How Vladimir Putin won Republicans’ approval

In 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin
was not very popular among Republicans or Democrats. Which made sense given that he’s a somewhat murderous strongman with the nasty habit of invading his neighbors. This is, without question, our number one geopolitical foe. Breaking news, signs of a Russian invasion
in Ukraine tonight. Since 2000, 25 journalists have died under
mysterious circumstances. The Russian military campaign in Syria after
a week of airstrikes now escalating dramatically to prop up Syrian president Assad. This chart
shows Putin’s net favorability among Republicans. That’s the percentage of people who view him favorably minus the
percent who view him unfavorably. You can see the net favorability
begin to rise steadily through 2014 and 2015, and then, all of a sudden, in August 2016,
it spikes. By December 2016, the share of Republicans
who saw Putin favorably had more than tripled. His popularity fell among Democrats, but by a smaller margin. So, what’s going on here? And what does it mean for the United States’
relationship with Russia? What I think you’re seeing is two years of constant Republican propaganda about how Vladimir Putin is a strong leader. Putin decides what he wants to do and he does
it in half a day…He makes a decision and he executes it, quickly, then everybody reacts. That’s what you call a leader. People are
looking at Putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil. They look at our president as one who wears
mom jeans. What you see is this Republican talking point
that builds and builds and builds, and finally really hits a peak with Donald Trump. I think I’d get along very well with him. I respect Putin. He’s a strong leader. If he says great things about me I’m going
to say great things about him. I’ve already said, he is very much of a
leader. I mean you can say, “Oh isn’t that a terrible
thing.” The man has very strong control over a country. What we’re seeing with Donald Trump is that
he believes in the “Great Man Theory” of history, both the great part of it and also the man
part of it. He’s a man who sees himself as a tough decisive
leader, authoritarian if necessary but willing to do whatever it takes to push through what
he thinks needs to be done. He looks to Vladimir Putin in Russia, someone
who has made clear, if you’re a dissident who criticizes him you may disappear, if you’re
someone in the public who isn’t fully in support of him, you may lose your job. And he looks at that and thinks, it works. There’s also a financial connection. Trump has had trouble getting
loans from US banks following his multiple bankruptcy filings since 1991. We know from a speech his son, Donald Jr.,
made in 2008 that Russian investors have played a big role in financing Trump projects since. Most wealthy Russian business people maintain
warm relationships with Putin, who holds absolute power in the country. That means the investors who helped save Trump’s
business empire are likely to include several close Putin allies. We’re in this extraordinary moment when a US President is potentially financially beholden to an enemy country led by a dictator. There’s an intelligence report
in which a former British spy claims the Russian government has compromising information on
Trump that they could use to blackmail him. This isn’t Hollywood, this isn’t conspiracy,
this isn’t paranoia, this may actually on some level be true. Republican voters may be taking their cues from Trump when it comes to Putin, but Republican lawmakers are a different story. Vladimir Putin is a person who’s killed. He’s jailed and murdered journalists, political opponents. Putin is an aggressor that does not share
our interests. Vladimir Putin is violating the sovereignty
of neighboring countries. It certainly appears he is conducting in state-sponsored
cyber attacks on what appears to be our political system. The Russians undermining democracy throughout the entire world. They’re taking land owned by others by force. They did hack into our political system, they’re doing it to other political systems. Before he was Donald Trump’s Vice President, then-Representative Mike Pence held a similar position. And now an increasingly antagonistic
Russia has been rewarded for bullying and threatening its neighbors. Seven years later, he was singing a different
tune. I think it’s inarguable that Vladimir Putin
has been a stronger leader in his country than Barack Obama has been in this country. When Trump praises Putin, he’s also flouting
his party’s long history of skepticism toward Russia. When you think of Republicans and the kind
of leader they venerate, it’s Ronald Reagan. They come back to Reagan again and again and
again. I remember when Ronald Reagan was the president. He stood on principle standing up to the Soviet
Union. Ronald Reagan reignited the American economy,
rebuilt the military, bankrupted the Soviet Union and defeated Soviet communism. And they come back to him because they think
he won the Cold War, and because they think he beat the Soviet Union. The march of freedom and democracy which will
leave Marxism-Leninism on the ash heap of history as it has left other tyrannies which
stifle the freedom and muzzle the self-expression of the people. This is not just a break from Republicans
on the Hill in 2016, this is a break with the last 30 years of ideology, dating back to a President, Ronald Reagan, who they hold up as a near god-like figure. Trump has also been slow to accept the CIA
and FBI’s conclusion that Russia sought to influence the Presidential election. Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee Servers, it hacked the personal email of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman As far as hacking I think it was Russia, but I think we also get hacked by other countries and other people. Vladimir Putin weaponized the fact that we
have a free press. He used Wikileaks to kind of launder the information,
and then dribbled it out day by day by day. So for weeks, in the run up to the election,
all you saw was negative press coverage of Hillary Clinton driven by selectively chosen
leaked emails. In response, President Obama issued economic
sanctions against Russia, which Donald Trump doesn’t have to keep These were weak, these sanctions, they’re
gonna do nothing. Vladimir Putin will look at this and
say, I got what I wanted, I can pay this cost, I’ll do it again.

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  1. financially beholden to an ENEMY country…? wtf. what is that mean ENEMY? are all 140 millions people are enemies? what about strong relation of US elites with UK and Saudies and other ? oh they are not enemies so they can be a sponsors. what a crap!

  2. Republicans are sticking with Trump because they are loyal to their party. They are embarrassed to admit they were wrong and got duped by Trump and fake media. They fell for propaganda and don't want to admit they were tricked.

  3. West accuse Russia of invasion in Ukraine and say they are going to hold Russia accountable . but who is going to hold west and america for destroying the world for years with military assault on countries through Asia to middle east .

  4. The strength of a leader is precieved effective in one of two basic ways: Strong because of the leader's commitment to the well being of the people and therefore beloved; or, Strong because of the power they have to suppress the will of the people by force, and therefore beloved, or else. It is clear which type of strong leader Putin is; and, even in his abject idiocy, Trump knows as well.

  5. I have a suggestion. If Republicans and conservatives want to ally themselves with Russia, maybe Democratic progressives should ally with China. Seems to me to be a plus for Democrats. Dynamic, productive alliance against a decadent, venial, corrupt, failed alliance.

  6. Mike Pence saying that Putin was a stronger leader then Obama isn’t praising Putin it’s Pence saying that Obama was a shitty president and let Russia do whatever it wanted

  7. 1:56 this was Trump in extreme learning phase figuring out a lot things quickly default at fast speed, beginning of indoctrination.

  8. i was always a little surprised when Republicans took a hard line stance on Putin earlier – he's exactly the kind of leader they would be singing the praises of if he was in a fairly democratic country like say the UK or France. Instead it seems like the political right in america only gets the basest of basic facts of the world stage much later than everyone else (why they seemed to hate Jacques Chirac of France despite him being generally a market conservative even if he (rightly so) opposed intervention in Iraq). What I worry is the American left gaining sympathy for American right leaders who consistently oppose Putin and nothing else.

  9. This is dangerous, whatever Republican that fawns over Putin needs to examine which country they're really working for.

  10. Haha the hypocrisy on both sides is disgusting. Now let's see one about how the left is also corrupt? Nothing like throwing rocks at an all glass house.

  11. The weird thing is in the graph. By those same metrics in the same time span democrats had a more favourable opinion of russia.
    Vox is clinton funded.

  12. Short answer Republicans like Putins idea of only 1 party and want the same for the USA to make it a fascist country

  13. so if aliens from space come to earth and say take me to your leader republicans will take them to putin

  14. if trump has to side with russia or america, he sides with russia everytime, curious considering he is the American president…

  15. The makers of this video, please try and find out how Putin came to power in 2000…all Putin supporters with some consience will be 😤 with Putin

  16. The Republicans are meeting with terrorists and kissing their bits while the Russkies are launching chemical terrorist attacks on NATO soil??? Treason

  17. The investors that saved Trump are "likely" to include Putin allies. = or likely not

    British spy "claims" to have info= then stop bullshiting and show the proof

    "This isn't Hollywood this isnt conspiracy this isn't paranoia. This may actually on some level be true" = or this may actually on some level be false

    "Likely, claims, may actually on some level"
    All could also go opposite way. Good try trying to sway ppl.. man vox letting me down lately with assumptions. Facts and proof or nothing at all too many rumors to believe anyone these days smh

  18. Everything this video accuses Putin of doing…every single American president has been doing that since the beginning of time…

    Apparently america doesnt invade other countries for land and resources (war on terror)

    Apparently america doesnt try to make people disappear (snowden)

    Apparently america doesnt dabble in the political spheres of other countries (the shah in iran, cuba, venezuela…and the list goes on)

  19. Hamas is more popular among democrats than republicans but us republicans don't call yall terrorists. The main reason why we like him is because he stands up to the cultural marxists, we don't agree with the big government though.

  20. Its hypocritical for republicans to change their views on the Kremlin but not hypocritical for dems to change their views on the Kremlin

    hmm 🤔

  21. this is such a liberal point of view… Republican propaganda? seriously? the powers of propaganda are there democrats and liberals. they run the fake media. lol Republican propaganda? hilarious. btw I've been on Putin's side for many many years… many!! if people would ignore the media and what THEY say you should believe, and start watching what Putin says himself. (don't worry the videos are subtitled and dubbed) see how the media lies to you. dare ya! learn truth.

  22. Trump blackmailed by Russia. How long before a video of Trump raping someone shows up if Trump were to not be a Russian sock puppet?

  23. So basically, Republicans want a leader who acts like he owns the country and can do whatever and whenever he wants just like Putin which is totally in contrast to what the GOP actually believe in.

  24. Putin offer `em a choice they couldn`t refuse…Novichok
    and so when the moron i mean mormon Romney offer himself to Trump as a State Secretary, Putin says No…nyet!

  25. A great graph showing just how stupid the average republican is. They will believe anything their moronic leaders tell, even against their interest, just as they have always done

  26. Putin can’t be a dictator considering he has a 80% approval rating and he has stabilised and built his country throughout his presidency. There is also no proof that he has meddled in the election so that isn’t valid either

  27. Okay, hold on dude, negative publicity about Hilary Clinton in the press, FOX news was the only channel, haunting Hilary, the rest of the news channels, let's say most of them were showing favourable support towards Hilary, they showed Hilary presidency chances at 98% until the result day, they were actually basing Trump, not Hilary, and every news channel was like they were face to face with satan when Trump won. Great job on tampering facts, great leftist propaganda, I say.

  28. The Republican Party is the Party of Putin, Aug 3, 2018,

    "Vladimir Putin owns Donald Trump and both of the men know it.
    — Joe Scarborough, former Republican and current co-host of Morning Joe cable news program, July, 17, 2018,

    "When I first learned of the Steele Dossier, it just rang true to me. Because that's how the Russians do things. Before he became a candidate or President, Donald Trump was the perfect target for Russian intelligence. Here is someone who has no self-control, a sense of sexual entitlement and intermittent financial crises. That is made to order for seduction by Russian intelligence."
    — Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters, June 6, 2018,

    New Facts On Russia Influence On GOP Platform, Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, Mar 8, 2017,

    Malcolm Nance: 'The Republican Party Has Surrendered To Russia' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC, MSNBC, Jul 5, 2018,

    New Cambridge Analytica Revelations Connect President Trump Russia Dots | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC, Jun 6, 2018,

    How Vladimir Putin won Republicans' approval, Vox, Jan 13, 2017,

    Russians Pay $300 Billion A Year in Corruption Bribes,

    'Putin is corrupt' says US Treasury – BBC News,

    Russia – Top 10 Countries with the Most Corruption,,

    Alexei Navalny: 'Putin is the Tsar of corruption' – BBC Newsnight,

    Exact Navalny quote re Putin Corruption at

    Vladimir Putin Critic Takes Big Risk Exposing Graft | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC, Mar 3, 2017,

    Dirty Money: Sightseeing Russian corruption in London – Tour of Russian Corruption,

    'Institutionalised' corruption in Russia,

    Russian opposition leader slams Putin's regime: It's built on corruption,

    Alexander Litvinenko's murder: The inside story – BBC Newsnight, Jul 29, 2015,

    Litvinenko's wife on Salisbury poisoning, Sky News, Mar 19, 2018,

    "Those who serve us with poison will eventually swallow it and poison themselves."
    — Vladimir Putin, Mar 11, 2018, Former KGB officer and current Russian politician,

    Spy blamed Putin for poisoning on deathbed, CNN, Jan 21, 2016,

  29. Putin is a more powerful leader within Russia than Obama or any other president is within the United States, that's because Russia has an authoritarian government. That doesn't mean he is a stronger leader.

  30. For an interesting insight on why people follow and stick with leaders like Trump and Putin read this

  31. No Republicans are mostly traders without any critical thinking facilities so this shouldn't surprise anyone.

  32. Clearly, what Trump and Putin are doing works. Clearly, Asia is stronger than ever, and China will soon be number 1. Clearly, the liberalism as ideology is in decay. Clearly, to compete with Russia and China you need to stop arguing about toilets.

  33. it is simple .russia governed by a russian. russians didnt forget their ethinicity..even immigrants would die for russia. but america has no patriotism,immigrants dont value american laws,ridiculous liberal views.very soon russia will become powerful country in the world

  34. It’s also really beneficial for the West to have an enemy – just like in the Cold War. So that you have something you can ideologically distinguish yourself as different from. At this point, thanks to the war-media, people are so used to the notion that Russia/Iran/China are evil and/or aggressive or bad somehow.

  35. Comrade Trump and Comrade McConnell and the National Republican Party, are again working along with the Russians for more help from them to win the 2020 Presidential election all the while proclaiming the virtues of American democracy. They have taken no action to interfere with Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Not while Putin helps them win elections…

  36. Because any white man including some one who wants to do you harm is more ideal than supporting a black american!!!

  37. Republicans opposed Russia because they claimed to be "communist". When the USSR fell, Russia became what the US wants to be, or at least what Republicans want the US to be…

  38. 4:52 That's pure ignorance. Is there any American that has read about Marxism and understood what it actually consists of? The USSR was not communist, and no other government in the world has ever been able to create a communist government…communism demands a lack of government, not totalitarianism.

  39. Pretty simple vlad just has 2 jangle the piss tape, looky looky, plus who knows wat else he has over them !

  40. that was soviet union….russia has no intention to be communist…dont trust this channel…it started saying all news channel are suspect…especially FOX….but has systematically ran stories that surely lean to the left…soros bankrolling you…globalist behind your push…why are you running trump russia dialogue…when any one with half a brain and who have looked at all angles know this is smoke and mirror to smeer trump…wait till the FISA DOCUMENTS ARE RELEASED…christopher steele had a payment from fusion GPS…THEY WERE FUNDED FROM dnc AND CLINTON FOUNDATION….ALL THIS HAS PLAYED OUT IN GRAND JURIES AND SENATE INQUIRIES…its all in the public sphere…russia did not hack…trump sai9d that to throw off…a democrat hacked the DNC…the times prove it….romania had nothing to do with it….timestamps prove the hack happen on east coast usa

  41. " the 80s called governor Romney, they want their foreign policy back".

    Obama. Not a Republican.

    funny how democrats were all cool with vlad cos their guy said so

  42. Sure Palin says things about Putin but i'm sure she want's sleep with Putin with such a strong leader sure she does, bet he could give her more than her own husband ha ha ha

  43. As a republican myself, I don't like Putin, he persecutes christians.
    I don't like a country without freedom of press.

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