100 Replies to “Joe Biden shocked by reporter’s question: Are you joking?

  1. Shit … even Chumps voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard. There really is nothing redeemable about the orange shit stain of dumbfuckery.

  2. I want a president who knows what real life is like. Someone who has gone hungry so their kid could eat. Someone who had a toothache for 2 weeks until they could afford to go to the dentist. None of these people know anything about real life.

  3. Russia kicked joos out for trying to run the nation and ban alphabet parades therefore MSM … russian badddd…🤣😂 Trump 2020

  4. Yo!
    Why in the USA you can choose only between old man and mummies for president.

    Is there ANY younger candidate that have less than a million year????

    LOL 🙂 Democracy??? LOL 🙂

    They are buying the seat ;).

    Honestly, I prefer Trump instead of Bloomberg, I got his keyboard for trading but I haven't got from the market a cent back :(. LOL 🙂 At least Trump has a great family and balls to be good for the most, that counts more ;).

    Politics all around the world is a mediatic SPAM, and hypnic communication technique that rules most of the people in the USA where Trump is the King for manipulate the masses and convince them about his job.

    I see some USA reforms good especially in the trade deals, trump is mainly a good mediator to get the best possible deal, hi is not a politician, and this is the main problem for the real political veterans.

    I'm pretty sure Trump will win the next elections. 😉

  5. That was real Joe! No gaffs no bull! The concept of the question clearly caught him off guard! "Are you joking"! Joe I will be the "people's" president!

  6. I think President Putin is wrong. He shouldn't have invited the orange buffoon on our V day parade. Basically at this historical moment none of Americans deserve such honor except WWII US veterans who still remember what war it was and who did the heavy lifting.

  7. May Day parades and May 9th Parade celebrating Victory in the Great Patriotic War are two separate things. So whomever asked Biden the question was an uninformed moron and was trying to spread false news to get a reaction to bullshit. The questioner is the one who owes both Biden and the President apologies for attempting to embroil them in a made up controversy. And shame on you, CNN for not pointing this out.

  8. the elite class are desperately trying to split the democrat's votes LOOOL …This guy is a republican posing as a republican similar to Tulsi

  9. "Tell Putin I will have more flexibility after the next election " Putins puppet Obama caught on hot Mike colluding with Russian agent. Video is the witness that doesn't lie. CNN can lie. President Trump keeping another campaign promise to improve ties with Russia. Peace not war.

  10. Biden is jealous that someone talking to His girl friend.

    All it takes is Trump💪 calling him Creepy Uncle Joe😜 one time during the debate and he is done.

    And we all know Trump would do that with a smile😁 on his face.

  11. Ask yourself it’s more important to create a great economy that benefits the majority by putting Americans first by a businessman with no political experience and no favors owned to lobbyist and big business or,
    Do you think that this crooked attempt to impeach the president, might be a desperate democratic attempt to shield their own corruption in a fascist Ukraine
    Investigate the investigators America first TRUMP 2020


  13. The May day parade where the Soviet Union now known as Russia celebrate communism, you can't make this stuff up! Trump had no absolutely zero understanding of history.😨

  14. “ By all means give peace a chance “ Russia get about 2000 Nuclear bombs aimed at our heads you think we might try to get along “

  15. “ yes we can “ kick ass we have 3000 Nuclear bombs Russia only has 2000 so we “ “ “ won’t be shocked “

  16. what's he shocked about?
    Biden's quid quo pro

  17. To all dumb asses that say putin will be dead soon, y'all fucking retards. The country is second or third to US power. U think we can just get in and kill him? The damn country has 2000 atomic bombs! Where are all this trunptards coming from? U think by just throwing butter knives and lousy stakes will kill Putin! Jesus fucking Christ wake up!!!!

  18. So Democrats want to impeach the President for exposing corruption……then elect the corrupt ex vice president……hmmmmmm seems like a bad idea to me.

  19. Quid Pro Quo Trash Heap Joe is in deep shit. Looks like the Ukrainians weren't corrupt enough for Trash Heap Joe and his filthy son. Hussein is going to leave his old footman Trash Heap Joe's ass hanging in the wind. Trash Heap's wife need investigating also. Gotta love it.

  20. US – Russian relations are in the worst state since Caribbean Crysis, because of NATO unprovoked expansion towards Russia, US sponsored "color revolutions" in former Soviet Republics, such as Ukraine, Syrian crysis, where US and Russia fights on different sides. But! If US President trying to decrase tensions accepting the invitation into Victory Parade, he is acting bad again… So, common Victory over the worst Evil in Human history, Victory that cost Soviet people over the 25 millions lives and to US about few hundreds thousands lives in European front, is one more reason for shavinistic neocons and their new best friends – democratic neoliberals, to hate Trump…
    Well, I must say you are not just stupid, you are disgusting…
    America truly deservs, that all evil it done to the World returns back home. May be after that it will become little less "exceptional".

  21. CNN knows the democrats can't win or impeach. They should be sued for treason and seditious coverage against the elected president, and a con job towards the American people.

  22. Trump is nothing but a traitor to this country. If he could get married to Putin, believe me he would be in bed with him in seconds. This nazi traitor needs to be impeached and shipped to Russia.

  23. Trump can't get his Republican butt kisser elected. So who cares what he says about Bloomberg. I rather see an alley cat in the white house than the piece of trash thats in there now. Going to Russia for their victory parade. Trump's a Russian asset all right. He's a patriot alright . To Russia.

  24. Biden is acting surprised? With Dementia 45 being Putin's prop? You ain't seen anything yet. Dementia 45 is now warmed up and running perfect now.

  25. Of course. He’s a negotiator. Nothing wrong with that. I’m glad he’s not a politician, he’s a business man and that’s what we need. Politician and the most corrupt people on this earth. Look at the Democrats. Evil to the core.

  26. The people who believe CNN are in some fanatical religious cult. I'm an Atheist. I can tell they have a dogma a satan and a way to heaven.. Their blind belief is all they care about. And that's why Trump will win in 2020.

  27. DemoKKKrats are so brainwashed they think that a diplomat is a traitor for inviting another diplomat to a diplomatic event. It's literally Trumps job to talk to other world leaders. DemoKKKrats are for sure a brainwashed religious cult controlled by their blind rage and their religious doctrine that his supporters are racist or sexist or homophobic when it's not true at all. Just lies made up by CNN chinese TV station.

  28. 85% of fem dems are satisfied with the current runners. Whoa! Corn pop has the support huh? What a lie..do you really believe such garbage?

  29. some of these comments here amaze me. nobody is noticing how ignorant and stupid and demented he sounds ? Maybe as democrats thats what you guys want.

  30. Can't talk to Russia. That's why Sniffy Joe and BO left us with a mess. Unwilling to talk to others, my way or no way, the failings of the elite all driven by their corporate owners. Conflict and killing after all is big business just ask the Saudis, defense contractors, Bush, Chaney, Obama, Biden, Clinton, Warren and Congress.

  31. Oh my gosh! I hope you know that President Trump is trying to have strong relations with Russia so there is no conflict between the two superpowers in the future. I don't know about you but I don't want to be in a war with Russia anytime soon

  32. KEK… what do everybody here have in common ??
    pelosi son
    kerry son
    romney son
    biden son
    soon you will know. WWG1 WGA….timing is EVERYTHING.

  33. Bloomberg has no chance whatsoever. No chance.
    The progressives will clear out the early caucus states, Biden will likely win the South Carolina, the Super Tuesday states, and areas with lots of African Americans, but ultimately Sanders or Warren will win the primary (my opinion). Bloomberg doesn't really come in anywhere. Why is he bothering to waste his money. He should spend his money on something useful.

  34. Can't wait for Joe Biden to get the Democratic Nomination and all you libtards can stay home, not vote, and weep about why Pocahontas or Heart Attack Bernie didn't 😂😂😂

  35. Trump has a dictator fetish ,and lack of a single brain cell. Can't wait until all his crimes are exposed , and seeing him and his whole family and administration locked up !

  36. The questions were above a third grade level and totally stumped and caught Sleepy off guard. Biden needs to fire his editors. How dare somebody ask Uncle Joe a difficult Preschool question.

  37. Where is the Tulsi Gabbard coverage BTW? Oh, she called you on your bull shit, not it's crickets. You will cause Trump 2020, because you are blacklisting the only candidate capable of beating him. LIKE this if you want more coverage of Tulsi Gabbard. Show these establishment media clowns what the people want.

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