Jeffrey Epstein document's can exposed a lot of politicians and celebrities

all right Jeffrey Epstein days on number that's the reason why I'm bringing this story up so let's can let's get into it alrighty then Jeffrey Epstein documents good cause could expose powerful politicians and businessmen federal appeals court Wednesday ordered at 167 documents in a lawsuit that alleges famously well-connected financier Jeffrey Epstein participated in a sex trafficking ring that should be unsealed and that many of his powerful friends could be named in its 27 page decision the court cited the public's right to access the case information outweighed the privacy of certain individuals including numerous prominent American politicians powerful business executives foreign presidents and well-known prime minister and other world leaders Virginia Guerra now Roberts filed the lawsuit against Gish Layne Maxwell alleging that she had used her as part of the sex trafficking network for underage girls to have seen a number of his famous friends including his lawyer Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew both men denied the allegation the accusations Dershowitz had supported unsealing the documents according to The Daily Beast the documents will not be immediately available as anonymous individuals involved in the case have two weeks to file appeals the court advised the documents to be read carefully we therefore urge the media to exercise restraint in covering potentially defamatory allegations and we caution the public to read such accounts with discernment well the court in its decision epstein had been previously charged in 12 2007 in a 53 page indictment as Miami Herald revealed in his investigative series perversion of justice Epstein managed to escape all federal charges through a plea deal that gave him him and all his co-conspirators immunity with all documents being sealed obscene ended up pleading guilty to one state apart one state prostitution charge in Florida he then registered as a sex offender in paid unspecified restitution to three dozen victims identified by the FBI the contentious plea deal was orchestrated by US Attorney Alexander Acosta now President Trump Secretary of Labor the Miami Herald reporting prompted calls for Acosta to resign but he has remained in he has remained in cabinet post and his cabinet post in February a US District Judge determined federal prosecutors including Acosta broke the law by failing to notify victims before I've seen pleaded guilty to the floor prostitution charge that decision could potentially nullify Epstein's plea deal opening them up to a new federal charge but prosecutors are challenging this ruling okay so president Trump has a person that is helping a sex offender get away scot-free he's president Trump's Secretary of Labor right now I've heard the arguments sometimes you know from blacks that you know let's just say what came to the Bill Cosby thing you know I'm just using him as an example because there's now evidence saying you know those holes lied on Bill Cosby but anyway let's just get to the point okay a lot of people a lot of blacks will be like oh well you know you these white people get away with it you know and uh you know it's racism that you know blacks you know um bigoted crime and they get more time listen you have to understand something okay Jeffrey Epstein has money if you have warchest money I'm talking warchest me because you it's in order to evade the law for a long period of time like Jeffrey Epstein did you have to have warchest money okay that's what you got to have another thing is it's like you want criminals to be it's like you you want to be treated the same way as a white counterpart that has the money you know to get away with this type of sick crap okay crime is crime all right and yes and we live in a racist system so that should mean you know um keep your ass out of jail aside from the fact from blacks being um unjustly prosecutor our frame for a frame for crimes by dirty cops and prosecutors you know like Kamala Harris you have to just keep your nose clean okay that's just it that's that's how it has to be okay this guy was able to pay an unspecified amount of restitution to three dozen victims of his victims if you don't have war chest money to get away with the crap he did and it's sick okay and you know it's kind of like listen if you're a guilty ass criminal you don't deserve to have you know you don't deserve sympathy with your black or white and if you get a harsher sentence than a white person I'm sorry you're still a criminal yes just it there's no if ands or buts about it sometimes you got some blacks within the black community within black Temari I really just need to grow the hell up that's just it all right that's all I got to say on it this red pill man Cheers

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