100 Replies to “John Kerry undermining US diplomacy in Iran?

  1. Anyone in Ronald Reagan's days wouldn't have went around the Sitting President to negotiate abroad! They would have been detained when they set foot back on AMERICAN soil! It's underhanded, disloyal and UNDERMINING!

  2. horse face needs to go to Hollywood and apply for the up and coming New "Mr. ED" role! "A horse is a horse of course of course"!! Unless that horse is John Kerry and he is just the HORSE'S ASS!!!!

  3. The ALMIGHTY GOD is the judge, he shall repay. For GOD said, I am the Lord God, and they shall know I am God.
    I would have the hand cuffs waiting on him when he lands!!!!

  4. Foo !!!!!!!
    Hate Kerry for making the mess and now can't stay out of the way to make room for trump to fix it

  5. the true colors of all is shown for god to see, learn your shit starting with I ran , e run, bitches of fox

  6. J Kerry needs to get out of American diplomacy. He has no right, title or business involving himself!! His time is Over!! Thank goodness!!

  7. Excuse me. Why, does Chris W think the Logan Act isn't a good Law? 200 years old and signed into code 200 years ago. Our Country only allows the current Sec of State and emissaries too conduct diplomacy. I think the Law is important and should not be brushed aside so casually.

  8. Pure propoganda by Fox news. Staying in the Iran deal is good for both countries. Breaking the deal is like telling Iran to continue with their enrichment. Either way Iran is no threat to USA

  9. Treason, don't even try to go against the will of our President or the will of the American people.

  10. Kerry is and has been a traitor since Viet Nam. His life goal is to be on the public trough. Lock him up for life. In the interest reducing the $21 T debt that he and Obomba ran up on poor stupid tax payers a nice firing squad at Gitmo would be better.

  11. looking at that photo I don't know who is the dumper Kerry trying to make U.S. policies or Iran for thinking he can.

  12. Kerry worried the world will find out this shady deal and how much he and his cronies got paid to sell out the world they sold the US out for years under obama

  13. Kerry worried the world will find out this shady deal and how much he and his cronies got paid to sell out the world they sold the US out for years under obama

  14. the whole bad deal goes way deeper the entire administration was corrupt and got rich selling America out

  15. It is common practice for former cabinet members to stay in contact with foreign country leaders. Former President, Jimmy Carter, has visited Iran as well as other countries.

  16. Kerr, Killary and Obamit money on that plane, is just a follow up if the deal fail NO money for them. They are all disappointed, FBI/ DOJ should investigate their email/follow the money. It is very unprofessional and questionable… Very weird????

  17. Kerry is in checkmate and I think he knows it. This sloppiness reeks of desperation. If he can't deliver for the guy in the light colored jacket, he goes down hard. If he gets arrested for this lunacy, he goes down hard. If he does absolutely nothing, he goes down hard. He's a useful idiot, but without access to power he's a useless idiot; disposable to all parties involved. John, listen to me; turn yourself in and turn State's evidence. But even then, you're going down hard.

    In fact, I want him to keep doing this crap. He's ratting out people faster with his stupidity than any interrogation can manage.


  19. Hanoi Johnny has always been a Traitor … why raise our expectations for this liberal piece of shit ?

  20. Logan act Political opponents called his acts treasonous. On January 30, 1799, theLogan Act was thus passed by the U.S. Congress to prevent any individual from corresponding with a foreign government without permission from the U.S. government.

  21. Kerry's asshat size must be huge. Too bad they can't terminate his passport, and let him stay in Iran. What a joke, he can't negotiate for a ham sandwich…..especially in Iran. They executed private Eddie Slovic for a lot less.

  22. Kerry doesn't do anything except for big bucks. Clinton did play for pay with Russia for millions. Kerry and Biden did play for pay with China for billions.

  23. So Kerry is telling a foreign power to wait until he runs for president to work special deals for them? How do we know he isn't taking any bribes or offering up future deals in exchange for them helping him win the next presidential election? In my opinion Iran is worse than Russia and we don't know what is being said at these meetings with a man that claims to be running for president in the next election. There should be a special counsel to look into this.

  24. John kreey is a traitor to the USA fuck him who does he think he is an ass hole should be in prison what the hell is going on with these people

  25. Collected on: 08/04/2015 In 2009, Secretary of State John Kerry’s daughter, Dr. Vanessa Bradford Kerry, married an Iranian-American physician named Dr. Brian (Behrooz) Vala Nahed. The best man at that wedding? The son of Mohammad Javad Zarif, the current Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Rouhani administration and Kerry’s chief counterpart in the nuclear deal negotiations ??????????????? ??????? ??????? ????????

  26. Omg unprecedented. Disgusting. Thanks Jeff Sessions for showing your spinelessness in all arenas allowing this type of garbage to occur.

  27. TRUST in God and our Potus ,Kerry has stuck his neck out to far this time. I'm sure his name is in those sealed Indictments. HANG EM HIGH

  28. Hey! Fuck you john kerry you big piece of shit, you should have died in vietnam instead of killing your own men because you ran away and abanded your watch you big bitch!

  29. Put him in jail ! Oh wait I forgot Democrat politicians have a get out of jail free pass on them at all times so they never see a jail cell like the rest of us would if we were to do something like John Kerry did.

    J. Muller

  30. As we wait and prepare for John Kerry to get charged with TREASON! https://www.lifezette.com/2018/09/nikki-haley-slams-john-kerry-on-fox-friends-disrespectful-hurtful-to-country/

  31. Kerry is a scumbag treasonous thief securing Iran’s nuclear arsenal against 🇺🇸to make sure the billions of dollars that lined the treasonous deep state corruptors pockets is not exposed!


  33. By the way isn't that treason it not a crime and a misdemeanor or whatever you call it against the United States I would think so it needs to be investigated

  34. They've been doing it all along. Oslamic was also in Paris talking to GOVERMENT associates official presidentials apparently. They are and always have been playing illegal and dirty pool. Their like a virus. You can't see to much on the outside . you never see the virus itself til you put it under a MICROSCOPE. imagine, after a closer examination , all that you would see after investigating such diseases. You will see All the virus consists of nd what it does and how it works. Democratic ADMINISTRATIONS practice and work the same way as a virus. They are like a pandemic of deadly dangerous germs spreading secretly any way they can😉😉😉😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  35. Iran is doing the taunting at the direction of John Kerry, The democrats need Trump to get the USA in a war with Iran in an effort to undermine Trump's reelection in 2020. There needs to be a reward for information implicating John Kerry's involvement in the recent attacks by Iran.

  36. Kerry and Obama made plenty of bribe money by pushing the deal with the ayatollahs. Kerry is under pressure to live up to the pay-out.

  37. I would be pissed off too if they got 150 BILLION while people are starving. DISGUSTING PERVERSION of Islam.

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