100 Replies to “Jeffrey Epstein’s Multiple Prosecutions & The Fall of Alex Acosta (Real Law Review) // LegalEagle

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  2. I have a question that has got been raised. In 60 's attending high school, it was a known fact young teen women would date guys in college who had a job & a car. Many parents would allow 15 year old to college age young men.My question why are the parent of the young girl allow to go to parties with trashy old rich men??Nobody wants to ask hard questions if there daughter is ESCORT OR PROSTITUTE.It take two and parents of these girls need to answer some questions.

  3. I can't imagine how Epstein's death was so quickly ruled a suicide. People with the kind of money & contacts he had almost always assume that they can buy their way out of anything. After all, he had done that all his life.

  4. Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba "Spare Tire" Dixon, and Epstein didn't kill himself

  5. A little extra look into Epstein's mind:

    "The New York Times did a deep dive into Epstein’s scientific beliefs in an article titled *Jeffrey Epstein Hoped to Seed Human Race With His DNA*. The Times’ reporters found that Epstein was apparently fixated on “transhumanism”, the belief that the human species can be deliberately advanced through technological breakthroughs, such as genetic engineering and artificial intelligence. "

    And never forget that Trump has superior genes: https://time.com/4936612/donald-trump-genes-genetics/
    Pretty similar.

  6. Who would've thought he would "kill himself" and it would all disappear?
    Someone has already filled that child sex trafficing role and the rich keep doing sex crimes like nothing has changed


  8. Does anyone else see Trumps statement of "Likes beautiful woman as much as I do and many of them on are on the Younger Side" Something he said on a few different occasions a bit of a subtle warning? Look, I know many of you hate Trump to the point he could cure cancer tomorrow and the headlines would read "Trump murders innocent Cancer cells" but the statement about Epstein liking young woman just seems off to me at best. Esp when you take into fact that Trump had a hand in making statements to the police to get Epstein arrested the first time and had him barred from all Trump related properties. Idk, I personally think he was trying to warn people for sometime but you just don't come right out and make a statement of" That mother fucker is a Pedo" against one of the Richest men in the world no matter who you are so instead you say things like "Yeah… great guy, like young YOUNG woman" … Idk… I think everyone missed the hint here and instead take it as saying Trump is a Pedo also because it fits the image they want to have in their head of him.

  9. So much for law being blind.

    So is this proof of a broken system? Is there any way to prevent people in key positions from doing favors for friends, as seemingly happened here?

  10. Objection Trump only met Epstein once and took a picture with him then later had to kick him out of the party for inappropriate behavior

  11. 17:24 OMFG what a dumbass. In Mr. Robot anytime he puts something onto a CD he writes "Metallica" or something else on it. Why would you put a giant sign toward your crime?!?!

  12. All I got from the video is: USA is sham and one of the most morally corrupt nations in the world. A country where the rich get away with any crime.

  13. This whole ordeal just further confirms that the justice system is corrupt. Every individual involved would and should be sentenced to prison. Corruption of this level should be treated as further abuse against a minor. Yet I’m sure no one in the DOJ involved with giving a monster a tap on the wrist even lost a single paycheck or faced any sort of penalty. Sick sick sick people.

  14. If what you say is true does that mean the Muslim,s who live here in the U.S. apply to parents of girls who sell their daughters to friends for money starting at 5 years old and girls, the friend say i am going to marry your daughter some of these men are over 60 years old, do the laws of the U.S. apply???

  15. Aaaaaaaaand ofc you show the picture with trump in the first 30s whilst talking about his deploreable actions… are you trying to imply something? Ofc you are… no other reason to show it there. Im not saying anyone is innocent. Im just saying i think you want to further your political agenda mr. Lawyer -.-

  16. That clip of Trump defending Acosta was hilarious. "He went to Harvard, he's Hispanic, maybe that made life harder for him, maybe it didn't, all I know is he was great." Real ringing endorsement there, Donald.

  17. Soo, are you going to talk about how the US justice system is actually owned by these people, or what? Because justice will not be served for these kids.

  18. You may be on the left, or you may be on the right, young or old, rich or poor, black or white, but what's most important is that all of us, and i repeat, all of us, absolutely everyone on this God blessed Earth know, that Jefferey Epstein didn't kill himself.

  19. Great factually, but glossed right past the Clintons and Bill's 70+ trips with JE. … Tsk, tsk, tsk…. and others…. Focused only on Trump…. Too bad, I usually I find your stuff more balanced and fair.

  20. Here after Epstein didn't kill himself. (I have typed this so often all I had to do was hit the middle predictive text button 4 times after typing "Ep" lmao)

  21. Why did he only get five months off from jail? I have friends whose drug dealing charges got more time off. Is Florida just hard?

  22. This is disingenuous. Are you kidding? You know damn well Trump couldn’t stand him. Way to pick and choose to fit your narrative.

  23. Just remember, we would be imprisoned for life, if not executed, if we did even 1% of what those in power are guilty of. Stuff like this is proof that there are different laws for different people.

  24. This video has so much great legal information in it. I think it's a little heavy handed on the Trump connection without mentioning that Trump banned Epstein from his Florida properties. Another thing you neglect to mention is Acosta was just a pawn doing the bidding of the FBI who was headed by Robert Mueller at the time.

  25. Better watch out LegalEagle… some powerful people don't like the truth getting to the masses, next thing you know suicide will be contagious… If this guy committed suicide, I'm a billionaire

  26. Theres only one way to solve this Problem. Absolut drastic measures. Wenn have to kill all those sick evel people. Whoever lays hands on a innocent child cooses the dead penalty himselve.

  27. President Trump dissolved his friendship with Epstein before he was arrested in 2005 , Epstein’s perversion for young girls spilled out at Mara lago , the girl worked there and Trump saw it and kicked Epstein out of the club, this guy should tell the whole truth

  28. They all need to be held accountable. These pieces of shit ruined lives. There’s I’m sure several dead from this. Never giving a chance at life. And the ones trying to erase the filth they feel are addicts. These victims need justice. 💩🐍🤥👀👁🤔🙏

  29. The problem with you people (lawyers) is that you think that the USA is a country of laws, when it's actually a country of power.

  30. Removed his computers…! Plead guilty to2 single offenses only! The #MATH doesn't add up……….Google YANG @)@)..Humanity 1st! Freedom Dividend to help all adults for life!!! Awesome video. 🎄😍🇺🇸

  31. in the U.K. these things would get buried under a d notice usually reserved for royalty and in some cases prime ministers.These are pointless in the age of the internet and whats in the American press will be seen in the U.K.All the same epstien was able to keep out of jail because of his association with all kinds of rich ,famous and powerful friends.People knew what he was doing but they had to protect him to protect either themselves or others.He finally got convicted but before he ccould spill the beans he was dead.In jail peados are fair game as far as other prisoners are concerned .If the authorities wanted him dead then all they had to do was leave him unprotected.In no time someone will happily kill him for fun.Problem solved.No need for some conspiracy just let an attack happen.Problem is .Epstien has been filmed and photographed with many well known people..epstiens death wont make the questions go away

  32. You should have stuck to movies…… Democrats have their fingerprints all over this case now yet you had to drag MY PRESIDENT INTO IT…….. Good riddance you piece of garbage ….

    You had a channel I enjoyed but now you're a terrible person…….. Perhaps you go find the political hero of yours that killed Harvey?????….. Of course you wont you coward POS…..

  33. Very disappointed in legal Eagle. Trump disowned Epstein years and years ago when he found out he was a creep. He banned him from Maralago for sexually harassing a girl.

    The quote you read from him was very recent, and he was being facetious. He was calling him a pedophile, not actually saying he was a great guy. Context matters.

    If this is the caliber of information we get from Legal Eagle, I’m not sure he is worth watching.

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