If Mayor Pete Wins Iowa, Can He Win Nomination?

A next question. Hey David, if a Pete Buddha judge wins Iowa,
could he win the nomination even if he never takes the lead in national polling? This is a very interesting question. So if you look at national polling right now,
as of as of this recording, booted judges polling just under 8%. Now that doesn’t sound like much, but it does
represent a close to doubling of Pete booted judges polling. If you go back just a few months, Pete, who? Jesuit polling as low a as as about 4% he’s
at nearly 8% so certainly his national support has increased. He has been helped, as we talked about earlier
by MSNBC. His choice to give him way more talk time
than his polling level would dictate if talk time correlates with polling support. But this is an election that is a bunch of
primaries. It is not one national election. So let’s look at the States. If you look at Iowa, a Pete Buddha judge,
according to the last four polls, is leading in Iowa and he surged to take the lead over
Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden, Warren Sanders and Biden, depending
on which poll, you look at our between second and fourth P Buddha judges in the lead. What about New Hampshire? If you go over to New Hampshire right now,
Pete Buddha judge has made a significant gain in New Hampshire but is not as of now in the
lead, technically still in third place, although within the margin of error ahead of Bernie,
behind Warren and Biden. Then you go to Nevada, which is primary number
three and in Nevada, Buddha judge at this point appears to have no chance whatsoever. He’s pulling around five to nine and remember
that if you don’t get 15% you don’t get any delegates whatsoever. So in Nevada as of now, shaping up to be a
zero for Buddha judge. And then when you look at South Carolina,
the first of the four primaries that has more minority voters, Pete, Buddha, judge, also
very behind in fourth place with as little as 3% support in one of the most recent polls. So if Pete Buddha judge wins Iowa, can he
win the nomination? It is not obvious to me, but he also is still
in this thing. There are people who are big budaj supporters
who are making the case that he is sort of on an Obama like trajectory for late gain
and that even if he’s not winning right now in Nevada and South Carolina, if he takes
Iowa, that’s going to help him in New Hampshire. If you take Iowa and New Hampshire that’s
going to get a momentum and help them in Nevada and then at least he might be able to get
some delegates out of South Carolina. Even as unlikely as it might be that he wins
there. The answer is yeah, he could win, but it is
a significantly uphill battle compared to Biden, Warren and Bernie who are currently
in a position where if their elections today mirrored their polling today, they would get
delegates. Pete, Buddha, judge in a number of these States
would get zero delegates because he’s not pulling 15% which is required to get any delegates. Iowa’s a little different because it’s a caucus
where there are sort of subsequent rounds of consolidating support. We don’t have to get into the details of that. So if you are a Buddha judge supporter and
you are holding out hope, yes he could still win the nomination. And this is why I’ve said it does make sense
for him to be in the debates. It doesn’t make sense for a lot of the other
people who are in the debates to be in the debates. If you are not a Buddha judge supporter, it
is still the most likely scenario that he does not secure the nomination. But it was unlikely that Trump was going to
secure the nomination at one point as well. So let’s not read more into that than is warranted. Uh, he’s in this thing and if he does win
Iowa, it will no doubt be a boost to his campaign.

100 Replies to “If Mayor Pete Wins Iowa, Can He Win Nomination?

  1. Wallstreet Pete will never win the nomination without the black vote. He's polling at 0% with black people. Case closed.

  2. Pistol “ I’m not here to talk about policies “ Pete? Lol if he wins I’m legit voting for trump out of spite , booty judge wants to win to be the first gay president that’s it , he offers no change

  3. Bernie will definitely over preform the polls as the polls are largely looking at older white people that regularly vote.

  4. This guy will be a younger version of tRump. Why do people forget about how he treated his black chief of police? Can’t let this go, gotta keep it fresh in the minds of those sucked into his lies.

  5. You talks about democracy but says nothing of support to Evo Moralis that USA illegally overthrow so the right wing puppet extremist dictator can kill innocent civilians

  6. This illustrates why Iowa is over-rated in the primaries. It frankly, bugs me that one state like Iowa is supposed to vet the candidates. I don’t like it.

  7. Winning Iowa might make media go all in with him which would hurt Biden and Elizabeth giving Bernie a clear path to the nomination.

  8. Platitude Pete is on track to get zero black votes. He can't pull his sleazy opt-out scam at the ballot box or 'mentor' them into voting for him.

    Then again, since he's a shapeless, amoral, empty suit who only cares about winning and increasing his own power, maybe he'll decide to morph into a Republican and try to suppress black voters.

  9. I think if you look at the sample size and the demographics of the people polled this was a very obvious tip of the hat in the direction of Pete buttigieg. So these polls are being constructed to present an establishment narrative.

  10. Whats wrong with American voters…….? Are they a bit slow? Dont they get it? Bernie is the only true M4A candidate and the only one that will give you European level of cowerage. Are you screwing it up again? BERNIE 2020 if you are pro M4A…..

  11. In the last five national polls, Buttigieg is polling at 11% (4th), 11% (4th), 16% (2nd), 7% (4th) and 9% (4th). The 16% looks like an outlier. He is polling well in Iowa and New Hampshire, but he polls poorly with black voters, and Iowa and New Hampshire are overwhelmingly white. Also, he has spent a lot of money on ads and staff in those two states. He is gay, which is a political two-edged sword. Can’t see him being the nominee, all things considered. “Humanity First” 👉

  12. Hopefully not cause this is what you might get
    "Uncovered Video of Pete Buttigieg at Tea Party Event"

  13. If mayor Pete wins Iowa there's something seriously wrong with Iowa. He is the candidate that wants to be President simply because he wants to be President, he's a nothing of substance candidate, the second worst candidate in the field after Joe Biden, who has lost his mind and is basically a light republican.

  14. Lol… yes david. That extra 90 seconds he got is why his polling went up 😛

    Honestly, I think it would serve the right wing right for electing trump, if the left was to troll republicans and elect an openly gay president…
    That said, I don't think America can overcome their bigotry to vote for someone who violates "god's law" or whatever. I REAALY don't want another 4 years of trump. Everything else is secondary. The last thing we need is to push southern blacks or Latinos into a position where they feel they have to choose between god and removing trump, or light a fire under evangelicals even more than trump already does.

    For the good of the country, we need someone else to be the nominee.

  15. Pakman is one of the few independent leftist voices who doesn't disparage one Democratic candidate in favor of dogmatic support for another, and do the Republicans' work for them. Thank you for that, David.

  16. As long as Buttigieg doesn’t tank in the polls I feel like Bernie wins Iowa, he’s the top second choice for warren and Biden voters so either of them falling to fourth in the state should guarantee a Sanders victory.

  17. Hey, in the hearts and minds of the establishment, he’s already a winner. To everyone else, he’s Mayor Pete, racist and all around empty suit.

  18. Yeah Democrats. Run a male homosexual candidate and loose huge voting blocks of folks in the Democratic party, especially the older voting African Americans. Good luck with this guy. PS Putin's Russia Propaganda Machine Will Have A Field Day With This Guy.

  19. David said Buttigieg national poll is 8% but that's wrong. It was 11% yesterday which is when David posted this video.

  20. This dude is the creepiest most psychopathic subversive candidate of them all. Hes willing to sell his soul to the establishment just for a shot at the presidency. I hope he tanks hard and fast

  21. Bernie will win New Hampshire! among the 1st two primary states, New Hampshire is more important, imo.
    I live on the Maine-New Hampshire border and will be shocked if Buttigieg places higher than 3rd; don't see it happening.

  22. I really hate that YouTube's autoplay never plays 2 david pakman clips in a row, always defaults to msnbc or latenite shows. Grrr

  23. This freak of nature has NO chance!!! You liberals are some sick individuals that support all that is deviant in society. Trump will rule the day and you all will be crying again. So keep dreaming so we can keep laughing at you.

  24. While I am a Buttigieg supporter, he doesn't do great in the debates. That is definitely not the reason for his rise. I truly think it is his "phase 3 plan" or whatever. That's why he started to do well in the early states before his national rise.

  25. It's up in the air. I really hope the Zoomers vote in the primaries. They're the ones that have the most to lose if any non progressive wins the nomination. I don't understand how Buttigieg can sleep at night, knowing who he is and what he's trying to do. For someone so young to be so corrupt is a travesty.

  26. He won't win Iowa. The only poll that shows him leading in Iowa was a CNN funded poll. Surprise surprise. He is a boring centrist bought and paid for by the establishment and corrporate media. He has no chance. Bernie will outperform the polls and sweep Iowa and NH and the msm will have a melt down. Mark my words.

  27. The Bees (Biden, Butegieug and Bloomberg) cannot beat trump. They’re boring moderates that will not be able to harness a motivated volunteer corps outside the party machine.

    Anyone else would be able to do a better job.

  28. The contest is between Warren and Sanders. One of them will be up against the Republican, probably not Trump. Don't believe the "staged" hype over any others.

  29. Can I just say how much I would LOVE to see a Pete vs Donald debate!! Two totally opposing personalities. Pete already sounds so smart, then you compare him to the Circus Peanut in the white house, I think he'd sound otherworldly, lol!!

  30. This cocky a~~hole thinks he's so smart. I will never ever vote for that f~g~t!!! If he's the nominee I will not be voting for him. f him!!!

  31. The black church won't vote for a gay guy. Its sad to say. I think his policies are to vanilla but thats the least of his problems. He can win South Bend because its like the gay capital of the midwest. Especially for blacks its almost like the Atlanta LGBT.

  32. Let’s be realistic here people. Pete is gay. He will NEVER win any swing states. Sorry, but that’s the way it is.

  33. Mayor Pete is very smart, highly educated, decent, and loaded with charm and common sense. None of that counts to the double digit IQ people who will vote for a scumbag like Donald Trump. Sadly, Mayor Pete isn't KKK and he doesn't want to give each black person a $100,000 reparations/bribe to vote for him. So, now we're down to Bernie & Elizabeth. Why don't they just team up & the hell with the rest of the clown show? That begs the question: who gets to be prez? Bernie does because he has the penis and he's a better politician. That will fly because when he croaks in office, Elizabeth will be ready to take over. No malarkey, cut to the chase & dump Trump now.

  34. Guys guess what? I know who’s gonna win the nomination!

    It’s whoever the media talks about the most.

    That’s why “the front-runner” has changed 500 times since this race started. We’re basically a rag doll to the media.

    Americans are very simple people. They’ll vote for whoever they see on TV the most.

    Worked for Trump, worked for Obama, works every time.

  35. Sigh… Every bigot in the country will come out to vote if you put a gay man at the top of the ticket. Plus, there the fact that he has issues in the black community, as well as, a total lack of experience. Great guy but he wouldn't win a national election.

  36. He’s polling around 11% nationally now per real clear politics’ aggregate.
    He’s also in the lead in New Hampshire with Bernie being second

  37. He's not my first choice, but after Sanders and Warren, I'd gladly vote for him. He's the only one I've seen talking about how we need to un-fuck the country (and the world) after Trump hopefully gets snapped out of existence.

  38. If you choose a candidate that black people are not voting for now….you will have a candidate that black people wont vote for later.

  39. Iowa uses the caucus system, so remember in Iowa it is about the intensity of support. The date for the Iowa caucus if Feb 3rd, will there be a decline for Pete, Iowa or nationally, as well.

  40. sexism is a worse problem in our world than any other form of prejudice.

    never forget that black men won the right to vote before ALL women.

    Is America really going to elect a gay man president before a woman? jesus christ

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  42. Slippery Pete is an obvious liar and political animal, who are the feebs fooled by him? Or are they all just sellouts? #bernie2020

  43. Sorry he can't get the black vote in his own state or any other state. And the Anglicans wouldn't vote for him. I personally like him, but he can't in my opinion beat Trump.

  44. I personally think polling is an inaccurate source of data. It does not take into account the sheer masses of folks who don't normally vote. These are the people that will pour out of the woodwork to vote Bernie

  45. I wish mayor Pete would sit down. it's just not a good strategy to go gay for a president in 2019 with this right-wing upswing and a rise in animosity toward LGBT community. I'm gay myself, for the record.

  46. If you look at the map from 2008, Obama carried the deep south except for Florida and Texas. I think he will have to do better with the black vote to get the same result.

  47. Unfortunately the most likely candidate to win the nomination at this point is still Biden. Lots of progressives thought that he should've been more or less done by this point, but he isn't. He is still leading the polls by a 10 point average and will likely continue to do so for the next few weeks. We might see a slight shake in in January leading up to the first primary but I don't believe we would see much change. If Bernie manages to get within 3-4pts avg. on the polls behind Biden then he could potentially take a lot of the early states since he has more support among unlikely voters, which will give him momentum going into the later states. But if Bernie doesn't move on the polls and is still at ~10pts avg. behind Biden by the end of January, then I think the expected higher turnout and enthusiasm will not be enough to offset that massive gap he still needs to close.

  48. If he wins, it'll be due to our aging populous who still can't tell the difference between socialism and communism, let alone what Bernie actually stands for while not having the base competency to understand what public roadways, public schools, and fire and police departments are.

  49. I'm afraid I'll have to make a somewhat stern correction on the whole "Delegate threshold" thing.

    This is the Democratic Primary. In the Democratic Primary, Candidates don't just get Delegates from States, they also get Delegates from individual districts. So even if Pete Buttigieg (or, heck, Andrew Yang is a decent example as well) doesn't get 15% of the vote in any of the early States, they can still pick up Delegates by getting over 15% in individual districts. In fact, if they get just over 15% in all but a few Districts in some of these States — which would make the total of the State be less than 15% — they can pick up quite a fair number of Delegates.

    And yes, if a Candidate wins a State, that will certainly help in polling in other States.

  50. pakman has a mouth full of something sticky, he's
    can't pronounce his words without his lips
    sticking to his tongue,
    friend of Pete?

  51. Life long Iowan here! I don’t understand how Buttigieg and Biden are polling in the lead. I personally would love to see either Bernie or Warren win the nomination. Most people I know are Bernie fans! Love ❤️ your show by the way 🙂

  52. Just as a note, he only had more time than others in the debate because of the double spat with klob and tulsi. He was in 6th or 7th before that. Tulsi didnt have to bring him up, but she decided to.
    Without that I think you see a much more "fair" amount of talking time.
    So I suppose I dont really think stating media bias is particularly fair.

  53. Pete won't win because there is no way you can get the nomination with 1% of the African American vote and i dont see that changing anytime soon. Also Bernie Sanders is leading new Hampshire in the 2 most recent polls

  54. If anyone besides Sanders gets the nomination, then it will be trump in 2020. Furthermore, fuck this mayor Pete guy. He’s mayor of the 4the largest city in Indiana. How does that prepare you to be POTUS? The only reason he’s running for potus is because there is absolutely no way he’s getting re-elected

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