If Bloomberg is Nominee, Do Dems Stay Home?

Let’s go next to our caller from the two six,
seven area code. Who’s calling today from two six seven uh, David? Yes. Hello. Hi, my name is Greg. I’m calling from
bucks County in Pennsylvania. I’m a big fan of your show. Uh, 11, my friend, a lot of
my friends on the left on are Bernie supporters as I am. And uh, but I’m getting very concerned,
uh, about the idea of a Bloomberg candidacy and I’m concerned that it will depress, um,
it will depress votes and that we will end up with Trump. Again. I understand the arguments
that he’s kind of, he’s a version of Trump, but I also lived in New York for most of my
life and I lived through Bloomberg, the Bloomberg, uh, ownership. And I’m interested in what
you have to say, um, to Bernie supporters and people on the left who are getting, um,
disappointed about the idea of a Bloomberg possibility of Bloomberg candidacy and the
idea that they might not vote. They might sit this out and I’d love to hear what you
say. Let’s say about all that. I think it’s D I actually, I posted to my Twitter
page a few days ago, something like a, I’m getting emails from some Democrats saying,
if Bloomberg’s the nominee, they won’t vote. Where are you guys on this? And I got like
6,000 replies from a lot of Democrats saying I won’t vote if it’s Bloomberg. And I totally
understand that. I mean in Bloomberg, um, you have a guy who represents a lot of different
things. You have a guy who represents a possible sort of bailout for the of possible bailout
for the establishment that may be seeing Joe Biden tank and are unclear about Buddha judge
and Amy Klobuchar doesn’t really have support if Bloomberg’s really polling 15 nationally,
maybe he’s the guy to get behind. But then you have a voter turnout question which you’re
bringing up. And the question is, if Bloomberg is the democratic nominee, given that Bloomberg
was a Republican for so long, given that Bloomberg’s politics on a lot of social issues based on
videos that have come out recently seem to not be particularly enlightened and progressive
to put it lightly, what is it going to do to turn out and how will he fare against Donald
Trump? My answer is I don’t know. And the reason
I say that is I get emails about polling that says, Hey, you know what? In face to face
match-ups, Bloomberg does really well against Trump. And then I get other polling that says,
Hey, you know, what if Bloomberg’s the nominee that we’ll keep the largest number of democratic
voters home. So I understand the idea that Bloomberg as the nominee might depress turnout.
There are so many conflicting data points that I just don’t have an answer about that
right now. And all I can really say is if you support the policies of Bernie instead
of Bloomberg, just go out and support Bernie now and then if there’s a different nominee,
evaluate it and make a decision as to what’s best at that point. Yeah, absolutely. I think it’s incredibly
difficult. There’s not even enough information yet tonight it’s going to be a whole different
spin on this. Um, because of the debates and of course the mentioning media, MSNBC in particular
has been, uh, ridiculous. This is, this is in their anti, uh, in their anti Bernie, uh,
screeds. So, uh, yeah, it’s going to be real. And one last question. Uh, if you had to vote
right now and you had to choose between Trump and Bloomberg, how would you vote? Yeah, I, I would vote for Bloomberg over Trump.
And I know there’s a lot of people saying there’s no difference. It’s just a richer
version of Trump with a lot of the same ideas that the reasons why I would vote for Bloomberg
over Trump are number one, the Supreme court choices Bloomberg would make would not be
as bad as the ones Trump would make. Number two, Bloomberg actually has both sort of diplomatic
and, uh, political experience that Trump lacks, which is the source of a lot of Donald Trump’s
missteps. That would be number two. And then number three, although it would be no great
party if Bloomberg were president, Bloomberg would restore some of the respect from world
leaders that we have lost under Trump, although certainly, certainly not all. So for me, I
wouldn’t be cheering about voting for Bloomberg over Trump, but I would definitely vote Bloomberg
over Trump. Yeah. Thank David. I really appreciate your opinion and I’m a great fan of the show. Thanks so much.

100 Replies to “If Bloomberg is Nominee, Do Dems Stay Home?

  1. Why would ANYONE want to vote for a oligarch worth 62 billion dollars who didn’t do a single thing to work for their vote yet spent hundreds of millions of his own money to buy himself a nomination ?

  2. We’d likely have an extremely large 3rd party showing, which wouldn’t be so bad. If Bloomberg gets the nomination, the Democratic Party will need to be replaced with something interested in winning elections.

  3. I loathe Donald Trump and the entire GOP, but if the Dems railroad Sanders again like in 2016, I hope they f**king lose in 2020.

  4. Americans have such delusional ideas about how their federal democracy works. Most of the power is in the Reps and Senate. That's where the corrupt swill lives. The president does relatively little. That's how you survived 3 years of Trump's attempts to change things. If you "stay at home" you are really fucking up the Reps and Senate, and facilitating TRUMP. Maybe there's nothing wrong with Trump getting in again, if he's hamstrung totally by the Reps. But if you stay at home, you risk Trump getting some power.

  5. Apparently a lot of bernie voters do not understand and see what trump is and what is actually at stake by keeping trump in by not voting if bloomberg gets the nomination. If people actually see reality they would never even give not voting a single thought. Hitler is in the oval office right now. Bloomberg isnt anywhere near the hitler level. You arent seeing. You just arent

  6. It’s a disgusting thought but I will hold my nose and vote Blue regardless. He’s an awful choice but he’s not Orange. The DNC had best not screw Bernie over.

  7. If it isn't Sanders as nominee – emigrate. Then lock the doors on the way out as Trumpy will have won and his dictatorship will be complete.

  8. I wouldn’t stay home; I would go vote for all the stuff on my ballot including re-electing Doug Jones, but Bloomberg hell no.

  9. If you care about the future of healthcare, immigration, and civil rights, YOU VOTE BLUE, NO MATTER WHO. The worst thing that can happen to this country is another four years of this dictatorial sociopathic narcissist.

  10. Nahh, I'm holding my nose and voting for Bloomberg. Trump and the Republicans have got to go. Suck it up people and remember the end goal.

  11. So Bernie supporters won't vote if he isn't the nominee. Now people say the same thing if Bloomberg is! What is wrong with people? 45 is a disaster. All those negative words used to describe him are true! We need to take back the job PERIOD! None of the candidates running now would be as bad a choice as trumplethinskin! If you really love your country, vote to take it back! Or we will be annexed by Russia or maybe N. Korea!! THINK!!

  12. You shouldn't stay home if Bloomberg manages to steal the Dem nomination, you should vote for Trump because he is to the left of Bloomberg. Strategic voting cuts both ways, if the DNC undemocratically appoints someone more conservative than the republican candidate then voters should act accordingly and not just pretend he's a democrat because there's a D next to his name.

  13. No,,, they won't stay home. "they got no place to go" ~Bill Maher.
    Bloomberg will destroy tRump. Show him some respect.

    Also,, Beware of Russian bots supporting Bernie. Putin knows Bernie is the easiest to beat. He will use Bernie to hack the election.

  14. Even if emperor Palpatine gets the democratic nominee, vote for him over Trump! He might be a little bit too dark side, but at least he's not Trump.

  15. The only way Bloomberg is the nominee is at the convention where Super Delegates vote against the overwhelming Sanders victories in the primaries. That would be the biggest insult to people who want a better life.

  16. Caller's logic was for shit. I would rather have Bernie than Bloomberg. But the right has very successfully painted Bernie as a Socialist, the bad word for the 2020 election cycle. I think Bernie could lose to Trump in another electoral college decision. But I believe if Bernie is the nominee he would have the support of the entire Democratic party because defeating Trump is a united goal. I would vote for Bloomberg for the reasons David named. And additional reasons like any of the Democratic candidates would not leave the vacancies in vital government positions Trump has. Or make cabinet member choices like Ben Carson, Betsy Devos, etc. And would not bring the corruption that has landed six Trump cronies in jail. Many more reasons including Trump's most recent scandals like the pardons, interfering in court cases and firing the DNI director for reporting election interference. I do not understand progressives or any other Democrats that would not vote for whomever the Democratic candidate might be.

  17. I’m at a public event and can’t watch the video right now. My answer to the video subject line? Fuck no! I will NOT VOTE for that fucking Republican Bloomberg. Also, I know at least a 100 people who know a 100 people who know a 100 people…who will NOT vote the same as me!

  18. If you allow bloomberg to even come close to Trump, never mind beat him, you will simply be reinforcing the status quo, playing right into their hands for years to come. More importantly, Mike would bring on a lot worse legislation instead of just tweeting about some celebrity feud. Trump may not be great but at least he has humour and some backbone, Mike strikes me as having neither.

  19. is this a trick question? LOL actually, i agree with others, since i will be fighting for the other progressive candidates, myself, so we hopefully will be able to motivate everyone to saturate the govt with progressives!!!

  20. YES In force. After burning down everything. Fuck Bloomingturd. Fuck Clinton. Fuck the DNC. Fuck all those lying opportunistic hypocritical pieces of shit who are running in the Democratic primary. Bernie or FUCK IT ALL!

    Are we CLEAR?

  21. The logic of anyone is better than trump is highly questionable. Voting for Bloomberg is tantamount to contributing to the same neo-liberal conditions that engendered Trump.

  22. He is unfortunately the only Dem candidate I could not vote for. It's not even a Bernie thing… it's just that Bloomberg is the left's version of Trump. Also, for me, his ridiculous and illogical hatred of all guns is something I cannot get behind. Cmon any other dem candidate!!!!

  23. It's pretty much Bernie or bust at this point. I could stomach a vote for Warren and I would have voted for Gabbard or Yang if they were viable candidates. If Biden or Buttigieg get it, I'm not voting (as in I will show up to vote for everything else except the president which I will leave blank). If the DNC allows Bloomberg to subvert the process and basically buy the nomination, I'm done with them for good and I WILL VOTE FOR TRUMP OUT OF SPITE!

  24. Unbelievable.
    Another 4-8 years of a racist, sexist, xenophobic, lgbtq phobic, zero respect for no-low income humans, son of a bitch president? Real good look for the country.

  25. Might as well play the violin as the ship sinks if Bloomberg wins/steals the nomination… The working class people of the US are fucked with him or Trump both

  26. I'm Sorry… I'd Vote for Bloomberg Any Day Over T-Rump and Twice on Sunday!!!… At least Bloomberg Actually Cares about Climate Change, Clean Energy, Renewable Energy Sources, Stricter Gun Laws!!!…

    Also Un-Like T-Rump who ran on … "I'm Not taking Any Money from Anyone, So I won't be Obligated to Donars, etc. (LIAR) He just Pardoned a Family Member of the People who just had a Fund Raising Party, That raised 10 MILLION Dollars for his Campaign!!!😜😝😣😒😡…

    Bloomberg hasn't taken Anything from Anyone!!!… And Even after becoming a Private Citizen… Bloomberg has spent ALOT of his Time and Money to Support and Raise Awareness for All the above mentioned Important Issues!!!….

    I realize Bloomberg may not be Perfect…. But after visiting his Campaign Website and reading his Personal Story… I can Promise you … He's ALOT Better than T-Rump will EVER Be!!!… And Unlike T-Rump, Bloomberg has Actually Not Only Admitted to his Mistakes, Apologized, And asked for Forgiveness!!!…

    Those are things T-Rump will Never do… Except for the "one" time he got caught on a LIVE Microphone… Talking about Sexually Assaulting Women and Grabbing their P*$$y's!!!😜😝😣😒😡….

    This decision should Absolutely be a NO BRAINER!!!… JUSSAYIN'😞

  27. Like the Bernie voters who voted for Trump? https://www.google.com/search?q=Like+the+Bernie+voters+who+voted+for+Trump&rlz=1C1CHBD_enUS850US851&oq=Like+the+Bernie+voters+who+voted+for+Trump&aqs=chrome..69i57&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

  28. Honestly what america wants to see is completely different to what they actually need. They want Bernie to be this obama-type passionate convincing man who inspires and convinces you to elect him but on a real note he is a VERY experienced and MORAL politician who has been in office his whole life and fights for the people. Stop looking for a legacy. The president's who try to talk themselves up are usually in it for themselves

  29. Why we have to explain that a man that thinks nuking hurricanes is a good idea , or locking children up at the border, who says article 2 gives him unlimited power, while showing signs of increasing cognitive decline is worse than Bloomberg, is beyond me.

  30. Why is Trump bad? Seriously, it's been 4 years, absolutely none of the fear mongering came to pass.

    Is it a pride thing? Just can't get over it? I voted Bernie then Hillary in 2016. But looking back on the past few years, I have to admit I was wrong. The worst thing about all of this is his Twitter feed. Why does Twitter matter? Delete it and your life will improve vastly.

  31. Bloomberg is bad on economics and social justice. In fact his economics is bad social justice.

    Also, it is cruel to expect people whose rights have been violated to vote for the person who violated them.

    Voting for Bloomberg is a vote for concentration of power.

    One of the most powerful people on the planet should not have the most powerful position on the planet.

    No Bloomberg.

  32. Bloomberg is not going to help push against our slide into fascism, nor frankly would any of the other candidates except Bernie. We need a true progressive or I think we're fucked. Neo-liberalism opens the door to fascism: Democrats may be willing to take a literal protofascist in Trump over Bernie, just to stay in power. I don't doubt their capacity to sell us out.

  33. I will not stay home but I will never vote for Bloomberg. If Bernie gets screwed again, I will write his name in and Trump will get re-elected. Corporate Dems should really watch their step at this point. They seem to be on the track to losing yet another election to Donald Trump.

  34. TO "NOT VOTE" IS TO VOTE FOR TRUMP. When given the choice of voting for tRump and allow him free rein to continue to tear down the Rule of Law in this nation for 4 more years – or vote for any other human being on the face of the Earth, I'll vote for whoever is the Democratic Candidate. It's a no-brainer. I can't BE any plainer than that.

  35. If Bloomberg is the nominee, there are two ways I could vote. If Bernie won the vote, but they stole the nomination, I write in Bernie Sanders. If Bloomberg actually won the vote, I'd write in Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez.

    Bloomberg would lose to Trump, he might not be worse than Trump, (I'm not convinced having competent fascist is better than having an incompetent one), but the are both bad in ways Republicans love, and Democrats don't. Trump has enough loyalty from his base that they will not go to any Democrat, even a fake Democrat like Bloomberg. All Bloomberg will get are a small number of never-Trump Republicans, a few Democrat loyalists, and a few people who are tired of needing to clutch their pearls and recognize that Bloomberg is better at hiding his scandals. There is no sensible winning coalition for Bloomberg.

  36. Bloomberg isn’t going to be our nominee. But he IS going to finance that nominee’s campaign. He will personally outspend the entire corrupt Republican apparatus. It will be no more than lint from his pockets, but it will mean everything to us.

  37. Writing in Bernie will get you the same outcome as voting directly for Trump (especially if you live in a purple state). If you live in a blue state (CA for example), go for it since Trump has no chance there. If you live in Michigan and write in Bernie that may sway the election to Trump. There is NO WAY Bloomberg is as bad as Trump especially when it comes to being a racist asshole. Even though Bloomberg has said some racist things he's not going to build the wall and ban people from other countries. I don't see Bloomberg getting the nomination anyway…but if he did I'd bite the bullet and vote for him.

  38. David. No other platform will pass youtube. And if they do they will end up with the same problems. They arent even paying you real currency on that platform. Not only that but the viewer base will never be as much. You have 800k subs. You already are doing well.

  39. I will not vote for anyone other than Bernie, not Bloomberg, not anyone else. I've held my nose and pulled the blue lever for the last time. If Bernie does not get the nom, we DESERVE TRUMP and everything that comes with him.

  40. I think trump would win if anyone other than Bernie goes through: guaranteed: the fact that cnn or any other morons who think otherwise is mind boggling

  41. Bloomberg got his butt kicked by Warren so using that analogy Warren would be the “who” that could beat trumpy. I am in NV I voted the first day of early voting and Bernie is who I voted for and I don’t see any reason why he would not be the Democrat Candidate for 2020 so I plan on voting for him in November!

  42. Nope, I might even vote against him. A Bloomberg candidacy would keep voters home. And Bloomberg team might even know that. Bloomberg would be happy to have another four years of Trump.

  43. I will almost certainly stay home. What would be the point of going through the hassle? Goes for Biden too. Everyone else is worth a shot.

  44. Bernie's got this, and we who support him are not taking "no" for an answer again! We need and deserve Bernie. Not a Democrat version of ttrump! The Democrats don't seem to learn any better than ttrump, by the fact that they are trying to shove him down our already dry throats! Vote Bernie Sanders, then no question! We can write in our choice for president while voting. Write in Bernie Sanders and vote for change, demand positive changes in Washington! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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