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and northern England tonight Trier in Scotland and the South a low of six tomorrow scattered showers for most largely dry over the northwest a high of 19 degrees from Global's newsroom for LBC I'm David Dom this is LBC leading Britain's conversation with me in town hello a very good evening it's three minutes past 9:00 on LBC it's like red buses coming along at the moment with Tory leadership candidates estimate they you are fourth in line for our interview and phone in welcome now you launched your campaign yesterday alongside a picture Margaret Thatcher on the lectern which a lot of people thought was a little weird yeah well a couple of things that wasn't the launch of mycology know I was speaking at a brugge group event and it was about brexit so that was their stage that was their event and I was speaking at it but yes I frequently yes I read in the papers that yes so that wasn't what happened and what we know what what it was about but never mind that's fine why are you standing because you would probably admit yourself you are one of the underdog candidates here what what has driven you to stand what makes you think you could do a better job than maybe some of the people who are leading the race at the moment when you write I'm an outsider and being a conservative on Merseyside I'm used to being an outsider so I can deal with that but it's actually about the agenda that I'm bringing forward that nobody else has got or is wanting to do and so I am the sort of person who goes out speaking to people have set up blue collar conservatism I've been going around the country speaking to people and it is very very clear speaking to people outside people would call it the Westminster bubble or the media bubble people say you've got to deliver brexit that is key we can't move on until we've done that Trust has fundamentally being lost with the public they all thought we were coming out of the EU the biggest ever democratic vote in history they all thought we're coming out on the 29th of March we didn't that fundamentally broke trust with Parliament with politics they can't understand why after three years they haven't they haven't they just haven't delivered on this now beyond that once brexit is delivered I've set out an agenda straightaway to put four billion pounds into schools we know we need to that to go into the core education budget we need a billion pounds for special education and disability and we also need we need a billion for further education and three billion pounds straight away to the police that's quite a lot of tax increases it isn't because I'm the only one with a funded proposal and that's because I'm going to take back the foreign aid budget so the historically high levels of 2010 because it's the only budget that's pretty much doubled from 2010 to now money from the poorest people in the world and give it back to people in this country that's safer to do what you do no I'm not saying that at all what I'm saying is we're going to keep to the historically high levels and support people in need humanitarian aid and support we're going to do all of that but at the moment back at home you've got schools crying out for money that they need to teach young kids here we've got the police saying look at the crime on the streets we need money back here and that budget there are many ways you could raise 7 billion pounds you you could put an extra tax on I don't know the tech companies that are making so much money in at the moment and not them but most people think they're not paying their fair share of tax so what why would you raid the foreign aid budget because this was the only budget that had an arbitrary target set at nought point seven percent and it has grown and it has expanded and a billion pounds already is spelled spent on consultancy fees we know some of that money is not spent as the Rose a rush at the end of the year to spend it we know places have their own whether it's space programs we know ports have been built and actually the runways are in the wrong direction cause of the winds what we are saying is there are there are vulnerable people who are back at home it's in one of the continents abroad we know we've got that Airport where the we can't take off and land because of the winds the crosswinds there but what we've got ian is people in the UK who are the most vulnerable here that we have got I mean Andrew Mitchell who is very respected in this area he describes Britain now as an international development superpower and isn't that a good place for Britain to be if we're going to be a global Britain surely that's what you want Britain to have a reputation as for that we do and we will continue spending we spend more we will continue spending where it's needed but Ian people know you must know too that schools and I believe in social mobility I believe empowerment back at home and what we can't do is take away from the poorest people in the UK that's what you have any photos you voted to cut school funding you voted to cut police numbers what we had when we took over the budget in 2010 as you well know the economy was in a bad place we came in and everybody knew they had to tighten their belt and this is another promise I've done from 2010 to 2015 the public sector everybody tightened in their belt because they said you know what we're gonna get the country back on complaining that schools and police are under fire when you voted to be underfunded because we were what was it we were for every four pounds we were spending we were having to borrow a pound with the economy was in a bad way we won the election to turn the economy around to get it back on track and that's what we did so that was 2010 to 2015 in 2015 when we won the general election people could see what we were doing we said we'll finish the job but it is now 2019 and this is another pledge I've done and that is a public sector pay guarantee because now we have to say to those people who helped turn the economy around we're going to give you a pay increase because it is about time for all of the work you've got we're going to do that actually works out for it's eight out of ten of all public sector employers it's those on fifty thousand pounds or less and it will cost up to 2.3 billion a year and I'll tell you where the money's coming from that as we know Phil Hammond has put money aside which he wanted to do for after brexit about 27 billion pounds there that's one budgets through and equally I believe that the economy will grow it's already grown significantly since 2010 so it lead to come out from the growth of the economy or the money that we've put up put aside because we have to do that now for me I can't be a one nation conservative if there is a north and there is a South if there is a difference between private sector workers and public sector workers no we've got to all come together and that's what I would do if I were leader of the party is to reach out and support all those people up and down the country really vital stuff um blue-collar conservatism which you're very big on you from there's a pledge on this isn't there in her only the other candidates have taken that up there's about nearly 100 MPs now who signed up because I did this actually as well before the leadership campaign in fact originally set it up in 20 the other candidates signed it there's got other MP signing it actually I don't relate it but we've got 100 MPs who've signed it but what this is about do you think do you think many of those other candidates actually even know what you're talking about when you talk about blue-collar conservatism you've got eight of them educated at Oxford you've got several of them have been to Eton do they even live in the same world as you are sure they do because I know Tom Rob today he wrote on Khan home that he wanted to help blue-collar conservatives I know Sajid wanted to join up and I don't know if he did but he came to me and spoke about it and you know maybe you know they didn't because they were then go to do the leadership but actually it's been set up and lots of people are involved in and this is just I'd call them regular workers up and down the country going out every day happy to work happy to pay into the system and they just want to fur crack in life they just want to get on and what they need to know is that there is a government making sure that their kids can have a good education that's what I say about the education budget knowing that the streets are gonna be safe for them and their children and also looking at transport systems you just want to make sure that the government is doing right by them I should remind everyone if you want to watch us you can do so on the LBC website at LBC code at UK our Facebook page Twitter feed and YouTube channel and let's move on – Brax it because that is obviously dominating everything in in this campaign um you seem to be the hardest of hard brexit No Deal candidates you purposely pitched yourself as that how would you deliver on that though no I'd say I'm the most honest of candidates explaining what will happen because people have said they want to come out on the 31st of October now if you want to come out on the 31st of October we'd have to explain how that will happen so people who are saying they're going to go back and renegotiate well you can't and be out on the 31st of October one because the EU have said they don't want to renegotiate and – you wouldn't get that through the house of parliament in time so what I'm doing is being honest with what you can do if we're coming out on the 31st of October so you're either coming out on the 31st of October without that withdrawal agreement which the country said no to and Parliament said no – or you're staying in longer than the first stage in between that wouldn't it be the responsible thing to do is to say look I'm a new Prime Minister I am going to go back to Europe and I'm going to say look we appreciate that this deal has already been done but I'm a new broom I want to reopen it and this is what I want to get out of it and if they say no well fair enough you go down a different route but sure you've got to have that stage first well we've been doing that for a long period of time we had the biggest ever defeat of this with rural agreement in the house and nobody wants it in the house and you've seen by the EU elections nobody wants it in the country what that deal proved was actually a United everybody against it so what we're going to have to do is pick a side now and the fairest way to pick a side is the side that won the biggest Democratic vote the referendum that's a George Bush the type of world you're either for us or you against us because you've got to get through a brexit deliver brexit and then you go to bring the country back together once we're out of brexit make sure that we deliver on what we've done I mean this is about a democratic vote now what you do in future then if you're now saying well well not go out here to this democratic vote what you say every vote going forward in the house and the country that oh we don't know if we like that we can't have that no we've actually really got any word deliver what the people asked us to deliver we gave them the biggest question ever we explained what it was it wasn't once-in-a-lifetime we heard all of the project fear in 2016 and people still decided you know the Parliament the speaker whoever will do their level best to stop that happening the only way you could do that would be to pro Parliament which would be a massively controversial thing to do you'd be bringing the Queen in in into politics which I guess no one really wants to do are you seriously saying you would take the country down that route well what we've got to think of who's brought us to this position the people who've brought us to this position ripping up the rulebook of democracy taking us here has actually been those areas in the house that's ripping up a lot of democracy the people who've brought us to this point are the people who have willfully tried to frustrate the Democratic vote of the country so we have to look at their actions the hypocrisy of their actions so they've used every tool in the book to frustrate this vote they've never reconciled with the contrary with what people have asked for and so what you'd have to do as a Prime Minister to deliver that if still they're threatening these things you'd have to say well we'd have to use every tool in the book to deliver on this but I thought the whole point of breaks it was to bring sovereignty back to the UK Parliament the very Parliament you now say you would probe to get us out of the EU sovereignty is about the people it's about democracy it's about having say we are public servants what we just don't listen to people anymore that sounds to me more like a dictatorship but we just don't bother listening to what people say no it was a vote we deliver on that by October the 31st have been three and a half years to deliver on that and then we come out now what we've got to do when this is what we've always agreed with we want a free-trade agreement we want it to work for us we want it to work for Europe too and that's what we've got to do we've got to come out get the free trade agreement be a sovereign state people want to be in control of their laws their borders their money and then move but if we come out and say well we're not going to pay you the thirty-nine billion and we're not going to adhere to the terms of the withdrawal agreement which is a treaty signed by the British Prime Minister why on earth would they then do a free trade deal with us to be fair they were offering us that at the very end this is now and actually the withdrawal agreement didn't seem to suit anybody's purposes certainly not us here to the future and if you think just think of the psychology of this if we suddenly say and we've heard from we've had a macron already say well if Britain doesn't pay us the thirty-nine billion pounds that's effectively defaulting on sovereign debt it's the equivalent of that there would be no trust left so why would they come to a free trade agreement with so let's be honest with the thirty-nine billion how that splits off actually if it went to international courts it could probably be as low as nine billion pounds equally we know about what ten twelve billion pounds of that each year was for the implementation period so if you had stayed in of course you'd have to pay for those two years so that would be something that you would be obliged to pay but if we're not staying in if we're coming out that money would be spent at home to help us through and coming out and we could support our own businesses here at home so you've got to divide that payment about but we move on isn't right on there but if we come if we leave with No Deal then the thirty-nine billion will be the first thing they ask for as soon as we come back to the table winter no because what we'd be looking to do as we come out is look for a free-trade agreement either way because remember why they say yes to them well well here you go it's because they sell to us every year 19 of the negotiations at all also because the people going into the negotiations which has really only come to light recently is that they never really wanted to leave they saw this brexit as something to sort of managed to mitigate with lead your person ago she ations well we'd bring in a team of people who actually believed her exit we'd have top negotiators who do negotiations are all sort of servants or politicians at we'd bring in businesspeople we'd bring in top lawyers we'll bring in top negotiators and I've also been working with Lord Peter Lilly who's actually the expert in this field who also in 1995 helped us with the WTO setting up the organization he with the team of business people expert negotiations and expert lawyers Faraj what we need to do if I'm being honest is make sure that we brexit and if we breaks it we wouldn't need to bring in the brexit party because we would actually have got who would be your bracelet secretary I think for the brexit secretary well I think anybody who really does believe in brexit and Dominic was Rober sir who believed in it I think David Davis was there he didn't last long because he was wanting to do would be your lead negotiator I mean I think I think this is different here the politicians set the scene of where we're going so Dominic Rob could well be doing that job I say could well because we're both going for leader of the papers but who I'd have which is quite separate so when I went to the business people and spoke to people who do deals for breakfast lunch dinner and tea who own organizations worth billions of pounds we would go to them and get the world's top negotiators lawyers who do this full-time as a job not a politician or a civil servant talk 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probably not a feminist do you identify as a feminist should the next leader be a feminist well if that means that you go out do a job you achieve what you want in life you believe in social mobility and helping other people and helping you know people get on then yes I am but I've never necessarily put a term to me do you support an equal age of consent do I support an equal age of consent in what way for gay people and straight people on yes of course okay do you support the right of gay people to adopt yes I do do you support equal marriage yes I do so why have you got a problem with relationships education being taught in Birmingham schools well let's get this right what I said parents should have a say in is what is age-appropriate for their child I never questioned what that sex and relationship education was about that wasn't the issue I was just saying for young primary children which were four and five what is taught to them is just what is age-appropriate and who is best to decide that a parent who knows them or a teacher and why would we put teacher in that situation but what they were being taught I wasn't questioning but they're being taught that there are different source of relationships they're not being taught about any sort of sexual act or anything so what if you if you accept an equal age of concern gay adoption equal marriage why wouldn't you want children of primary school age two understand that there are different types of relationships but that isn't what I was questioning I agree and embrace LGBT and the you know relationship and sex education what I was saying is so is for a parents to choose what was age-appropriate and that has always been the case that has been the case whilst laborer was empowered that was the case while we've been empowered that has always been the case that parents choose and I I believe that who knows a child at that age better a parent all the state and I would still apparently I think a lot of the parents are driven by either conscious or subconscious homophobia look these are the parents and you know they would have a say over their child and I I'm afraid I'm a I'm a conservative here and I believe in the family I believe in the individual I believe in choice I believe in freedom of expression and I don't want the state getting involved in these issues for families and very young children so it's a simple issue and I believe parents know what's best for their children at that age when you see parents protesting outside schools in this way obviously being ripped up by activists and that's not a good place for the for the education system to be is it no one I didn't agree with any protests outside of primary school and I said it quite clearly why would anybody be doing that much of you on abortion Jeremy Hunt says personally he would like the limit to be reduced in 24 to 12 weeks what's your view well I wouldn't be looking to do that I know we've debated in the house it beings you know reduced to 20 weeks and that was because you know a child could exist and survivor to 20 week so I think as medical advances occur there would be changes there but no I never thought to reduce that I think one of the questions the whole country wants an answer to you is what an earth did you do to Lorraine Kelly I had a very fun time at Kentucky who who knows who knows you've got no theories are you gonna share with us Wow let me see well I've gone off into politics and you know maybe she wants to go off into politics who knows jealousy oh look look I I don't want to get into that I have happy memories of a TV you've said that and I had happy memories of TV let's talk a little bit about your time at the DWP and you were also before that Minister for disabled people you've had a huge amount of criticism for your policies on universal credit on benefits more generally a lot of people since they knew that you were coming on the program a lot of people said are you going to ask her to apologize for her time at the DWP why do you think they want you to apologize well let's see I came into the DWP in 2012 and obviously these policies that you're talking about pre-date me Iain Duncan Smith David Cameron George Osborne and what they set about doing was making the system better than it was before and Universal Credit of we're talking about that needed to come in place to update a failing benefit system that was there and that was because it locked people out of work at 60 at you know 80 now is 24 hours and 30 hours and the number of people under labour the number of worthless households had doubled whereas we have now got three and a half million more people in to work and at the same time they introduced a new benefit called PIP from DLA because DLA looked fundamentally at physical disabilities and not a whole range of cognitive or sensory an actually pip is paying out now more than we paid out under DLA its increased every year sent since and it's helping and supporting people so whilst the policies and the support and what we've done is right what I will apologize for is for people where it hasn't worked for them I understand that but a system that we deal with 22 million people a year you're never gonna have particularly not a benefit system which is a hundred percent of people on universal credit the system isn't working for them now you can say 80% is working for but 20% is a hell of a lot of people a lot oh it's working for because I when you put it at 80 percent like that you talk about when they get it within however many days but what you've done with Universal Credit you've also put in housing benefits and you've also brought in tax credits and things like housing benefits you wouldn't have got in five days but what we've done to make this better is you're quite right you've got to constantly get it better and better and better as best as you possibly can that's why there was always a slow rollout but what I introduced and helped make sure you can get money at day one if you need something straight away you can get it straight away I also fought for eight months to reverse most of those changes of 2016 that was George Osborne which fundamentally was a Ids Iain Duncan Smith resigned taking that extra money out I've fought to bring that back in to make sure that you see did what it should be just very briefly on this because I'm sure we'll get some questions on it as well Christina in West Yorkshire has tasted it does ask to remember closing the REM ploy factories because the families of the victims have not forgotten mhm so I again this had happened and I came in as those closures were happening and what I did is I went right round all of those factories to try and speak to as many people as possible and on the back of that I thought what are we going to do to help the most vulnerable so yes I do remember this and actually I remember it very very vividly and that's where I went round and met people in their house to to talk about it it was on the back of that that I set up something known as disability confidence because I wanted to make sure that we could help disabled people into work I got businesses together I got government together I got individuals together we worked on that I started that in 2013 because of what we were doing with our employ now a million nearly disabled people are into work so I'm hoping that from something like that close in rem ploy which I yes came in but it wasn't something that I'd brought in but yes I did I was then positive actually no and I wore a stone no I wasn't I was the junior minister I tell you why because I came in partway through because what was happening in some of those rental factories some of them right had a turnover of say seventy five thousand pounds a year but actually spent a million pounds keeping it open and we said how are we now instead of that money going into what would be seen as a non profitable business of business wasn't working how do we spend that million pounds on the people who were there what do we do and that's why I because I thought what am I gonna do Esther I did I thought what am I gonna do and that's why a set of disability confident right we're going to take your calls in a second first of their text saying are you going to get Boris on the air we expect to reply on the air right now get on with it well I will get on with it Boris Johnson has exactly the same invitation to do these hours as all the other nine candidates have who've accepted them and I hope Boris Johnson will accept that invitation at some stage between now and the end of the contest its 933 news headlines with David Dom Rory Stewart says people face a choice between fantasy and reality over delivering brexit as he launches his conservative leadership bid earlier Andrea led some and Mark Harper disagreed about whether it will be possible for the UK to leave the EU by the new October 31st deadline Oxfam has apologized for its described as shameful actions following an inquiry into employee behavior the Charity Commission found it failed to properly report accusations of child sexual abuse following the 2010 Haiti earthquake and survivors and people who lost relatives in the Grenfell Towers suing three companies in the US over the disaster one of them is whirlpool which made the fridge/freezer in the flat where it's thought the fire started the company insists its products are safe LBC weather windy and wet rain continues across Wales the Midlands and northern England tonight dry in Scotland in the south a low of six degrees this is LBC did you know that Pimlico plumbers have an utterly fabulous 24-hour service for plumbing heating drains roofing electrics appliances carpentry and building whatever your predicament Pimlico plumbers can send a friend face to your door within the hour and just between us their work even comes with a 12 months guarantee they aren't just any old tradesman their Pimlico plumbers 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after you were accused of misleading Parliament by the National Audit Office had about the rollout of Universal Credit SBE right so Chris what happened here was I had the complete substance correct hence I kept my job obviously but what I did is said some of the words wrong and so I personally how can you say substance when they were saying that the benefit should be pause the rollers should be paused and he was saying she'd be accelerated now I'm an auditor and I don't think it's rocket science to interpret an audit report I'm sorry to say I think you're like me here and the people listen to this program is that I really don't believe that well let's finish her response well thank you and the reason I kept my job as I said because the substance was correct and what I did say was speed it up when it should have been slowed down and so I knowing that I'd said the words wrong I put in a request to the speaker which is what you do I wasn't called to the house by anybody else I personally said look I've got this wrong you put a request in and then I came to the floor of the house and I said you know Mia culpa I've done this and therefore I am now going to put the record straight on what I did so actually I'd say out of most things that shows that I am honest and trustworthy not often do MPs come to the floor of the house to actually apologise for what they've done and I did but I mean that can't be put down to misspeaking can if you say accelerating rather than pausing I mean they're two diametrically opposed things what they were saying was you know it had been slow in its delivery because obviously it's not just one page this document there are many pages in the document so read it you know in its entirety and that was one of the things and I said well if it's been slow in its rolled out it needs to be speeded up and therefore that then wasn't right on what we said and so I came forward and said please can I come to the house I will correct this but what the substance on was different on sort of whether the effects of the benefit changes had been felt so it was a different man quick response when I write reports for a living and I can't believe you interpreted that all you had I don't leave your direct report and serving this really or you deliberately like the Parliament I'm sorry I just simply don't buy that I really don't I really don't sorry that's perfectly fine and and that's obviously what I did with those words that I got wrong but obviously the fact that I kept my job and the fact that obviously I came to the house and the fact that the substance was right showed one was misspoken as you will and that's why I came to the house and I asked to heard the record Chris thank you let's go to de neuter who's in Letchworth Garden City hello hi I would love to see you as a leader you're a clear thinker a clear communicator you're all eccentric and the common sense candidate I've got a bit of an awkward question for you answer if you weren't standing for the leadership which of the other candidates would you most trust to deliver brexit by the 31st of october good question well I'm not gosh I'm not gonna answer that I hope you don't mind I know I'm a clear thing and I know I'm a straight talker because we're now just in the throes and the votes will be taking crosstalk review by now answer the question well the straightness is I won't be answering the questions less straight I tell you why because the vote is on Thursday we've got all of the Haas things this week and people would be looking to vote and so obviously I can tell you afterwards or you know or whatever but just not now because it's a very sensitive time just before the rest of the hostels start because it it alters and sways the boat for for other people so I will do it because IRA can you vote for Dominic Rob if you get knocked out I'm well there you go that's for you to say I am NOT saying anything all right I'm sorry I failed you tonight over more kind than I would be Raju is in Birmingham Raji what's your question please one only because I've got so many people who want to get on the air Rossi go on about how did you feel about Johnson's tax cuts and about and the benefit is basically what why do we have to fit in stupid questions and a pitfall well that's two questions let's go with the Boris one first he wants to increase the rate that you pay the high rate attacks at 250 from 50,000 to 80,000 a cost of nine point six billion pounds your view on that well obviously we're a party that likes to have four ensure we have low taxes to make sure that people keep more of the hard-earned money and the reason there is a logic to it that the high rate tax used to take into it about 1.7 million people it's now we've got four million people paying into a higher rate tax because it's not moved up accordingly so he's just saying if it's a higher rate tax it should be taxing those people but I've taken a different path in what I'm doing I've said I want to put money into police into schools and I want to give public sector a pay rise so I haven't looked so in that regard I haven't looked to do tax cuts no I've looked to do at what is the immediate thing we need to do and that for me is support schools to support police and to give the public sector pay guaranteed pay guarantee and the PIP form can you make it easier well the PIP form really if you are going to get a benefit and it doesn't matter where it is you've got to show that you are entitled to a benefit this is an ongoing payment and so there will always be checks to make sure you are entitled to that benefit it's only fair because we are paying removal only people who need it because it is quite extensive isn't it could it not be simplified well we we don't want to I think what we've looked at there is make it as you quite right simple as possible make sure that it is focused at the people who need it and the other thing that I introduced is not doing it if we have enough corroborating medical evidence not having to do it repeatedly if we can see that you you need the benefit and you've got this corroborating medical evidence but usually on the first application you will need to go through a thorough test and we will take more of your calls in a moment let's go to a quick break estimate V is here defecate you you can watch us I know a lot of you like doing that on our youtube channel v the OPC website at LBC don't code at UK it's coming up to 9:45 coming up on LBC Tom's Swarbrick MPs a once again working cross-party to make no deal impossible Rory Stewart tonight says no deal is a fantasy is the no deal unicorn being put down Tom Swarbrick on LBC global player new radio playlists and podcasts mister favorite show from LBC wherever you are and could download or stream to listen again whenever you want tackling the biggest stories and the issues that matter global player download it from your app store now unlock the city with the new Range Rover Evoque 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study at Saint Bart's Hospital in London the study is evaluating a device based procedure to lower blood pressure and potentially reduce or eliminate the need for blood pressure medications to learn more please visit www.gfi.com/webmonitor no a bit slow BT superfast fiber is so reliable at night comes with its own stay fast guarantee which means we'll give you 20 fines back if your speed isn't everything you've been promised morning noon and night for fast all the time not just some of the time search BT Broadband today tonight or tomorrow BT be their new customers we guarantee the speed to your hub 20 pounds of complex in 30 days for claims a year exclusions applying we still have about where we reduce co2 emissions I want to live in a beautiful world if you want to help fight climate change get a smart meter they can't solve climate change on their own but with the smarter more energy efficient grid that helped to create their a start I went to smart meter or called or 300 won three World double five double five today from the campaign for a smarter BRIC eligibility mobile available in England Scotland and Wales course from UK known as a Mobile's charged at standard rate leading Britain's conversation iandale tweet as LBC it's 947 estimate Bay is here let's carry on with your questions because I'm on trying for at least four maybe even five nick is in Slough hello Nick I'm gonna sit away from bricks it's just a moment and my question is this we've seen a lot a lot of controversy today and yesterday and rightly so over the disgraceful decision to ops from clearly lawlessness to over 70 forums from the BBC so if you were to become our prime minister would you would you would you stop this would you even go further and scrap the BBC lines and steel was together or would you would you allow this because I think this is great well I have to say and the BBC did a deal and that deal was they could increase the licence fee but they had to which they were going to do is look after people over the age of 75 and they wouldn't have to pay the licence fee so you can't now say we're not going to do that and for some news worked at the BBC you know I was quite ashamed of that decision there they are the public service broadcaster and they should now be giving a public you know a public service so you can't Welsh on a deal like that and not give those people a free TV licence the second thing just to be devil's advocate on this let's see if I can hit yeah right you okay I think just to play devil's advocate on this if the BBC hadn't done this they would have had to close quite a few different channels now there would have been an outcry over that why shouldn't over 75 have to pay a TV licence I mean they're the ones that probably watched most television also they are the richest generation I'm loving you playing devil's advocate but you know when the BBC signed up to do this and they go by your predecessor as MP for Totten George Osborne weren't they well I don't know they've gone into negotiations it's a big organisation they chose to take this path and now a couple of years down the line when George Osborne isn't here maybe maybe you know that he's not around they think they can Welsh on a deal nobody works like that so would you give a commitment as Prime Minister to force that decision to be reversed I'm not sure how you could actually put well they do a full explanation on why they're not doing it at all what do we do do we take the licence fee back down to the levels that it were before they said they were it could go up and they would give people a free license no you can't do that you don't do that okay thank you next Sam is in Chelmsford Sam what would you like to ask I'm coming employed on one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Europe which is HS – where do I and the thousands of other go when we lose our jobs when it's scrapped under your leadership so high speed – isn't working as a project I don't think the business case has ever been made but what I do believe we need is the link from Liverpool right the way across to Newcastle I'll call that the northern powerhouse rail so what we could do is you've got those engineering skills you've got those skills you were going to work on another line couldn't you now instead no straightaway yes and our people commute to work differently it's a Liverpool or Newcastle well don't you think like I did for 20 years came down and worked in London and commuted how do you fancy that Sam so because it would be a project and people go work on project and if it isn't that one there are so many other we need such more infrastructure roads and rail I'm quite sure that sound with obviously his abilities we could do something with just high street do you not think it's gone beyond the point of no return now because billions of pounds have been spent on this so far are we just going to say okay well we've wasted 9 billion on the NHS computer waste another 4 billion on HST I think so far I believe four billion has been spent but when you look at the figures for 2015 they said it's about fifty seven billion you now actually we go to the Taxpayers Alliance they say it's looking more like a hundred and four billion in fact by the time it's built twenty thirty seven it could be two hundred billion so actually that four billion pounds to prove the project doesn't work you don't throw good money after bad but I'm sure there is something from the studies they've done of the land of various other things that could be something that could be used from that and other things they did they've bought up a lot of properties up and down the country and those properties still have a value and obviously should be and could be sold back so some of the money could be recouped there but I'm afraid if it's a bad project it's a bad project and you don't keep spending money away but it would Sam accept a job or project work any other part of the country to use his skills Newcastle which of the commutes I mean to be honest make sure it's not in the Adelphia oh no I mustn't say that because I got into trouble last time I how can I tell you I think once you'd be in a person once you'd tasted the highlights of Liverpool life Cheshire light you know Manchester like you might actually decide you want to move up there fold another one of these people from Liverpool who think it's so fantastic you don't live there anymore I know no well I love Liverpool but unfortunately we I'm a conservative and there ain't many of them in Liverpool so to do my job as a politician I'm not there but look you know we could obviously use your skills and expertise so there are lots of infrastructure across the country that's going to be needed and we can do that for you sound we've got you a job it was just an opportunity to sample the north thank you Sam let's go to Harrison and Liam Harrison what would you like to say hi I just want to ask Esther how can she claim that there's any democratic mandates and deal especially considering she wants to provoke Parliament to do it don't please don't point to the June 2016 referendum because the Liam Fox said getting the trade deal would be the easiest in human history obviously it's coming about that we that won't be able to happen and she wants to force it but she wants to force it through without consulting Parliament how's that democratic well I'm not looking to pierogi Parliament what I'm saying is that you'd need to use all of the tools at your disposal to make sure that the Democratic vote of the people was seen and was put into play so that's what we're needing to do but you won't be guaranteeing anything at the moment but what we're saying and you have to look at why we're at this situation it's because MPs in Parliament's have absolutely gone against the will of the people they've tried to thwart it frustrate it in every way so actually it's the people trying to reverse the vote of the the public that has brought us to this what we've now got to do is make sure we deliver this democratic vote and we've got to be out by the 31st of October and that is what I would pursue it I think you really have to look at the MPs who have decided that they know better than the public Harrison thank you let's get a gram in Aerith hologram very well what would you like to ask well I was the guy who got up on the stage yesterday and I apologize if i frightened you one didn't always say this well that the first thing I would say too is that I allowed its initial stage because I wanted you to make your speech and it's been reported that I interrupted your speech well I certainly would not do that and the second thing that was reported was the snatch the mic which is difficult to do when it's attached to the lectern I just want to say to you that the reason I got up on that stage is I am a passionate constitutionalist I do not believe in less or my politics and my question to you is quite simple why have you used the Constitution with a pre rogue but you will not talk about this case that is in the High Court being placed there by robbing Jill Brooke has been crowd funded by normal everyday people of a pound flat pan 10-pound not and I repeat this not by investment bankers we have raised over two hundred thousand pound for that case and the fight news media was all to war Regina Miller every MP was talking about the case and now we've got a situation dishes upset people and especially me is the government up spending over 1 million of taxpayer Graham I don't want to cut you off really but I'm going to because we've literally got 90 seconds left I think you've made the main point that you wanted to make a stir and well and no you right you didn't frighten me you didn't interrupt my speech you were obviously rather amused and what he was saying is that really we should have already come out on the 29th of March cancers like exactly and so he was saying everything else is fake news we should be out and equally as point why aren't we hearing about this case because we should have been out so I hope his message is come across and no I didn't feel threatened by you and and obviously you wants to make that case and I think people need to understand that there is a lot of people saying why aren't we out and this is where the trust has been broken between public and the politicians and we've gotta get that sorted Paul says Esther stick to your guns your visa represent the real people who live in the real world the north are behind you unite the country need the South behind you as well we need both and you know what the south is a powerhouse the North needs to be a powerhouse and if both of the engines on the gbu UK plane are flying we will saw okay as to thank you very much indeed well tomorrow we have Matt Hancock at 9:00 on Thursday Sajid Javid at 9:00 as well they'll be taking your calls too if you missed any of these interviews you can catch them all on the LBC YouTube channel I'll be back tomorrow from seven coming up at 1:00 it's Darren Adam next Tom Swarbrick Ian thank you very much indeed welcome to the show tonight at ten watching a unicorn die it's very stories they're giving you exactly what I read every evening to my two-year-old and my four year old conservative candidate Rory Stewart hits out at the fantasy of a No Deal brexit is today a cross-party group of MPs seek to once again block the government from taking us out of the EU without a deal and yet leaving the EU on the 31st of October is for me a hard red line a number of Stewart's rivals for p.m. cling to the hope of delivering no deal on the 31st of October

36 Replies to “Iain Dale Interviews The Tory Leadership Candidates – Esther McVey – LBC

  1. Do Brits ever comb their hair?
    This poor woman has believed the men trying to get into her pants, and thinks she's a clever girl.
    It would be cute if it wasn't such a dangerous idea to have an idiot in power.
    At least she realizes the Brexit debate is settled, and the people demand UK sovereignty back, unlike a good many of the Conservatives.

  2. Cometh the hour cometh the man.. We have soaked our political programme in the tears of re- moaners for far too log, the county wants and has now heard form a strong leader with the fortitude and intelligence to deliver us from the failed federal experiment. All those like me who love our neighbours in France, Ireland and the rest of Europe can support the conservative message and welcome back our Brexit Party campaigners under a majority flag. God Speed Boris.

  3. I like your words, Esther but I also liked May's words once, she then did everything she could to betray our democracy and had the audacity to cry when she failed at destroying our chance at freedom.
    I'll never vote for any party that refuses our will, you're on the wrong side of history by remaining a conservative.

  4. That’s the nearest thing I’ve heard to Mr Farage, I like it , it’s what the majority of people voted for in 2016 ..It would be a good choice for Tory PM but sadly I know it won’t happen, so it seems we will struggle on trying to get a deal with the EU , 3 more years ? Can we take that , I don’t think so.

  5. Shouldn't be giving money to other countries anyway. If we want to set up an emergency aid budget for earthquake or disaster assistance, fair play, I'm down with that. But why is it OK for the gov to forcible take money from me and you and then give it to some despot in another country why's just gonna siphon it off into their bank account.

    Of you want to give money to needed ppl around the world, get your cheque book out and do it yourself.

  6. My main issue with McVey is her eventual capitulation on May's treacherous withdrawal " deal". But she's the best of a very poor bunch of leadership candidates.

  7. A peterburgh resident called Alan Rodit has admitted that he & two others burned thousands of Brexit party votes. He stated this on a closed Facebook group called Peterburgh politics, that they laughed while burning the Brexit party votes. Police are investigating. Are the Brexit party aware of this ? Are they doing anything about it ?

  8. 21:39 because pedo gay teachers indoctrinating and manipulating children to be gay and trans is not good for anyone. They are primary school children, they don't need to be taught about relationships. That is a job of the parents, not the state. Why would they need to be taught about relationships if the age of consent is 16?

    Hmmmm maybe the pedo gay teachers want it lowered to 5? Disgusting.

  9. Are you really going to vote another woman into power ? They are not leadership material and never have been as history has proven

  10. The EU would give us a free trade agreement after we left because frankly they need are business way more than we need theirs! We are in the top 3 countries some of the biggest EU economies export to.

  11. Parents are prone to subject their children to their own prejudices including race, gender, feminism etc, children born in the UK should be presented and taught in our schools the concepts relating to the current law of the land and how they might engage in a multicultural liberal secular society. Faith schools tend to promote a particular ideology so should be resisted IMO.

  12. Let’s recover any financial losses from these treasonous 🤡. Civil Asset Forfeiture – in the end justice will endure

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