INTERVIEW | Governance Roadshow begins in Letterkenny

it's important we are out and about as much as is physically possible between now and EEG em and the AGM that we get to as many people we engage it's about engagement the Football Association of Ireland is a service provider for the game of association football these are our customers if you want to look at it like that these are the volunteers these are I said the people invested in the game we have a responsibility to listen to them to engage with them and in conjunction with them plot the path forward from my point of view obviously we produced a report as our best endeavor we have to put in place good governance foundations the feedback has been very very positive so far again the questions are on the detail but the substantive points about the arrangements and the structures I think most people understand that these are necessary reforms and indeed working with ones this is a chance at a new beginning yeah a chance of putting in place firm foundations for the future I think it would be fantastic if it can be unanimously approved and everybody can move forward in a very positive way I would be very enthusiastic but that can happen we're going to listen to the concerns they have address them maybe there's something they've missed in the report so I'll lay their fears set the context why is it so important for the Association going into the future that the report and its recommendations are doctors I think when you look at a prudent and careful transition of a knee board or a knee structure or any Association it's important that if that there's a more serious risk I consider posed by everybody leaving together and leaving that vacuum of knowledge corporate memory insights and relationships so we have we have suggested that one and meta maximum two board members should might consider putting themselves forward for nomination or re-election to effectively help pass the baton on to the incoming members remember it's going to be a 12 member board – from possibly to create the existing board that still leaves 10 people who would not have been involved in the FAI before so that transition that smooth transition that prudent transition we we considered as a group is really to I spoke in my address of our stakeholders and parents there's one where are they represented who speaks for them children where they represented who speaks for them our commercial partners who speaks for them so it is about key I know the obvious key stakeholders export are in the Department of sport you know our volunteers and so forth but it's the full range of the stakeholders in this that this is a report that makes this an organization fit for all of them

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