100 Replies to “‘I Don’t Understand How This Is Good For The United States’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. So, let me get this straight … It's okay for the US. to consider a foreign leader as a threat and make plans to assassinate him …. Then it would be fine, for other leaders who consider Trump a threat to the world, to create plans to assassinate him as well? .. And will ok, I guess?

  2. USA should mind its own business for once. Keep your hands of foreign territories pretending every other country YOU attack is evil!

  3. It's ALWAYS been the neo-cons….not "Nixon" or "Reagan" or "Bush" or "Bush" or "Trump"…Always been the evangelical-neo-cons. They sincerely believe that they, and they only, are due this country, and everyone else should grovel at their feet. A lot like ISIS and Iran and North Korea and Putin's Russia and ________________________________________________________________>

  4. obviously all you democrats don't realize what lead to trumps attack on a terrorist, im guessing American lifes don't mean much to you

  5. Wow the dumbest man ever, not the dumbest President just the dumbest man. Also a scary man because of his lack of intellect.

  6. This is not good for the world…why would america start fire if they cant put it off? Seriously the only people that benefit from the death of American soldiers and thousands of innocent civilians is Netanyahu and Israel…they gain alot from this as they see Iran as a threat and powerful…I respect Iran for standing their ground..the world had enough with america bullying,invading and taking whats not theirs….america focus on your own backyard and people and leave the world n middle east alone

  7. I get the feeling that this news network is biased against the president.Some on this network actually sounded somber when they heard that the president killed a monster.

  8. The assassination met it's purpose…the media is not talking about impeachment now and the military industrial complex is happy..

  9. No casualties from the missile strikes, and Iran went from "Death to America!" to "We do not seek escalation or war" inside of 24 hours. I'd say that's a pretty big win for Trump.

  10. ….warmongering USA doesn't want to lose face, it considers itself the world leader, the worlds top super power, to back down is to lose face. Trump will stubbornly carry on in aggression, until Russia and China start pouring in military hardware and troops in mass at Iran's boarders, then Trump will back down, it doesn't want nukes raining down on its stolen country.

  11. …..Iran can't have nukes, but Israel is allowed, so if there is a war between Israel and Iran, Israel can nukes the pants off of Iranians and Iran can do nothing, why are Israel and the USA allowed to have nukes to defend themselves and Iran no? This is totally unfair. So, Iran has every right to keep up to date it's weaponry with other countries. Warmongering USA, says Iran can't be trusted with nukes, well, what about the biggest atrocity the warmongering USA did with Japan WW2, not one, but 2 nukes used, the only country to ever use nukes, all those thousands of Japanese families, babies, children, school kids, university students , kindergartens all MURDERED, so who's the one not to be trusted with nukes, one guess.

  12. It's not about we love Donald Trump so much, it's because when he was elected to run our country we automatically trusted him to run it . The man is far from stupid, just look at his walk .

  13. enough already this was a sanctioned hit on this general by the leaders of iran the general was the third most popular person in iran and a threat to a not so popular regime in iran the country was divided so they sacrificed the general to bring the country together behind its leadership trump wanted a war to get reelected and iran wanted to get rid of the general and reunite their country so they made a deal with trump and they both got what they wanted

  14. Who are you to assassinate Heads of State in any country? You are the terrorists worldwide and are blind to you own arrogance and Godless attitudes.

  15. Did anyone see the video on the daily show a couple nights ago of Trump stating in 2011 that Obama was going to start a war just to raise his popularity for the next vote? I cannot make this up people. It's like everything he criticized he does. What a goon!

  16. Trump is a total Moron…And The entity "The Republican Party" needs to die….Plus the CIA needs to be defunded until it too dies.

  17. If trump went after Hitler would you say.i dont see how this helps america ? How many Americans were killed because of this solimani ?

  18. Iran has shown her maturity and military
    superiority and superb strategy while launching more than 15 ballistic missiles
    on American Bases. The best outcome of the attack was; there was no casualty
    but damage only. Cleverly and superbly Iran has targeted the missile attacks at
    the bases not killing any one. Iran has proved their ability to strike at the
    pinpoint locations. Really not Trump but Iran's Mullahs have saved the world
    from the bloodiest WAR. Can Americans politicians think seriously and force
    Trump to make peace deal with Iran renegotiating the nuclear deal ending all
    the sanctions at once and make the Middle East and the world more safe and

  19. Weren't you the channel,that said that Trump was definitely a Russian agent, every day for two years, and now you have the nerve, to say that Trump is a liar, no wonder your channel is dying, another pathetic attempt at smearing the president, truly patriotic.

  20. you know as a Christian person I sit in I ask myself about the so-called evangelistic members who believe in Jesus Christ and they listen to this gentleman talk about bombing cultural sites cultural sites of a country who has artifacts who has dirt before Christ ever came and walked on the Earth I listen to these people side with this man and I say to myself where is the Prince of Peace who is preaching the Prince of Peace not the prince of an insane man called the president of the United States

  21. Israel wants to strip Iran from its nuclear weapons program. USA is going to do the work for Israel. Like last time. Like every time. What is it that you people do not understand? Good for America? Of course not. Good for Israel? Sure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ll4yQR8-538

  22. Morning Joe we know he's wagging the dogs tail. War time presidents don't loose. We need to explain to the younger generation what's wagging the tail means and, pray for our troops, America, and her president.

  23. You don't understand because you don't have a clue. Donald J. Trump has written the job description for all future American Presidents.

  24. Of course Iran wouldn't use those sites for military purposes…nah we shouldn't target those places and think military gear isn't hidden there since they are "off limits" 😥🤧😎

  25. So it's ok to just let him attack people, if he did that u would be saying he knew attacks were coming and did nothing

  26. An elephant is huge, strong, powerful, intelligent but it's taken down by an ant so will America by Iran they might not go to bullet and bombs war but somehow they will victoriouslywin the battle ppl,

  27. Going from Obama to Trump is like swapping a diamond for a rock."
    ‘You don’t have to live in Kentucky to vote against Mitch McConnell.’

  28. Why does the USA have to fight a war with rules.Iran's going to target anything,so should we.In the Vietnam war we wasn't allowed to bomb Hanoi,go into Laos and a few other stupid rules.

  29. Hunts golf holes to get his thrills…doesn't give an eff about any one as long as he gets his kicks.Vote him out 2020.

  30. GOP have been pawns in Putin's game. HE'S LAUGHING!!!!!

  31. We don’t need a draft, just drones, stop spreading far left BS. Iran is influencing the Iraqi govt, of course they symbolically say we have to go. Lol. Solomani was a general in a theater of war outside his country, we just killed him, not assassinated him lol. We increase the violence to Iran so they stop taking pot shots at us, cmon man. We can’t fight terror now because we are too busy protecting ourselves? Really? I think the most formidable military in the history of earth can walk and chew gum… okay let’s just go back to bribing them, that did a lot of good!

  32. If you live in the United States be grateful.

    Pray for Iran to turn it around like Germany and Japan. Which country in the middle-east would take on this moral feat? Once they become a leader in sending humanitarian assistance, economic and security aid to different corners of developing nations, only then, all will reap large blessing. Iran can start with their region since they boast that they can control it without our presence.

  33. Your right msnbc your news is not good for the United stats but having trump is. Trump 2020. Msnbc you should b watching Fox. That’s if you want the truth. Liars all of you

  34. Dumb trump supporters . When u going to realize it’s the rich man war . Just about every war was based on the rich .The poor man from the hood and the trailer parks are ones that’s dying . Wake up ..

  35. Amerkkka is disgusting and it’s time will come… keep making enemies … without and within… every bully dog has it day. Vile kkkountry vile dogs.

  36. All he does take vacations, when does he work? He won't show the taxpayers how much he's cost us already for these "vacations" but its way more than Obama spent in the 8yrs he's already spent in just 1yr.
    He never works, by far the laziest president EVER!!!!!!

  37. Trump wants war, then why he doesn’t go and fight for America? He talks to much! Then our loved ones are to fight for him 😡

  38. Allowing a known terrorist or his followers to continue their atrocities because you are afraid of what they may do if you try to stop them is proof that their terrorism tactics are working.

  39. You stupid morons, no one is taking out the regime. We took out a military member not a political figure. This man has not only killed Americans but Lebanese, Yemenis, Israelis, Saudis and others. Did you notice how they purposefully missed in their last rocket attack. That's because they know Trump means business and had to try to save face. Trump dont give up his lunch money to bullies like Obama did!

  40. We are officially the DSA with Trump as president … The Divided States of America .. That makes him the president of the DSA

  41. Soleimami's death was a good thing for everyone, the Ayatollah in Iran gave him up to be killed cause he was a huge liability, and in exchange the US allowed Iran to save face by firing a dozen or so missiles into the desert with the understanding no one was to be harmed, and in exchange a promise was made not to seek a regime change and to lift sanctions at a later date if certain conditions were met. Soleimami's targeting and death was a catch 22 operation.

  42. Trump is an ugly yellow thing , stupid and with a stupid face. He was born for cartoons not for being a president.

  43. There is one thing to understand and remember here: AMERICAN BOYS AND GIRLS WILL SOON BE DEAD TO ASSIST DONALD TRUMP'S BID FOR RE-ELECTION.

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