Johnson urges return of US diplomat’s wife over fatal crash

Everybody’s sympathies are very
much with the family of Harry Dunn and our condolences to them
for their tragic loss. And no, I must answer you directly,
I do not think that it can be right to use the process of diplomatic immunity
for this type of purpose and I hope that Anne Sacoolas will
come back and will engage properly with the processes of law as they’re
carried out in this country. And that’s a point that we’ve raised
or we are raising today with the American ambassador here
in the UK and I hope it will be resolved very shortly and to anticipate a question
you might want to raise, if we can’t resolve it, then of course,
I will be raising it myself personally with the White House.

60 Replies to “Johnson urges return of US diplomat’s wife over fatal crash

  1. I bet they'll do exactly as you've requested, British Prime Minister. The United States have a long history of scuttling around doing as you ask. I'm sure they're getting ready to comply with your request, …er ..Prime Minister

  2. Well that’s actually not the way it works, u give it to the prosecutors in the other countries and u hope it’s not a country like the US that does not even follow international law like almost every other country.

  3. This lady has a moral duty to return to this country to assist the police in their investigation, not to do so means she is morally corrupt.

  4. As if BJ Boris was a decent human being. What? !!! BJ wants international responsibility, co-operation and justice? Funny that.

  5. You will have to issue an extradition order. Don't expect results unless you are willing and able to collect damaging intelligence on the Biden family.

  6. Absolutely, this is unreal that this is even a thing someone can do, Diplomat Wife or not. As a American Citizen Mr.President see to it she gets back there to face Trail and Punishment….remember the 3 UCLA Students that were ungreatfully returned from China?? If ya can make that happen, then by all means get her back there to face Trial.

  7. Unfortunately, diplomatic immunity is granted to family members of diplomats. It must remain to protect diplomats from being threatened with the arrest of their family members. It is sometimes abused but it is important to follow international law. I hope the lady goes back to Great Britain to face the law. She will have to decide for herself though.

  8. NO, do NOT try to extradite her!!!
    You dont want to have a 17+ week violent anti-government protest in your country while half of the world for some reason try to blame you for it!
    Lol XD

  9. It's the UK 's fault! Designing roads that go in the wrong direction, we Americans built the first automobile so we got to pick the direction.

  10. How about the US and the UK make diplomatic immunity trade of alleged criminals, we get Prince Andrew and you the diplomats wife. That way both can be held accountable and everybody wins.

  11. her social media account disappeared. Sky News has also been to her original address in the US but she has not returned to it. A criminal is a criminal, whether she is a diplomat or a Queen. She must face justice.

  12. I would actually be surprised if the diplomat's wife was the one who made the decision to return to the states. The US government has never waived immunity for the actions of its diplomats. Even if she had been willing to stay in the UK and face trial (which we don't know) it might have been the case that the US government ordered her to return and arranged her evacuation.

    At this point, I think people should be careful about blaming her personally for her actions after the crash. I imagine she did as she was instructed to do by her government. The main fault lies with the US government for refusing to waive her immunity and arranging her evacuation.

  13. Waive Prince Andrew's immunity so he can answer questions in the United States about the Epstein sex scandal.

  14. Write your congessman and protest this atrocious use of diplomatic immunity. She should face justice. I’m sure she did not mean to do what she did, but as a U.S. citizen she should follow the law. Shame!

  15. She is not a diplomat the police are totally in the wrong for allowing here to leave the country the man was killed


  17. Boris not American anyway? Doubt he even cares. He would also be happier than Blair to send young British soldiers to another US led Gulf war based on dodgy US intelligence.

  18. This woman will never begin to put this behind her until she does what any decent person does and faces up to the situation. She has been very badly advised and now comes across as extremely arrogant and cowardly. Everyone makes mistakes, and she needs to come back to the UK and admit hers. Otherwise this will drag on for the rest of her life. If the US government backs her in this, it too will look very corrupt and small.

  19. Anne Coolass may have diplomatic immunity………….. but what would happen if the family took the case to the American courts, theres got to be a loop hole somewhere there a smart lawyers knows about?

  20. Probably vast amounts of cash were handed over to someone to get her out of the uk!…..Maybe Boris should be saying…she is a potential hit and run murder suspect and she will face Justice here in the uk!.

  21. Look up 'Gueorgui Makharadze' – A Georgian diplomat who was drink driving in America, he killed a girl. 'The U.S. government asked the Georgian government to waive his immunity, which they did and Makharadze was tried and convicted of manslaughter by the U.S. and sentenced to seven to twenty-one years in prison' And America wonders why they are disliked?

  22. The argument against removing her diplomatic immunity seems to hinge on this case being used as an excuse for a subsequent , unfair , arrest of a US diplomat on trumped up evidence . If the UK police or whoever should do it , were to submit the evidence to an appropriate US court to decide whether there is a case to answer in the other country and that the judicial process in that country is honourable , I believe that a satisfactory precedent would be set and that further protest would be unjustified and against both country's traditions of the pre-eminence of law . In any case ,what is the purpose of Western espionage if not to uphold our ways of life which were previously defended at terrible cost both here in the UK and by the USA .

  23. Anne Scaoolas, shame on you! Especially as you are a mother! In my eyes, you are a moral low life hiding behind diplomatic immunity. If you do not come back to face the consequences of your actions, may this incident haunt you till your dying day!

  24. Harry Dunn crash: PM to raise Anne Sacoolas case with White House ►

  25. Boris Johnson will do nothing by the way. He is not a fool and knows the reality. He is just waiting for the incident to blow over and be forgotten like everyone else in the political world. My guess is he will never even bring up the subject with President Trump. Especially since Trump has to deal with the antics of fools like Schiff and Pelosi right now. Why make him even angrier and make things worse? No point.

  26. The reality is that in the end, despite all those huffing and puffing on the internet, this will with a simple diplomatic apology and and an offer of financial compensation from the U.S. government and that will be the end of the matter.

  27. Unfortunately the Hollywood actor Matthew Broderick did the same in Ireland and got away with it, with no crimminal prosecution.

  28. This is terrible the whole country should march on this spy base if trump does nothing about the spy’s wife she should be jailed if we done that in there country we would be jailed and make government shut it down these diplomats had over 10,000000 congestion charges and our stupid government payed it out of uk tax money because they are diplomats make us pay it you fools this needs sorting now

  29. Well, we know Boris’ track record when he intervenes in sensitive international diplomacy. A British woman is rotting in jail in Iran, with an extended sentence, thanks to Bobo the Clown!

  30. if trump does not want to send this cowardly woman then we should keep hold of julian asange seeing as the US want him so badly

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