrad & law school) totally paid off in 4-5 years (maybe sooner?)

  41. Suppose you just want to get your degree, pass the bar exam, and open your own office in some podunk little town making wills and closing houses and helping Joe Schmoe get out of traffic tickets?

  42. Haha so true. I graduated law school in 2001 and I only did big firm law to pay off my debt. I personally hated it but having those big firm names on my portfolio made it much easier to attract employers at boutique law firms

  43. What advice would you offer older people looking to go to law school? I am 27 and only two years into my undergrad but plan to take the LSAT after I graduate.

  44. Is a a school that’s in the low twenties rank wise comparable to a school close to 100? Or is that solid tier 2 and not really seen as different

  45. What do you think is more important, being in the middle of your class at a T12 or top of your class at the bottom of the T25?

  46. How does law school ranking impact those who are looking to go into the academic field (e.g. law professor)? I received a full scholarship from a state school (in the T2) and am I highly considering; however, I want to make sure this choice matches my career goals.

  47. I wonder what jobs the bottom of the barrel graduates…those that finish dead last at, say, Cooley, Thomas Jefferson, or Ave Maria, have managed to get over the years

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