Thanks for coming Mr. Zuckerberg. How are you? Just a sec. Mom? Could you get me my Frodo ring? I want it here Okay, now that we got the ring sorted out we can move on to the topic at hand, which
is the concerns that have been raised– You need water, okay… Now as I was saying, there’s been a lot of
concern about peoples’ private information and how– Okay, how ’bout you just chug the water? I want you to cut it off Are you blowing bubbles? I”m gonna have to spank you Okay now, are you good? I swear, it’s like he’s got a mask on Listen kid, blink if you’re not a lamp We’d like you to make a little smile just to show that you can Oh, good heavens, that’s just horrible. Stop that son! For the rest of the day, will you not do that
please? Umm, so, I have to admit that all of this
is just boring as beans And I’m – what are we talking about? And what am I gonna ask? It was about… oh yeah
So, when I have the Facebook then do I also have the internet? Umm, yeah, you do
Mmm-hhhh I’d just like everyone to know that my van
is for sale Great
I mean, I don’t know how you feel about that But if you got to kinda like drive it and
stuff, then You know I’m pretty sure you’d want to buy
it Nope
Wait, cuz this van, I mean, it’s special Nope
No, hey, I’ll send you a picture and you’ll say “I want this in my driveway” No, please don’t send anything Okay, well I guess you’re stupid It’s just a van I told you it’s a special van! Do you think that I might need to shave my
head for a Frenchman? Because some people have said to me “you should
shave your head” What do you think? Just say “No, I will not do that? Okay Mr. Zuckerman World War I was awful, do you agree? Uh, yes Well, why are we even here then? Senator Graham? [singing] “Judy you were meant to be only with me”
“La da da da – Judy you were born in moonlight” Senator Graham? Huh? Do you got any questions for me, or…? Shoot, see, what happened there is you guys
caught me singing “Judy Moonlight” Because I really like it. It’s a really great song. Because of, Judy Moonlight is the one the
song is about Hey, ask me something Do you like your heart rate? I’ll get back to you about that My turn! Can we be friends later? No, I mean, we probably shouldn’t Would you say that if I lived in a treehouse? I doubt it Have you ever smelled a girl’s feet? Cuz I imagine you and me could be doing that
at some point No WHat’s the problem, little friend? Don’t try to get in my Porsche again But I really like yoU! MISTER FACEBOOK MAN
Lift your hand out like this, boy, swing it out like this
You think it’s hard? Believe me, I could hold a hand in the air
all DAY You see it? I see it It’s tradition where I’m from to stare at the outstretched hand! That’s for having your hair like that Hey, I’ll go bro Do you worry about those little weenies you
get from Barb from downstairs? I do not want that to be a thing Hey really, man, I think people will find you more fun if you open your mind about the
little weenies I doubt that Over here Sorry kid, I forget your name Uh, Bojang Bugami Bugami, that’s weird! Say, what is that? Flemish, or French, or Japanese, or Anglo?
Yep Okay Good hang, buddy Cool hang You have a bean head Wow, really? That’s great That kind of reminds me of how I knew Einstein back when I was just a kid
And I would go to his apartment and dude had a green bean bag I wish that was right And he had this deal where you could also
make all the chocolate milk you liked You know, I can tell you what Einstein would
have said about Facebook: HORSE MANURE PILE Umm, that’s cool Turd satchel — remember, those are Einstein’s words Hey Mark Do you have a painful scrote? Uh, no I do not Well you will in time Judy you were meant to be only with me, la
da da da Judy you were born in moonlight Judy you were meant to be only with me, la da da da Judy you were born in moonlight

100 Replies to ““INTERROGATING ZUCKERBERG” — A Bad Lip Reading

  1. Don't mess with black magic . Or you end up like this !
    What kind of life is that ?
    He got all the money of the world.
    But no life .
    Rather be poor on the streets than my body being tormented by demons 24/7.

  2. Before this I watched an ad that was a minute long and I forgot this was a lip sync for like a whole two minutes I thought it was real

  3. Creepy as fk ….he drinks water like every few seconds and behaves weirdly and facial expressions like he is a reptilian.

  4. Listen to the REVEAL podcast about Facebook and how they allowed kids to spend their parents credit cards for thousands of dollars on games. They KNEW what was going on and they let it happen, in fact did not put in the safety guards they even engineered to put in because it would lose them money. And now suckerboy talks about privacy. They should all be in jail.

  5. 1:18 just the way you can feel the sadness of dissapointment in the way he just drifts off. Who ever does the voice acting is a seasoned professional.

  6. So nobody gon talk about the woman sitting next to Zuck who looks like Nicolas Cage from National treasure?

  7. 2 choices, actually watch the real thing and care about what's happening in the world orrr ignore the real world and watch this all day, yep, here we all are

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