100 Replies to “Is Political Correctness Ruining Comedy? // Megan MacKay

  1. When the comments on your video`s are funnier and by far more amusing, clever, better crafted and incite-full than your video`s content then perhaps its time to re asses your career choice.

  2. what point are you even trying to make. you've constridicted your own statements on several occasions. if we're practicing free speech then why must a comedian become politically correct with their jokes. what successful comedian you know tells politically correct jokes? what gives you the right to tell comedians how they are supposed to do comedy?

  3. Hey Megan. I appreciate how brave and articulate you are about getting your opinion out there. Unfortunately, you are wrong though.

  4. Megan genuine question, have you ever considered a little introspection?
    I really do mean this in a constructive way, it's a fairly simple thing to do just look at your own comments and apply the same criticism against your own comments that you apply against others and see if the same outcome of that criticism occurs.
    From where i'm sitting your comments aren't all that different towards, men's rights activists than the comments leveled by men's rights activists against feminists.
    Sure your language might be a little more polite and less crude but it's the message behind the language that counts not the vocabulary used.
    You seem to have little issue disparaging men or people who advocate for equal rights for men indeed you appear to believe you are doing a positive thing by doing so.
    Just a thought.

  5. Why don't you respond to some of the very reasonable criticisms at the top of the comments instead of cherry picking a few mild insults and making a victim video? I guess your way gets more donations on patreon huh?

  6. Okay… Aids phobic?
    Can you explain to me how is my fear of a virus that systematically stops my immunity system and kills me, irrational?

  7. Dear Ms MacKay

    The answer to your first question would be yes, definitely political correctness IS ruining comedy and everything else it touches. Like an oil spill it oozes across the landscape choking the joy and life out of everything it covers. It breaks my heart every day to see the rights, freedoms and inclusion we spent the 60's and 70's fighting for being completely destroyed by PC balderdash that focuses entirely on censuring and segregating. 🙁

    That Old Canadian Lady

  8. The great thing is that you have the freedom of not listening to comedy. No one is forcing you or anybody else to enjoy politically incorrect comedy. But if I had to answer your question, then yes. I think people getting upset at offensive comedy are trying to either change or censor it, which in turn ruins comedy. Look at how many people were angry at the Jerry Springer show back in the day when people tried to take it off the air. Now, people are angry at games like Dead or Alive and GTAV for 'objectifying' and 'murdering' women. If there's something you're not a fan of, then let your wallet speak. Does that mean you should try to destroy or censor something that others might enjoy? Absolutely not. I'm gonna have to strongly disagree with this video.

  9. This is horrible advice for comedians. Hypocritical racism, sexism, and ageism aside (yes, it's still shitty to judge people for being "old white guys", you're still being a bigot); you cannot please everyone, and never will. You have to find your audience. If you try to appease everyone by being totally non-controversial, you will be milquetoast. And you'll end up offending someone anyway, for instance I'm personally offended by political correctness. I think it's counterproductive and actually hinders social progress. Not to mention, yes, it logically leads to censorship. And censorship first and foremost always hurts MINORITIES FIRST. If you set the precedent that speech can't "offend", well guess what. Many people are offended by things you probably support. Gay rights, for example. There are millions of people on this planet who find homosexuality to be vulgar and immoral. You're a fool if you think they won't swoop in and overrule you, the moment you've established "I'm offended" as a reason to suppress speech. You will have laid the perfect foundations for them to do as they please.

    Comedy isn't just about "making people laugh" either, comedians routinely challenge norms, make political commentary, address otherwise difficult topics that can be explored more safely through humor. George Carlin would be pretty damn surprised to hear that comedy is just about "making people laugh".

  10. At 0:05 is the only time I luaghed at this video. Comedy is not for you, you also should comment on it. See as you're funny in the way a feminist is funny which is to say not at all.

  11. Hmmm…if this broad wasn't so horrifically unattractive, would she still be a bitter fascist lunatic, or would it have just gotten on and lived a life?

  12. PC humour is absolutely worse, almost objectively. There can't be anything shocking or controversial mentioned so a big element of comedy is removed. so yes, PC culture is ruining comedy. And everything else.

  13. 1. Undoomed just handed you your generous white ass. 2. You're a whiny little puissant. 3. if a joke offends you stop watching that person tell jokes and move on with your life

  14. What is your problem with White men? You do realize that white men pretty much built the entire society you enjoy today right? You're just a base simple person lost in an immature mind. How dare you speak of offensive speech while taking shots at White men multiple times in this video. You are a hypocritical buffoon.

    And when was the last time you studied constitutional law? Thought so, and until then you don't know a fucking thing about free speech.

    I don't think you realize you are a racist do you? You made 2 blatantly racist comments in this video towards White men. Yo ARE a racist.

  15. Well if this is the level of comedy political correctness as to offer maybe your proving the point that it's ruining comedy? Although Gona go ahead and congratulate you on not closing the comment section it's refreshing from a politically correct person

  16. I hate how she mocks a well established form of comedy while at the same time tells her god awful jokes to her audience in a sad attempt to get a laugh. Here's a tip, you need to make funny jokes to get a laugh.

  17. And another undoomed hit. Let me express my very anti-pc view. Comedy is SUBJECTIVE there's always a variation of tolerance tolerance amongst its audience. How ever since America is a place that just LOVES to bitch and censorize it must be shat on. instead of starting away from the negative effects of the humor and going to somewhere else as an outlet of humor they must let there negative mana linger as they feel MPRE and MPRE offended. I've grown up with a humorful dad and a devoid of humor mom. Growing up as a geek in highschool I got made names of by friends and strangers alike and that stuff facetious or not I didn't let it bother me. KNOW WHY? cause my parents were blunt and didn't sugar coat stuff. Now to be fair I dislike it when I am exaggerated of my own self compared to other geeks and bronies (yes light the torches) when I'm more casual . A Heavy dislike to this video cause you promote the cancer known as political correctness to the most crude firm of expression

  18. Undoomed just did a commentary on this video. Let's see how long before these comments are disabled or the vid is removed. BTW, nice does not equal funny. Personally I do think political correctness can enhance comedy. It makes it all the more funny to see crybabies lose their shit when someone makes fun of and points out the hypocrisy of their fat, regressive, socialist asses!

  19. You seem to be ignoring the fact that the few ppl who are offended are getting the comedians banned and deplatformed so no it's not just "negative reviews" don't be dishonest, it hurts your argument also if your offered how words about not listening to that anymore rather than whining, there is no law forcing you to listen to a comedian

  20. It's true, they have every right to bash me if they don't like my comedy, however I too have the right to continue making the same jokes, even if they get offended again.

  21. Can't even crack a joke about isreal killing Palestinans without being label " anti semitic and fuck this fat fucking feminist (YOU look like jabb the hut balls sack) 😂😂

  22. I think you videos point is trash.However, to be fair, I did enjoy your disco tech joke. Call me a sucker for silly jokes but I was a fan.

  23. Absolutely political correctness is ruing comedy. You could argue that it's ruining everything. These days everyone gets offended, and outraged by almost anything. What ever happened to the " Sticks and stones" days? As a black man ( I'm playing that card) I don't care about racist white people, I don't care about racist jokes, I simply don't care. You know why?…. Because people have the right to whatever opinion they have. Political correctness being pushed on people who don't care is like religion being pushed on people who don't believe.

  24. That "let it go" with hand waving burned an image of a an uglier jack black with a pudgier face who is female with comedic talent in the negatives trying to imitate his awkward humor. PC literally reduces the number of things you can say, its literally a gag order and can't exist without violence to enforce it.

  25. Cringe. "Hey moron, fuckin' moron!" Could you possibly 'Politically Correct' your way off of YouTube Captain Obvious? Thanks. Besides, A LOT of people find offensive comedy funny. If you're offended, so what? Life's not life without being offended once and a while. Not like they're trying to purposely offend you. Comedians make jokes about EVERYTHING. And like you said, the people we don't like have their freedom of speech, so that means comedians do. Oh, and stop repeating previous points, 'kay? Stop spouting bullshit like you know it. And not say 'Freedom of speech' or 'Politically correct' or previous points over, and over, and OVER again. Kay? Kay.

    If you can't take it, get the fuck off and shut the fuck up.

    Comedy = Funny, not Smart.

    I'm sorry, not censored enough for you? Want me to bleep every goddamn thing I type? You Italian hater.

  26. You use an analogy. And then shit all over that analogy.

    !.) You are not the majority of Comedy consumers. You are a very small minority.
    2.) You are in fact attacking very popular comedians with a very large following. Because they don't cater to YOUR taste.
    3.) I'm not a big fan of Andrew Dice Clay. But if he is a loser. What are you? How many light years away from being on Celebrity Apprentice are you? You shit on him because he got kicked out first. Sweetheart. You wouldn't make it past the local screening let alone make it on the show. but im sure that is due to the patriarchy or some other thing that you can't change abut yourself.
    4.) Your opinion on something doesn't invalidate facts logic or reason. Your emotional investment is LESS as valid. If you don't like a joke. Don't laugh. If you don't like a comedian's jokes. Don't go to their show. But most importantly. Don't claim you trying to expel or ban someone from telling their jokes or appearing at a venue is you exercising your free speech. It is not. Protesting is free speech. Havbing your protest taken seriously is not.

  27. You dont understand stand up. The one positive you can take from this is you might become funnier if you did. Go watch " Bill Burr in Philly " in which he tells a Philadelphia audience to go fuck themselves in various creative and direct ways for 12 minutes and eventually gets a standing ovation. That is stand up. It is courage to say what is on your mind even if it may offend some one. If you dont have the balls to speak about anything other than pasta on stage, no one but the 2 SJW:s in the crowd will respect you. If all you ever get on stage is a polite smile, you are doing it wrong.

  28. Yes everyone has free speech. Get over being offended and enjoy the jokes. Also why do so many want to go threw life without being offended. Sounds like you are missing out on some interesting parts of life. For got to say yes political correctness is ruining comedy. Beyond comedy it ruins a lot more to. If you are in a comedy club and are the only one not laughing maybe your sensibility is different then others. Take into account whats funny for someone in Spanish might not be funny in English. It works the same with sensibility what you might find funny most people might not.

  29. This is what happens if you never say no to your kid. It gonna turn out as a little cry baby that will try to forbid everything that might offend it feelings.

    Yes, political correctness indead ruins comedy. If something offends you, don't watch it. There is still comedy for kids that offends absolutely nobody. Political correctness has gone way too far. If we ban every word that might offend someone, there won't be many words left in the end. Also political correctness already makes it hard to criticize something. For example if you want to criticize Islamism, you will be banned from many Universities in UK already. Thanks to feminists and Islamists that have way too much influence on Universities.

  30. your so stupid, you say about freedom of speech but comedians have a choice to say what ever joke they want, so if its offensive so what, I love offensive joke, so who are you to say its bad. please find a hole and fall in it, dont forget to hire the person fill the hole while your in and btw yes political correctness is ruining comedy, its ruining freedom of speech

  31. Political correctness won't kill comedy. PC culture will just give those with less skill, less imagination, less insight into the human condition, those with the inability to find humor in tragedy and give the world a moment of true joy, it will give them a spotlight for a while because people are scared.

    And please, while you have the spotlight, continue the, "because old white guy" jokes. They're fresh material in untrodden territory. The amusing part is that real humor can be found in a hard-ass joke about white men, but you're just telling the same joke over and over again like the rest of the PC crowd.

  32. You talk about Celebrity Apprentice as if it has some sort of significance.

    That pretty much all that needs to be said.

  33. Fuck off with your tender feelings you fucking pig. If you don't like your precious little feelings hurt then stay inside your bubble.
    And don't pretend that you don't like pasta, because we all know damn well you do you fat fuck.

  34. Ok, since you said comedians need to learn to take criticism, take your dislike to like ratio and the comments and understand that your brand of comedy is not funny and the average person DOES NOT WANT IT.

    These comedians aren't pitching a tantrum because they're getting criticized, they're getting annoyed because assholes that think just like you are NO PLATFORMING THEM and REFUSING to let them tell jokes even though theres a MASSIVE DEMAND for their brand of comedy.

  35. My god barbie
    I'm telling you, the Japanese have been hunting the wrong whales
    If they harpooned YOU. the world WOULD have been better off

  36. 300/10 for leaving comments open. I disagree entirely about her video and PC culture in general, but at least she has the decency to leave comments open… for now

  37. The like/dislike bar on this video is the equivalent of the audience in a comedy club throwing tomatoes at you or turning their back on you. 😀

  38. You assume that offensive comedy by definition is an out-dated form of comedy, and therefore comedians who utilize it aren't keeping up with the times. Have you ever actually read a book on classical theater? A role, then known as the "Satyre" was a comedian whose job it was to make light of political problems by making them funny. Comedy has always been used to upset the status quo. Just because you have no sense of humor, don't assume nobody else does.

  39. Best get ready for the shitstorm, you overly entitled, privileged, first world, white woman. Undoomed has just released a response to you.. better delete this video now, just like all your little friends who are unable to defend their ideologies in an open debate.
    By the way, you are absolutely cringeworthy, and not funny in the slightest. I WISH SJW's and feminists would just stop trying to be comical. It always backfires, and the only thing that is actually funny are their opinions.

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