Is ‘hostage diplomacy’ happening in China? | DW News

Is this the latest pawn in a global power
game? Spy novelist and blogger Yang Hengjun was
a Chinese diplomat before he became an Australian citizen. He flew from the New York to Guangzhou last
week, where he mysteriously dropped off the grid. Friends raised the alarm when he couldn’t
be contacted. Beijing at first denied all knowledge of his
whereabouts. But now officials have confirmed Yang is in
residential detention in Beijing and has been charged with espionage. Australia is demanding consular access at
the earliest opportunity. It’s also seeking urgent clarification as
to whether Yang’s detention, is linked to Canada’s arrest of top Huawei executive Meng
Wanzhou in December. China has detained several foreigners since
then, widely seen as retaliation. Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne sees
no evidence of a connection, for the moment. I would be concerned if there was an indication
of that. So we are calling on the Chinese authorities
to ensure that this matter is dealt with transparently and fairly. Feng Chongyi, a friend and colleague of Yang’s,
says the arrest is clearly linked to what he calls, Beijing’s “hostage diplomacy”. Because of the Huawei case, I believe they
are using these people as hostages to exercise pressure on Canadian government, on the government
of the United States and the government of Australia as well to release Meng Wanzhou
back to China. China’s recent detention of foreign nationals
is straining its international relations. But Beijing appears determined to play hard
ball, in a high-stakes dispute with the West.

28 Replies to “Is ‘hostage diplomacy’ happening in China? | DW News

  1. Looks world is heading for wider war.
    Yesterday colonial master group & their extended progeny nations do not want a change to changing world.
    Can they succeed to remain in dominance or heading to destruction of life on earth.
    Is the death the cure for old habits & all diseases or is there some other way.
    Enlightened new generation vioce across nations may be the answer?

  2. Just bloody stop your conspiracy and siding with war-monger Americans or Canadian…No one is scare of you….it is not like WWI OR II…We'll try to make it sure has Yankees and their puppets suffer the most this time because we want a revenge..

  3. We take their Chinese CEOs hostages, the Chinese takes ours hostage.

    It's the Biblical an eye for an eye as all Abraham's religions love to wage their "tariffs wars" against all those "minorities" who don't just bend over and take the militaristic white supremacists' imaginary white he-god's mushroom-dick up the ass!

    The fanatic Abraham' religions all want the last battle? Well I am certain by now that a whole united Asia and the Earth itself will give them oldest Nazis tribrd what they desire the most:a nuclear "Pro-life" war.

    Godless Best
    Projectheureka LLc

  4. can we kickstart an organ harvesting app already ? E-commerce styled with live bidding (thanks to chinese 5G speed there won't be lag when people do last minute bidding also)….that guy up there might just be China's first customer/product…

  5. I am visiting China next moth for travel and my question is AM I ok to travel in China?
    I am now afraid of traveling in China!
    I already bought a ticket to China and booked hotel…
    Are we ok? any suggestion? I am a US citizen

  6. These people are so dumb. Why would China arrest an Australian to create hostilities with Canada? Does the news outlet think Chinese can't differentiate between western countries LOL. Like you can't think your audience is that dumb. The propoganda machines these days are off the charts with idiotic narratives. I wonder why they are so desperate? hmmmmm…

  7. Pandas are not the cuddly creatures they appear to be. They have sharp teeth and can bite. Don't enter the panda enclosure when visiting the zoo.

  8. What does Australia has anything to do with the tension between China and Canada? Just silly. Being a political activist against the Chinese government, it's always a dumb idea to go into the country.

  9. when a Thief is caught in the act, they will deny it, ask a false witness to support them that they are accused wrongly and if those do not go to their ways they will use their connections and any necessary actions to escape the accusation. that is what China Communist Government is doing now.


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