1. How can we believe if you doesnt mention their names. You are still living in sin and bondage if you dont mention their names you are still embracing what they are doing and you are still a sinner. These people are leading people to hell you claim God has found you why not exposing them to confess their sins .l wish l could talk to you and preach to you who you still are. You cant fool God you know and God is not mock whatever a man soul there shall he reap.

  2. Why don't you confess and mention names and go and serve time in prison, as a way of paying the price for what you've done. Another sakawa way to rip people off again. Fake guy.

  3. This is not true.foolish radio station.what is the law saying after killing human beings only in Ghana this shit is accepted.close down these fake radio stations.so u killed human beings n now u r a pastor so it’s nothing.this is why politicians shouldn’t politize every criminal.they r taking advantage n put all on politicians.u can’t advise anybody here fake pastor one more time

  4. After killing many people, this IDIOT'S are given the platform to speak freely without any arrest,one slap can result to prison terms, but imagine how many people loose their lives in the hands of this criminal gangs,don't cover their faces any more, live their faces open.

  5. You guys are liars, mention names and stop these propaganda programs, if infact you dont allow names to be mention then oboy stop your mind games TV shows….whatever, whatever, one day we all going to die, what the heck?

  6. All forms of advert. Lies. If you have repented go to church and get established. Don't open yours now. Azaa.

  7. All Ghana media's are now granting such interviews, but what at the end of the day , you do about it? Just for us to listen to you alone? No pls wake up thanks. Alex South Africa.

  8. If the laws are working in Ghana all kind of this people must arrest and question .how can human beings live peace without law .means your a killer

  9. Let him mention the names of all pastors or politicians he killed for, otherwise what he is saying is rubbish.

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