6 Replies to “ISIS Looking To Rebuild In Northern Iraq | NBC Nightly News

  1. God bless President Trump the 4D chess Master, in using his great and unmatched wisdom to bring a humiliating and crushing defeat to the ISIS Caliphate. And all with a ridiculously low amount of US troops killed. President Trump is undeniably a strategic genius 👍

  2. USA tries to justify putting an blind eye to the USA installed regime in iraq with this news. They kille people in the streets everyday!!!!

  3. No more friendlies on the Ground. U.S. A.F. Bombers, ( all 3 ) B-52-B-2, & B-1's now, safely serviced in The Airfields within Saudi Arabia. Long Rang-Tanker Assisted Precision Bombing, Day & night. Fly home looking at stock options on your laptop, or catching up with your streaming shows. Dinner with the Family. Hit the Gym & sauna to get the kinks out, Sleep in Clean sheets, maybe next to Mamma -san, in Air Conditioning Hot Shower & check the Stock market in the morning & then " Scoot on over to the Flightline to do it all again. THIS is the way to Fight Terrorists. THANK you President TRUMP. It'll just be a Bombing training range for the next Generation!

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