How Zac Efron Charms as Ted Bundy in ‘Extremely Wicked’ | Anatomy of a Scene

“Hey there. I’m Joe Berlinger
and I’m the director of “Extremely Wicked,
Shockingly Evil and Vile.” In this scene, Zac Efron
is playing Ted Bundy. Lily Collins plays his
longtime girlfriend who thought he was innocent,
Elizabeth Kloepfer. And they are about
to adopt a dog.” “Hi, hello.” “They accidentally bump into
Carole Anne Boone, somebody who Bundy had interacted with
at a job a few years back, played brilliantly
by Kaya Scodelario.” “Hi. I’m Liz.” “Yes, this is my girlfriend. We just got engaged, so — “ “This movie is a portrait
of betrayal and deception. And I think there’s a lot
of narrative work going on in a very short scene. Each person in this scene
has their own agenda and perceives Bundy
in a different way.” “Whoever this woman
is who’s accusing you, I’m sure she’s just
gotten you mixed up with another
handsome stranger.” “Right.” “And so we use a
hallway that has two intersecting corridors
to make the characters feel a little tense
with each other. And as Liz pulls
Ted away, we see in the deep background
Carole Ann turn and look and just stare as Ted
and Liz continue to walk towards the dog pound.” “Aww. Check this guy out. He looks like he’d
be a good roommate.” “Ann Rule, who wrote “The
Stranger Beside Me,” another well-known book
about the Bundy saga, had a dog who loved everybody,
but reacted quite negatively to Ted. And that’s a detail that
I remembered and wanted to inject into this film. The fact that dogs, who are
highly emotionally evolved, saw the reality of who Ted
was while, in this scene, we see that each of the
characters in some ways are deceiving one another
about their true intentions.” [dog barking] [dog growling] [music]

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