100 Replies to “Kamala Harris Drops Out Of 2020 Presidential Race | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. #BERNIE2020 4 Million Individuals Donations #Facts OutfundRaising All Democrats Candidate Beating Trump In Iowa, Texas, And Michigan

  2. I kinda figured it would be short lived. Better time spent elsewhere. But that's also not leaving much of a strong candidate for the rest. Bernie is the only chance. Biden could win or lose. The rest are huge gambles.

  3. And that’s exactly what’s wrong with USA politics – a good women gone because of money!!!! Politics should NOT be dependant on money but ability!!!!!

  4. Kamala can now devote 100% of her efforts to the impeachment & Senate trial that will remove Trump from office. Whoever wins the Democratic nomination will ask her to be a cabinet member.

  5. WIll be interesting to see if her points will go to Biden or to Buttigieg. Hopefully, at least a few will go to Sanders/Warren.

  6. Ugh finally… Thank God! I only want Bernie and Warren to run. The rest of them can drop out too esp. Bootiejudge (however you spell his name) 🙄

  7. Lol aww a corporate stooge who is getting money from her corporate owners not happy that a rich owner of a corporation is cutting out the middle man and using his money to put him self on top, poor Kamala.

  8. I’m getting a little tired of the pundits stating that she didn’t get an even break because she was a black female. I really like this woman. But I never understood what her platform was. She never was able to articulate why she wanted to be the President of the United States and what plans she had for this country. I think she’s a fabulous senator and I think we need her in the Senate right now. Her voice is important. But don’t blame this on race and gender. You have to put the blame where it lies which is there was no coherent message from her campaign.

  9. Kamala Harris for the next Attorney General. We need someone to clean up the swamp after the corruption of William Barr.

  10. If all the billionaires and those pulling at 5% or less would drop out, we might actually get down to a number of candidates that would allow some substantial discussion of important issues in future debates instead of having to endure three hours of sound-bites and "gotcha" moments.

  11. She has not personality so glad to see her going away. Tulsi should be next as she does not have a plan other than the brothers and sisters, every question she asked goes back to the brothers and sisters!

  12. Kamala steps out after getting Roasted by Tulsi gabbard when she stated the facts about Kamala. Aloha Kamala Harris.⛱️

  13. Kamala's charisma, victim pandering, and Trump hate got her to the big stage. Once there, she had no message, no vision, and nothing to say. Wake up Dems, it will take more than victim pandering and Trump hate to win.

  14. She was polling in 4th place in her diverse home state of California in the most recent poll, and even in 5th behind Buttigieg in another recent CA poll. AND she was polling 7th in the most recent poll from the heavily black Dem state of South Carolina behind Buttigieg, Yang, and even Steyer. I guess all those black and brown men and women are all "racist" and "sexist," too, according to MSDNC.

  15. Harris is an angry, self-righteous, domineering, inflexible loudmouth whose family and friends will pay dearly for her withdrawal by taking the brunt of her resentment. Good riddance!

  16. I'm a brotha and I say this witch needs to drop out of the judicial system and politics…n go be a dam prison guard or somethin

  17. Good riddance to Harris – another VERY flawed human being on the LEFT. It's just like her to complain – like a VICTIM – that she is not a Billionaire, so she can't buy support!!

  18. She was polling as high as 15% during the summer, but then she began to plummet, to the point where she was often polling at 3-5%, and in 4/5 place. But over the last few days, she started polling at 3%, as Michael Bloomberg surpassed her in polling. Although she dropped significantly, she was still doing decently well compared to most of the candidates. At least she decided to exit the race on an okay note.

  19. Dont blame it on lack of Campaign Funds…she didnt have the support of the Black Vote, period !! She can go back to smoking her Blunt now

  20. Looks like the old and I do mean old white men continue to dominate the presidency . The U.S. is failing to catch up with the 21st century.

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