28 Replies to “Judge Jeanine: Democratic clown car is on its way to nowhere

  1. Talk about disrespect for the American flag! Watching this hateful woman spew her dishonest propaganda in front of a waving American flag defies every principle on which this country is founded. She is the audiovisual equivalent of smelling vomit. Putting her in front of the American flag is an insult to America.

  2. How about Benefits for All All All tOur Soldiers The Dumb and Dumber Democrats don't care about our Soldiers but because they want to stay in power and look at the homeless in California yes it Stared when Baby Bush was in power and got worse when Obama took over but Maxine Waters And Nancy Pelosi don't care The Saga continues that proves That DE EVOLUTION is Real and please look at the video posted by Clay Konner Fresh DEVO And look at The Chem trails especially in CT they should be stopped We Need President Trump to make a new Bill with The Congress The Senate for all soldiers To get 100 percent Benefit
    Now That Is The Godly Thing To Do AMEN


  4. If English speakers are tired of the Spanish language, let do something great to The USA, we all go back to our country's all, but The USA can't go to our country for nothing. Nothing at all. So Ms. Pirro can speak your language only.

  5. How did so many shallow thinkers come to be? Why do so many buy into the liberals and Democrats ideas; and not think out how they would make those ideas work and obvious ramifications? While it is good to be looking for good things to happen, these people threw out reasoning out how their ideas would be performed, only looking at those on the benefiting side of their ideas, denying that those doing the work, get no extra benefit or incentive to do more than what is expected; because if they do more it is taken from them If one sees another who could work, not working or just doing the minimum work and or getting everything for free; the worker will soon just be doing the minimum because their pay is the same, so why do more they say to self knowing not appreciated or heard.
    The liberals and Democrats present themselves as caring about others while actually only care about serving self; who by their selfish liberal idea beliefs that are always poorly thought out, by not including the facts, believing all is opinion, mess up PURE capitalism concepts removing the concepts of: integrity, honesty, fare play in competition leaving something on the table besides crumbs in negotiating the stronger taking all, ethics, incentive, rewards, not allowing deflation to stop inflation and keep a balance, instead extreme inflation results to cause major crisis in the market place when deflation occurs, a result to been allowing inflation that has resulted in extreme inflation of prices that increase faster than the average workers wages do to give capitalism a bad name. So w

  6. Too many people don’t think out the subject issue before them, it’s ramifications, how it will work and be part for; only interested in the now and that the subject sounds good, and they don’t have to pay for it. To also not consider if take the money from the wealthy, their money world soon be drained out and gone and not considered then what happens. These people don’t consider who will work when they see others not working and getting paid at least at the beginning of it. Then when the wealthy’s money is exhausted and few if any are working expecting the government to pay them, don’t consider that supply at the store will not be there, besides no one to deliver and put needed items on the shelves. All this not thougth our or consider, and many don’t wish to consider the mechanics of how it would work, and NO incentive for one to work expecting everything to just show up. We are not spiritual at the position to think what we want and it shows up before us.
    So we must ask these people how their proposal will work, if no one working; and if they don’t know how it will work by not giving an answer, then how do you think it will happen. Maybe a few will then see that it won’t work, by seeing the resulting chaos to then back off their lofty shallow beliefs. Unfortunately few dig deep, to just be surface thinkers of just what looks pretty and sounds good with no thought of how their idea will be accomplished, that someone will do the work and not benefit by their efforts they just work. Certainly they don’t want to be the one who works and not get a benefit, so they the liberals and Democrats must be for slave labor, because otherwise one will not work for others if not to get a benefit. most will not be able to enjoy life since are expected to just work. Sounds like bringing back slave labor.

  7. We have universal health care here! It's not that hard really and we treat turist equaly with free health care, we also have health insurance for those that want a private room or their own doctor, so no jobs are lost. You can judge a society by the way they treat their poor, you are lacking in every way! As a democracy. You could always move to the real land of the free. Australia! Minimum wage $21.00 free super paid by your employer, 4 weeks annual leave, and 12 weeks long service leave after 10 years. Now how are you going?

  8. just wondering whats happened in the last two and a half years; did hilary get locked up, did that wall get built at mexico's expense & did the swamp get drained with a cabinet of billionaires?

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